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Just select the money denomination and add the card to your cart. I am enjoy shopping at Walmart. TC On Jan. Aug 15, at 6: What happens to my jewelry after I sell it? Aug 16, at 5:

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I waved at her. She came over at the cash and I told her I was in a hurry and I had been waiting 10 minutes.

She told me her beeper or whatever it is called, signal to clear my order was only 10 seconds old. I was not impressed by her attitude. The cashier on the other hand was so nice and kept apologizing for her error. I do not like to be treated.

I was very upset. I had to pick up my daughter for 5: Contact me if you need more details. Thank you for your understanding. The cashier asked if she could put the item that I purchased in my shopping bag and while I was putting my debit card back in my purse , the cashier was answering another customer. I then missed my next bus and had to wait an hour for another. The least she could have done was tell me that she had made a mistake, which makes me wonder how often she does this….

The staff is so cheerful and helpful. BONJOUR succ; voici je me suis presente la Laval pour achat de 4 pneus ete apres recherche 0 en stock inventaire 12 je demande telephone ailleurs ste-dorothee succ il xx en ont xx en stock je rends la-bas au garage obligation d,avoir un employe de wal-mart pcque c,est Mr. Lube finalement apres 25 min. Ma famille se compose de 6 personnes alors chaque sous ou dollars économisé en vaut la peine.

Bien à vous Gilles Lévesque. Magasiner chez Wal-Mart est un plaisir. Prix très très concurentiel. Les prix sont très bons et compétitifs. Les employés sont affables et disposés à vous aider.

Bref, il est agréable de magasiner chez Wal-Mart. Merci de votre participation au sondage sur la satisfaction en magasin chez WalMart. Il faudrait compter environ 15 minutes pour répondre à ce sondage. They want me to pay for it too.

Had a tough argument before they let me go. Another issue is in the tv section, the employee shows disinterest in my query with the t.

I had a very upsetting night with Walmart. I am total disgusted with the Woodstock store they offer small shopping carts for you to use than as you go to leave the store with your cart full they stop you and tell you that the cart can not go outside leaving you to try to carry multiple bags.

I go to the store early in the morning and get what i need before it gets crowded. Also like the prices on most of the merchandise especially the grocery and pet food items. Go to Walmart everyday. Great variety of useful products under one roof. Keep up the good work. It is a one stop for all. However Store number in Mississauga,Ontario I find that many associates are not helpful and have a horrible attitude unlike the greeters. Please look into this as it is a nice Wallmart and i enjoy shopping there … However, the superior attitude has got to go ,.

We spend a great ammount of time and money there. I am soooo happy you guys decided to join our community. Love it, love it, love it!!! Went to get some groceries and had no problem finding any thing. Every one treated us like we were somebody, it is that way any time we go to Walmart.

Very nice place to shop very well treated. Merci pour la gentillesse des employés du Walmart de Mascouche. Mon code de succ. Wal mart is really different than any other supper market in their product presentation and product selling. Yes you have alot of products,please inform your staff that some products are limited.

I was in the store when Iasked a staff member if the store was going to get more before xmas he said yes. Three days before xmas I found out that you will not carry this product anymore, on the shelf the price sticker and code are gone. I was annoyed w2hen wallyworld wanted to know what percentage I spend in each store. Funny though there is no where to enter your contact information. Rule state you will be contacted by phone. Nice try Walmart you did not leave room for the imput of this info.

Seems like a con to me, What do the other shoppers think??? I was very disappointed!!!! The serve yourself check lanes are now only 10 items or less. This is new and NOT improved!!! This is a very busy time of year and only 2 lanes were open in the self check out. Do you want people to spend their money??? On another note the parking lot does not have enough places for cart return. Not a happy Shopper. Love shopping at Wal-Mart. Regional Manager was able to find them and called me to say they were holding them for me.

Waste of my time!! I love walmart so so so much because I can get everything in store, I find everything I need, everything I want and the prices are very good.: I triede but your site Walmart.

Now, do you see any reason why I should shop at Walmart??? There are plenty of other stores in my area. Cliquez ici pour obtenir plus de détails sur les règlements, les modalités et les prix du sweepstake. Great welcome to this Oakville Store! The Store is well stocked but checking out can really be challenging not enough cashiers open at any one time. They could have saved money and had more sales floor if they only had half the cashes. Not half the cashes are ever open.

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sep 11, at 3: Nov 12, at 8: Nov 11, at Nov 9, at 1: Nov 8, at 8: Oct 31, at Oct 31, at 9: Oct 16, at Sep 28, at 5: Sep 20, at 8: Sep 15, at Sep 9, at 1: Sep 7, at 6: Sep 7, at 1: Sep 5, at 3: Sep 5, at Aug 31, at 2: Aug 25, at 9: Aug 25, at 8: Aug 20, at 5: Aug 18, at 7: Aug 17, at 6: Aug 15, at 6: Aug 14, at 4: Jun 18, at 4: Jun 12, at 6: May 5, at I was there about 2 weeks ago and the lady was very helpful and polite, it was wonderful.

May 2, at 9: Apr 20, at 4: Norma Hidalgo April 20, Apr 18, at 1: Apr 17, at 8: Apr 10, at 9: Mar 2, at 9: Mar 2, at 2: Feb 1, at 6: Jan 28, at 3: Jan 26, at 2: Jan 23, at 6: Jan 22, at I enjoy shopping at walmart my store code is the staff are friendly and helpful. Jan 15, at 3: I enjoy goining to walmart andI love going there where people are friendly.

Jan 15, at Jan 12, at 9: Jan 9, at 2: It is very pleasant tobe there and people is very freindly there. Dec 30, at 8: Dec 29, at 9: Dec 29, at Dec 20, at 6: Dec 16, at Dec 14, at 5: Dec 4, at Dec 1, at 6: Nov 29, at 5: Nov 8, at 5: Nov 6, at Nov 5, at 4: Oct 30, at Oct 25, at 8: Oct 24, at 5: Nous avons un bon service.

Oct 24, at 4: Oct 10, at 6: Oct 3, at 8: Oct 3, at 3: Sep 30, at 6: Sep 28, at Sep 26, at I like to shop at walmart because,prices are good. Sep 24, at 8: Sep 6, at 5: Sep 6, at 2: Aug 21, at Aug 16, at Aug 11, at 8: Jul 9, at Jun 17, at 2: Jun 2, at May 25, at May 10, at May 3, at 8: Apr 26, at 9: Apr 20, at 8: Apr 13, at 8: Apr 12, at 3: Apr 6, at Apr 4, at 6: I have tried now for quite awhile and cannot get into the site. Apr 4, at 4: Apr 2, at Mar 10, at 6: Mar 8, at Mar 7, at 9: Feb 21, at 1: Feb 19, at 8: Feb 14, at 6: Manuel Perez Portillo says: Feb 12, at 7: Feb 7, at 9: Jan 29, at 5: Jan 25, at Dec 24, at 5: Dec 14, at 9: Dec 2, at We love our Walmart in Winkler.

We most of our shopping there. My name is Madlene Roulette. Dec 1, at Nov 30, at 1: Nov 28, at Nov 28, at 8: Nov 20, at 5: Nov 19, at 8: Nov 19, at Nov 17, at Nov 14, at 2: Oct 22, at 6: Oct 21, at 6: Sep 30, at 3: Sep 22, at Sep 21, at Sep 10, at 1: Aug 20, at Generally, I like it.

Aug 16, at 5: Jul 27, at Jul 17, at 1: Jul 12, at 3: Jul 9, at 5: Jul 4, at 7: Jul 4, at 8: Jun 29, at 8: Jun 27, at 2: Jun 5, at 9: Julie De Carufel says: May 28, at 1: May 21, at 6: You might have come across this content because you have searched for the following terms on Google. It is a Nigerian based website which involves in bitcoin exchange, iTunes exchange and Amazon card exchange as well as other services.

I like receiving gift cards, that way I get a surprise and hunt for something to buy at places I might seldom visit. I am very frugal with my own money, so spending money on luxury items may be scarce, so a gift card comes in handy. Many charities will accept Gift Cards as donations. Instead of letting it sit there, donate it to a worthy cause. Lol, selling it is always the best option. Is it possible i sell gift card balance for PayPal balance?

Reading this post reminds me of my old room mate! He always kept chatting about this. I will forward this page to him. Fairly certain he will have a good read. Many thanks for sharing! Your email address will not be published. This post contains all the necessary details on Selling iTunes gift card in Nigeria. We pay after we have confirmed the card as valid. This normally is within 5 minutes, but may be up to 10 minutes sometimes depending on the network and amount of customers being attended to at the time.

Bola January 12, at 6: Kelvin G January 12, at 6: Chris July 20, at 7:

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