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Posted by JOE at Just remember this is only temporary. In the end she stated she did not have the authority to give me a refund, but would forward it to her supervisor and she would call me in the morning. On those weeks, I neither gained nor lost, which was superb because I always gain 6lbs while crusing. Guess what, I've lost 35 lbs and my health is better than ever. I am on Day 3 of prep today! I went to quick weigh loss center in Florida and I am hoping to shed out my extra weight.


3 day prep meat diet

Any tips on getting ready for and getting through the 3 day prep meat diet? It always amazes me how you're allowed unlimited amts of meat, but can still manage to be hungry! I guess your body just isn't getting what it wants. I never thought I could get tired of steak, but I did. It makes you really appreciate the tasty snacks not supergenic ones , fruits and carbs when you're done! I am on Day 3 of prep today! When I was in the center yesterday, someone called in and asked this question about keeping up Prep for longer than 3 days and I overheard the counselor telling the person that it is NOT recommended, saying that it is hard on your body, so you want to finish the 3 days, and then proceed to the next phase.

I like the unlimited amounts, but already I am SO ready to introduce some more variety, so I'm ready to finish Prep and move on! Are we supposed to be eating lean meats on on this or does it matter?

Like can I eat a ribeye if I want?! I also heard from my counselor that it was counterproductive to do the prep too often, but I actually Love it. Fat free Catalina Dressing and tons of beef are my recipe for at least 3 lbs of success everytime and refocusing, but wonder if there is a time where it is counterproductive, does anyone know? I have lost 22 lbs on Slim4life, just need to commit to the last few pounds and stabilize. Keep it up and don't lose focus. Weighed myself this morning down four pounds.

Just gotta keep up with it. Cullenz Hang in there. I know exactly how you feel. Whenever I start staying on plan I keep thinking about all the foods I'm not able eat and I want them not because I'm hungry but because I feel deprived. But I know one bite will lead to more bites and before I know I've completely blown it. Just remember this is only temporary.

Before you know it, you will be able to enjoy those foods too and those foods will still be there when you get to your goal. Keep thinking how great you're going to look and feel, and how proud of yourself you will be if you don't fall into temptation. Not really but the kids are having bean burritos. Wait no I dont. I am being good. If you are doing the 3-day restart, you eat unlimited amounts - fish, chicken with skin is ok, but no batters or sauces , steak, ground beef.

I usually buy a roast chicken and eat that during the day and then have steak for dinner. Olivia was a 'new yorker' no offense, New Yorkers! She was rude and inconsiderate; a long way from the encouraging, supportive and motivating personality I was promised! I am a nurse practitioner, and I understood completely, early on, that this is virtually the south beach or modified Atkins diet. It will work, but not because of QWLC.

I'm going to follow it myself and not bother contacting the center again, for any downer 'pep talks' or high pressure sales talks on what imperative products I supposedly 'need' costing so much more than disclosed. Innumerable times I was promised phone calls, products, information and triweekly phone counseling; none of which materialized. I'll lose the weight because we are capable, strong people who can do this without the coersion and deceit of QWLC.

Save your hard-earned money, buy a copy of either the Atkins Diet or the South Beach Diet, buy quality herbal appetite suppressants and vitamins, find an encouraging friend to be your 'counselor', Get a Wee Fit it'll ultimately cost you less and be more fun and effective! You can more readily lose this weight without QWLC, than with them. I know you can do this!!!

No chocolate for me! LOL I read everything, asked lots of questions and understood that the sign up cost was basically for counseling. And let's face it, most of us who need to lose weight NEED counseling I had tried all sorts of diets and WW I always was good for about 10 lbs, because that diet did not teach me to eat healthy QWLC was perfect for me because I would see a counselor 3 times a week who would chastize me for straying.

I needed that, I needed to be accountable to someone. I had an addiction to overcome I lost 32 lbs in 4 months In reality I lost 3 lbs a week, because I froze my account a couple of times to go on a cruise and other summer travels. On those weeks, I neither gained nor lost, which was superb because I always gain 6lbs while crusing.

One of the greatest things about having those mandatory visits, is that you really pay attention to how you are following your diet plan. The counselor would offer great suggestions to help when I would have only lost 2 or 2. I also felt that I needed the 'verbal punishment' many of you mention. Who complains about their drill sargeant?

Or more closely related, the Biggest Loser trainers? They are not always peaches and cream I did not take the appetite suppressants, unless I felt the need to, so whenever I did buy them, they lasted forever.

I used all the other suppliments and had already been on fish oil for years due to my mother's breast cancer diagnoses. I enjoyed how this diet actually taught me how to eat healthy. I have never felt that way about any other diet. I would much rather spend the money on a counselor to coach me through this process.

Even the occasional berating when I accidentally ate tilapia You would have thought I had eaten a freakin' candy bar, though! I can see how discouraging it may be, but I would rather see some bed-side training for these counselors I really hate to see the diet as a whole poo-pooed on, because it does work! But you have to follow it Since coming off the diet, I have pretty much maintained my weight loss for a year and a half One issue I had and overcame was that my friend had lbs to lose and I had 32 to lose Her maintenance phase, 10 weeks THAT made no sense to me So I was able to get them to adjust my price to reflect that I had heard the radio ads about how successful people were and that they guarantee 3 to 5 lbs.

I needed to loose approx. I call and made an appointment for me and my wife, as she is overweight too. We went in, filled out the information form which asked all the usual expected questions about previous diets, why you want to lose weight and what medications you are taking. My wife and I went through the weigh in, measurements, blood pressure checks, etc and then the counselor took us to "the room". There the counselor asked me and my wife if we had a prescription for Nitro glycerin in case of heart attack.

I did not list it on my form because I do not have a prescription for it and don't carry it. I explained my doctor had a long time ago 10 yrs.

I explained all this because the counselor then told me I was not compatible with their program. I was informed that because I had a prescription at one time in my life for Nitro, I was not "compatible" with their program.

I pressed to find out why I was not "compatible" and the counselor was very vague and simply said over and over that it was company policy and would not explain why. Now comes the funny part. My wife also recently was given a prescription last week for Nitro because her doctor said she was a "heart attack waiting to happen" and felt she need to carry the medication "just in case". The counselor then said that it was OK for my wife to be on the program since she just got the prescription!

I was furious by this point and told the counselor the was a bunch of "hooey" and I got up and told my wife we were leaving, this didn't make any sense and that I wouldn't trust these people with squat! They are turning away the very people that really need to lose weight for their health. It is very apparent to me that they are only interested in making money and not helping those who really need it. I would have signed a waiver 0f liability if they had asked, but the way it went down, I was left feeling I had been scammed.

I agree with the comments about how they lure you in with false promises. They are very slimy in the way they do business. Counseling - which they are terrible at - is extra. They said I must be cheating. Nice way to treat a paying client. This place is the biggest ripoff! They get really mad when they figure out you're on to them.

It's fun to mess with them though. Honestly, QWL is not needed to lose lbs a week! One can simple do that by reducing calories and being more active. I considered doing QWL but then i though myself, i could save a lot of money but not trying to take the easy way out or seeking a quick fix. Want to know the secret to weight loss Eat less than that a day or burn that much a week, and BOOM you lose weight. Not hard at all! That's a easy as eating calories a day and going walking for an hour a day.

I don't understand why people even pay so much to do something they can do at home. I weight , now I'm down to in like 5 months. Of course I had to increase my physical activity and work out more, but as the weight comes off, working out becomes easy and apart of your daily routine.

Actually I joined MyFitnessPal. I still enjoy steak, ice cream, pasta whole grain , etc Cant go out and eat a 12oz steak with a loaded potato then a fudge brownie for dessert and expect to lose weight. Just doesnt work like that. Also, I have diabetes type 2, but it seems to have fixed itself as the weight has come off. I want to get to , so I have about 80 lbs to go. But if I can do, the right way, eating healthy, enjoying life, and getting active.

Surely some of you people can too!!! Remember, the only one stopping you from losing weight is yourself. I joined QWL about a few weeks ago, and I am really having trouble losing more than 2 to 3 lbs a week. I sticked to the plan, but still no results like all the others on the board.

They told me not to lift more than 10 lbs when I'm working out with weights, please I need to feel the burn!!! I am always hungry, and I am always constipated for some reason.

I bought some cleansing tea, but that took forever to work. I sit and watch my others enjoy food, and I feel like a prisoner with my chicken, and veggies. I am avoiding situations where I might have to resist temptation, such as going to parties, and going to dinner with family and friends. Then one day I just couldn't take it anymore, and I cheated!!! I had some pizza, and a glass of wine.

I figured if I walked out the door, and got hit by a bus, at least my last meal would be a good one! I don't think this diet is for me, because of my metabolism issues.

I will try to do it on my own by cutting back on the bad things, and increasing my activity. I wasted too much money already, and I'm not employed right now. Good luck to the others. I only need to lose 30 lbs, and I will go at this challenge alone. I love popcorn, and this diet is popcorn free!!! I joined qwlc 5 years ago. I had tried weightwatchers which I was on for years losing only 20 lbs overall total cost: Finally, my frustration brought me to qwlc.

The counselor was patient, kind, and extremely informative. I had 90 pounds to lose and was promised it would come off within 30 weeks.

They were completely upfront about costs and put everything in writing including overall cost with all product to complete the program. I lost my 90 Pounds in 26 weeks! The counselors were encouraging And made me feel amazing about mysel[censored] The best part? Still maintaining after 4 yrs on maintenance!!! They are only out to sell. I tried getting a refund within 3 business days due to me losing my job and they would not honor a refund. I had nothing but negatives every time I walked in there.

They are not happy with you unless you are spending a fortune. I felt like a 2 year old every time I walked out of there. Yes actually the truth is vegetables are not bad. My wife steamed some broccoli and which is tasted like a chicken. I never know broccoli is that much good to eat. I ate broccoli, green pepper, lettuce, spinach and cauliflower this week. I noticed one thing; I started to cook a lot. That is a very good sign.

Hopefully at end of this diet, I will be a good chef, the chef with lots of innovative ideas. Long way to go man..! Not bad at all. So my week one weight loss is 3 pounds. Now I have to stick on the basics. I hope that I can loose another 3 pounds this week 2. Now I am away from pound mark. I am in "whoooeaa". What a great feeling..! So it is good way to start Week Two.

In my week two I am planning to do the same thing I did in week one. The staffs in QWLC are really helpful, they are really helping me to set the meal plan for the coming days and I learned lots of things. Posted by JOE at The Honeymoon Phase is Over Now..! SO My Detox Phase is over now.

It was really nice. The last 6 days I was eating like a PIG. Yes litterly I was. I was eating eggs in the morning, Salmon at I really enjoyed my Detox phase. I drank lots of water. The lady in QWLC said I am in weight loss week from this week on and she said the normal weight loss would be around 3- 5 lb per week.

Hey, actually I am fine even if I am loosing 3 pound a week. The last couple years I was at the other side though. Every week I was gaining couple pounds. So now I am totally fine that even if I am losing at a slower rate. She told me that there is a different diet plan which I have to follow from now on. I love my Detox period now the honeymoon is over.

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