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This malevolent company does not stop until it is forced to stop. Time for yet another lawsuit against these lunatics.

Dont forger that bill gates is the biggest share holder of Monsanto and a member of depopulation agenda , so yes Microsoft is as evil as Monsanto. Well, since Google and Apple started, Microsoft just does the same. So, blame the general public. Those companies react on the general public. Scrapped, blocked — and of course just out of friendliness, just to protect us, the users, against our own silly irresponsible mistakes.

According to the article regedit and gpedit are still there, just a few things missing to disable consumer based items on consumer SKUs so that Microsoft can keep them enabled. That is until MS changes the rules of the game again. The difference is that a few items cannot be edited in pro versions anymore. And by the way you can still remove Cortana if you want. It just takes some more intelligence. They care about fast.

They care about new. The rest of us will have to look elsewhere for an OS when our 7s and XPs die. But the option is gone, yes. Not too surprised considering how Microsoft is changing. Hell, I feel like we have been losing customization options since the release of Vista. Now that so many took advantage of the free upgrade and are tied to windows 10, they remove many of the features.

What a mandate they must have to turn W10 into a privacy leaking, crap selling machine for Microsoft and the NSA. Lo and behold,it did happen. As Martin states at the end of his article: Gary D, or maybe you should stop exaggerating things more than they actually are. Did they block Pro users from using regedit or gpedit for other things?

Andrew, You do understand right how Group Policy works? Andrew, please stop posting as a Microsoft apologist and misinterpreting other peoples posts. That is known as putting spin on comments and trying to bury bad news. I did NOT clamour. If so, please point me in the section that states that because I might have missed that. With Windows 10, Microsoft has turned into a bunch of demented dictators, who believe they own every computer on the planet and respond to no one.

This is the risk of using closed-source software, especially operating systems. Windows is a sinking ship, the moment this abomination of an OS came out… abandon while you still can everyone!

Nobody cares except some. Linux on desktop has hardly started sailing. FYI, I disabled updates because of full system encryption: Only options are to schedule a decrypt and update, or turn off updates. Since no updates have overtly contained important security fixes there is no reason to go through the trouble of decrypting and updating.

Again, savvy coders will have to devote some time to make a small program, errr, app; to give us back some control. The eternal game of cat and mouse…. John, just out of curiosity, what OS are you using?

I have Win 7 Ultimate running on laptop since last three years and I have been quite satisfied by the way it has worked all along. Do you think upgrading to Win 10 Pro would be a good choice?

I just have a few hours to decide on this before the free upgrade ends. I still use Win7 Pro and will use it until MS no longer supports it with security updates in I also use Linux Mint for day to day computing. From their perspective, they will not yet support it. Most of us sane techies in my dept want nothing to do with windows 10 at the moment and the head of IT is pro open-source so there is hope we can avoid this mess. But Windows10 is free, right?

There are a few reasons why it is, none of them to our advantage… I beleive Martin has written at least 2 articles recently on the pros and cons of upgrading. I suggest you give them a read; might help you make a more enlightened decision. To finish off my rant on Win10 OS at work: There is an app. You fix this by picking the highest priced SKU and use that for home use.

This is MS hater central. Literally a hornets nest of people who despise MS and post hundreds of times with the goal of getting others to despise them too. There are many places that love them too — the truth as always is somewhere in the middle.

However havens for fan boys and haters are probably not a good place for unbiased info. If they do something marvelous, they get praised. Calling somebody a fanboy is so stupid, grow up. Apple has their own closed-source operating system. What Microsoft is doing now, they can just as easily start doing later. And Apple does not do that?

So frankly Windows was and is your best workable option. Apple does all the same stuff on MacOS, but Apple allows the user to opt out. The only way to disable Win10 telemetry is to run a 3rd party program like Shutup10 or hack through the registry and task scheduler yourself. This is bait and switch pure and simple. I got PRO, and have had features continually removed.

If you flood their phone lines, they start to worry. This means a lot of work to get things on the rails again, the way we want it. We will see next week , really do hope things are not so bad as they seem and we can still use our machine in the way we like to use it. Or else have to use an old backup of Win7………. I wonder how much of this crap I can block with firewall rules. So if I move to Mint I will give up a few programs I like.

I could set up a dedicated machine for W10 and never connect to the internet. Just use sneaker net to move files around. Or dual boot and just disable network connections.

I could at least use the programs. I could download updates to those programs via Mint and move them across on a flash drive. This Windows 10 thing is really a disappointment. Do they attempt to do the kinds of things MS does? I just want to avoid marketing, monitoring and not having applications shoved down my throat. How about third party tools like DWS or Shutup10 do they still work at tackling privacy problems?

I hope that removing store, cortana and metro apps are still possible. Anyway, I plan to use Windows only as a gaming platform. True, but DWS or Shutup10 can and will probably be updated, accordingly. It may have to turn into a monthly thing when the next updates come. Windows 10 is the biggest scam ever. Open your eyes already! Linux is looking more appealing by the day despite some of the major downsides.

In general, i quite like windows, except, then MS pushes out these completely stupid policies and decisions. Home is dead, ok, Pro is dead, ok. The Enterprise is on the road, ok. Néandertals users can still resist, ok. AlphaTesters can still resist against Néandertals, ok. Martin can resist to all, ok. But remember not to offend our Prophet, we need him to keep one step ahead. I would have to agree with this comment. Windows is just a toy to play with!

Linux has most everything you need to accomplish the things that the private sector or business sector needs. Almost all business and major corporations use a Unix base system anyway. All this bickering and putting down MS is pretty much useless! The only limit is when there is software that only works on Windows. Some things do work better with windows but the capabilities of linux are there, they just need to be utilized.

Windows offers a fairly robust system for the average user. The only thing that needs to be done is to learn how to use computers and not rely on others to do the work for you. We are a push button society and people want easy!

You have to get out there and and make things work for your own benefit! So the hype about MS or Apple being the only choice for a robust system is false. Linux is just as robust if you ask me. You just need to learn how to use it! Windows is usually best for games and Photoshop etc. Take your Windows 10, free upgrade and all, and shove it up Microsoft. I have always believed we should play with whatever toys are out there.

WINE may help when it comes to weaning us from a Windows-only profile. It runs a bunch of Windows applications in Linux. So we had to endure two years of updating Windows 7 to Windows Finally things in Windows 10 are beginning to work almost as well as they did in 8.

This is about a Pro version that is used in Businesses. Now all of my users that I have Upgraded to 10 , will be able to install whatever they like from the Store, see all the Candy Crush Saga crap, because I cannot disable it using Group Policy. There should indeed be one GP object to simply switch these off — what is the point otherwise of having Pro I do know Pro does have more fine grained ACLS etc and can join a domain which home cannot. To those who say they will move to Apple or Linux — this may be possible if you only require email, Internet and an office suite but realistically for line of business applications Windows is where it is at.

Packages like payroll, the popular accounting packages such as Sage which deals with e. Seems MS is still working very hard to disgust even the last fanboy. Also seems they will be successful. Time to sell the shares?? This is just another change that makes me glad I refused to let W10 force me to upgrade from w7 Pro.! One off the top, Direct Access… Move along nothing to see here. Only through corporate accounts and corporate sales will you see Enterprise sales.

Pulling out an old SSD and going to take a stab at https: At this point, I want to see Microsoft do as much harm as possible to anyone who still uses this disgusting and dictatorial operating system… which feels more and more like the OS computers would use in a dystopian future of sorts.

John in Mtl Yes, you can get the Win 10 Enterprise. If there is no other way, you can download it from torrent and file sharing sites. Hum… not a very good idea IMHO. I have run across clean pirated versions of windows in my career, and even used some of them for a while.

Would I buy Win 10 in its current incarnation? Only if I had no choice but to use it. Thankfully there are still viable alternatives at the moment. The only other trick is to grab that very useful little Toolkit we all know about from the forums in which it springs its digital life!

When will this myth die? I suggest everyone on Pro to disable WUM service and anything else that has to do with it for the time being. I actually knew this was coming Win 10 was far too perfect right now. The next step will be an upgrade that turns Windows 10 into software as a service and if you do not pay up by a certain date, the following upgrade that you cannot stop will really turn off features.

Linux us useless for a whole load of things, and simply cannot be used in many other situations due to instability, lack of functionality or simply incompatibility. But for some, it is a viable alternative. I paid for it. This shit is just as terrible as the retarded Home edition. Reinstalling 7 is looking better and better.

Hmm, guess I will make my desktop a win 10 pro not connected to the internet gaming box and make my laptops manjaro. Because I see this as the start of more bad decisions that will piss me off a lot. You all shall be integrated whether you like it or not…. SPYNET 10 gonna see and listen to what you do or not so be aware, there are eyes and ears around you. And they wonder why people pirate windows.

If Server is not advertising botnet-status then I may pirate that. This is absolutely absurd. If they want to phase Pro out as a business OS, that is perfectly fine. Give us the heads up, let us plan for it, help us migrate… But to bit by bit remove features currently available in Pro so as to annoy us into spending money on Enterprise upgrades?

That is just under handed. It shows a contempt for the customer and a disregard for those of us who have been faithful Microsoft shops and running Pro for the past decade or more.

I run Win10 Pro as a VM. You should ask to the EU Parliament what they use instead: Windows 10 is the chant of the siren. Not everyone falls for it but they are tempted -; https: I finally upgraded an unused year-old new laptop from 8.

Think what opportunities this opens for third party app developers. As windows wont allow you to do things anymore that you were used to do before. The Chinese and Russians are going to have a field day! They are going to tear this system to shreds! What annoys people the most is the loose of control, and they can go to any length to get it back.

It will be like this folks: Other people will disable MS update all together, as they will be scared to loose even more functionality. THEN, after a update, the functionality mysteriously reappeared. There are just 4 things that you wont be able to manage, and they are mentioned above. However, I cant see how the other two are any issue.

Do you really believe they will stop with only those 4 settings? I have a bridge to sell you if you do. To compete with and hopefully steal users from the other two OSes, thereby leveraging all the desktop windows users into a Microsoft mobile ecosphere, and eventually making MS a lot of money. Get used to it if you have Win10 as your main OS. My other two computers are Win7 only and will stay that way for the foreseeable future. I have to agree here. I have used Linux almost exclusively for about 7 yrs.

I have tried all the major flavors. Once i found Ubuntu I have stuck with it. I like Mint too! Linux can be customized just about any way you need it to be. You just need to learn how! As I have mentioned in a comment earlier, Windows is just a toy to play with. Just like Linux use to be! This is really bad stuff from Microsoft. Anyone knows if at least the underlying Registry entries will still work so that we can still use the registry editor to turn off the junk?

The reg keys are gone or ineffective if created. I indeed missed that point and thought it was only about removing the configuration possibility from the policy editor. Well, even worse then. I think you misunderstand about the RTM.

RTM means what it says. The term RTM is used by nearly all hardware and software companies. The obvious reason being that all previous releases were Alpha or Beta and afaik were not classed as RTM.

Please refrain from using the sort of obscenities which you directed at Corky in a previous blog for no obvious reason other than the fact you disagreed with the post. Otherwise, MS is just pushing more users to piracy willingly so?

We will see no later than August 2. Sure, there is a chance, and another that Microsoft pulls the change. Just checked George in the Anniversary Update version that was released today. The limitations are in place there as well. I have to say, making these changes just a few days before release, displays quite an increased amount of sneakiness. The GP settings may apply only to Enterprise and Education versions.

But, do we know if the underlying registry settings are still there or can be created as the one you pointed out previously to disable Cortana? As far as I know, if the policy does not apply to a certain edition of Windows, setting the Registry does not work either. This is going to be a rough pill to swallow for any company that already made the leap of faith with purchased Win 10 Pro licenses.

Previously you could not disable all telemetry stuff without Enterprise. I would change to Linux but for a technical moron like me it is still too technical. I am failing miserably with the firsts steps, for example partitioning the harddrive.

And the help I can find on the net is even more confusing for me. At this time I am running Win8. In my opinion if Linux wants to take advantage of the MS Win10 desaster they will have to become more enduser friendly.

Not everybody is a computer wizard or has the time to fiddle hours and hours to find things out. I know Linux has come a long way and the people behind it and their distros have done some excellent work. Still, please try to make it more idiot proof and take out the geek effect. No, I am not too lazy to learn a new system. But as mentioned before I am a technical moron and need more help and guidance and less confusion from the Linux distros.

Windows 10 is not an option for me. Put on top of that their lousy and perfidious update schemes. I think I am keeping my so highly criticized Win8. But I will always keep an eye on Linux. I agree the average user will be put off rightly so when it comes to partitioning the drive — a mistake could be disastrous. Having said that how many average users would do a Windows clean install?

Maybe there is an opening here for small IT contractors , installing Linux and setting up the basics for users. I use Linux at home and it is fine for average browsing, email , office package etc. Which Distro did you try? I tried Ubuntu and Mint and wanted it on my computer to double boot. I failed badly with the partitioning and the help I could find on the web was more confusing than anything else.

Maybe I will try again. Thank you for your post. Which distribution of Linux did you try? There are many how-to guides to do this. I see far too many Linux fans downplay the technical parts. And I see too many non-fans make sweeping statements because they tried one of the distributions for 10 minutes back in Now for a quick family tree of one of the most popular lineages: Its philosophy does not make it a good general desktop choice. Arguably the most used desktop distribution. MINT is based off Ubuntu.

Much less core work than Ubuntu from Debian. Mostly a more Windows-like UI and some user friendly tweaks. Also, I do not game at all. The privacy issues were the final straw so now I run Windows in a virtual machine on my Linux desktop for the rare occasion I need to test something.

Hello, thank you for your reply. Please look at my post Gezzer. Quite a while ago I had Ubuntu So right now I am not fiddling around with my harddrive. Maybe in the future there will be another working Wubi. Anyways, thank you for your help. Just add the new hard drive, and use that one for Linux my preference is Linux Mint.

Get a Live Ubuntu disk and play with it. It will run a little slower than if it were on the hdd but a very fully functional OS! You can use it to access windows and even fix windows! Then get another hdd and duel boot. Even if you create a problem, it can be fixed. Backups are still essential — for Windows and Linux.

OK, this is hilarious. In addition to small and medium businesses, Windows 10 Pro devices would be a good choice for organizations supporting CYOD programs. Microsoft just confirmed that the policies listed in the article cannot be disabled anymore: Their link does say you can disable third party apps in Pro. I noticed that distinction too.

It will be interesting to see how this would work — at least the third party stuff could be banished. Still really should be able though to switch off anything store related. This whole thing looks to me like backsliding to what Win8 was so heavily criticised for i. I just bought the Pro version for the gpedit functionality, this silly step by Microsoft totally breaks my trust in this OS and the company behind.

Where is the official and complete listing from Microsoft of Anniversary Update changes to group policy? You guys are paying for MS stuff? Technical users find clean copies in the usual places and distribute them to your friends and family on flash drives. This is how it all started. My first copy of Win3. Get clean copies of Win7 and Office and hook your people up. In the old days Microsoft would actually take your computer away and send you to jail.

Our first computer in Chico California was a pirated version sold as new at Computer Where House and as soon as Dad went thru the validation process MS immediately sent him a letter saying it was a pirated version and he had 30 days to take it back to where it came from. In my opinion pirating is not an acceptable practice. Did you know that Microsoft is actually Nokia now? Several years ago all the PC people got fired and replaced with Nokia phone people when MS bought out Nokia a failed smart phone company.

Do you seriously believe that smart phone people will know how to program for a PC? Smart phone users have entirely different agendas then we do. Most of them want to just shop and chat only so Candy Crush ads are no big deal to them and Microsoft or MicroNokia is NOT going to please the few that still uses a computer.

Personally I think these big corporations are the Republican globalists throwing a fit at the Liberals. Actually, you can defer upgrades such as this Anniversary Update. So, the maximum deferral supported by Microsoft would be up to about this time next year. At that time you would have the choice to upgrade to the Anniversary Update or skip to Redstone 2 that would have been released during that time.

Maybe Redstone 2 will back out some of these changes if there is enough backlash. Otherwise, that gives you breathing room to think about whether you will upgrade to Enterprise or find some other solution to work around these limitations. IOW, Win 10 Pro cptrs can only defer it for a maximum of 8 months. Win 10 Ent will not hv this change in GPEditor. You can defer upgrades for up to 1 year.

This change in GPEdit will only be implemented with the coming 02 Aug Anniversary Update, which incidentally also likely happens to be the same as the very recent Win 10 Insider Test Build Martin, is this post shaping up to be a record for the most user replies in all of your blog or site history?

Sure seems like it! I knew that this day would come when windows become something like that. Under new circumstances its getting ridiculous to use this window anymore. WIndows was crap from ages. And now microsoft making it more or like same! Really happy I am on Mac OS almost full time now. My gaming PC will never leave 8. Microsoft has taken away options that I and other uses paid a premium for that is not right. I wish there was an alternative for gaming because I want to be done with Microsoft.

This is absolutely unacceptable and as I move to find a new vendor for my own apps, I am hoping to get an Android or iOS solution.

It will be very embarrassing next week if it turns out that the way group policies work in the real release is different. Nobody is confirming anything with Microsoft and are just posting and reposting these findings in this one Insider build as facts regarding the final release of the Anniversary Update build. I just got the New update and as a win10 pro user the main thing I have lost is the ability to use Text to Speech voices from other regions.

I was using a UK voice and it better matches that sound of the New Zealand language. I imaging that if say an Indian user in New Zealand was using an Indian text to speech that it would completely mutilate the pronunciation. So Microsoft new features are the removal of Old features. The current version I have installed is OS Build I can not turn off Microsoft consumer experiences, choose to not show Windows Tips, turn Off the lock screen, or Disable all apps from Windows Store.

I tried with gpedit. Why else would they the Borg have Insiders give opinions on a version that would be different from what is to come, if they did what would be the advantage of having Insiders in the first place?

I look at gpedit. Those kinds of changes will not give you an error message, you will think you succeeded, but nothing really changed , and this is true even if you edit the registry directly.

There were also some scheduled tasks pertaining to CEIP in windows 7, among other things. Do you know if those tasks are still there, can they be disabled, are there new ones, etc.?

Thanks for the info. U r the real Superman. Win 10 may be kryptonite. Very bad news, very sad to read this, it means the definitiv end of computing the way you want it. I have 3 laptops and 6 desktops in my house, not rich just never throw away much.

Anyway, just to be prepared for what looks like is comming down the Pike from M. So it was no problem to use Acronis, and make a backup for each of them and then install different flavors of Linux on them.

I also have a backup of Windows 7 for each of them, so when the time comes I will know what to do. In windows 10 you could shut it off in the registry and in gpedit, untill about the Feburary update, if I remember correctly.

Right now if you use Enterprise you can shut off all the stuff mentioned in the article, in gpedit. I am sorry but this junk is making me tremendously tired. Back and force, left, right….

Their product Windows 10 is unacceptable and until today I cannot figure out why these guys are still making the big bucks. Windows 7 was their last good product. Something is wrong with a lot of customers. I want to be able to configure Windows 10 my way not the Microsoft way. I do not need to see more irrelevant advertising and useless products from the Microsoft store. I surely do not want Microsoft gathering information to offer to companies so they can target me with ads and BS.

I do not have a talking computer, I will not pound my keyboard with questions their robot cannot answer. I see little improvement in Windows 10 to XP, what Microsoft has done is reduce my options. I look at the internet for solutions of problems I have with my implementation of Windows 10 and see that they have been around in previous versions of Windows.

I look at the comparison between Windows 10 Home and Pro I see the Group Policy editor is a feature of the Pro version not the home version. That was a selling point for me to make the upgrade to the Pro version. This is tantamount to buying a car because it has round wheels, only to find the manufacturer recalling it to install square wheels; this is unacceptable.

If it is just your one or 2 home PCs, this is not a big deal. This is only a problem for centrally managed PCs on a domain where there may be dozens, hundreds or thousands of computers since you can no longer manage access to the Store or prevent or delete downloads of promoted apps centrally on Windows 10 Pro. John in Mtl, …also: I just looked the subject up on one of my favorite sites, you might want to read what they had to say as it also covers Windows 8 and 8.

There is also another thing about the OS Build I tried to do the old, not really very old though , trick of shutting off automatic updates with the registry, under Metered connections. I do believe that is another thing that is NOT in the article, that MS put a stop to people being able to change, along with not being able to turn off Windows Defender , since at least February or April.

Well, as far as I know now , after getting some more info, its affecting to the lockscreen which you can not disable anymore , some little problems with start-menu and some other things which I dont know yet. Well, after some more info,here is what I have found,so far; you can not disable the lockscreen anymore, some problems with the start-menu , the way you can update your OS, and some more things, which I dont know yet.

The more I read the more I understand. It may be a problem for people in business though, time to go talk to the boss about spending more money and maybe getting Enterprise.

Someone needs to verify the group policies on the official versions of Windows 10 Pro and see if these changes are really true. Since MS realized they are losing the battle to the kinds of Apple and Google, many of their actions have been on one extreme end or the other: As for me, I will never buy or pay for anything MS showing on my personal computer.

What they do is just be annoying and I would much rather pay for my operating system than having these advertisements and spying on my personal computer. In regard to the start menu, MS approach in Windows 10 is more reasonable comparing to Windows 8: Likewise, they can give options in regards to using the OS as an advertisement platform. I look at this, as a M. It would be nice to know how many of them took advantage of the free Windows 10 offer and put it on company machines.

The only way for them to get control back in a hurry is to either downgrade those PCs back to Windows 7 or whatever, or to buy Enterprise subscriptions from M. The boss is going to be mad this week and the Systems Administrators are going to have to make the pitch for an Enterprise subscription, or spend time reversing what they did to the companys PCs recently. I think that M. S also may be trying to move the public towards buying into future subscriptions of Enterprise also, we will soon see if that happens or not, but I would say it is pretty likely to happen soon.

Try to get it if you can afford it, and prove to M. Most businesses would not upgrade on a whim and would have enterprise software. Windows 10 Anniversary Edition is out now. It is pretty much the same as OS Build Mine updated this morning. It is not just an update, it is a whole new Operating System, that is available through Windows Updates, just click on Update..

Go to your run command on the left click menu, and type winver to see the new version number after it installs. He says he turned off Automatic Updates. However, the direction Microsoft is taking appears pretty clear. They will continue to make the OS a data delivery platform for interested parties by taking ever more control away from the user over what data flows to and from the computer and what can be configured or not.

Telemetry, unsolicited push of crapware, DRM and exceeding overall user gagging — no thanks. Back to Win 8. These Windows versions are not perfect, but still better with regard to the mentioned issues, and they will still be good for another couple of years.

LOL, It is funny how many people went nuts and did not read actual article, policies are still there, but some of them will be restricted to Enterprise, Education, and Server SKUs.

News title is also at fault: Good luck getting a single Enterprise license or the Educational version if you are not eligible. Some may be interested in this, especially those who use pro who would like to get around some of the now-missing policies.

You can view it here: It does many things, among those: It is fully tested on pre-anniversary releases with great success. I tried it on Anniversary edition yesterday and it seems to function as well, however I will be doing a full overhaul on it in progress to fully adapt to Anniversary edition changes. Maybe package it in an. I was really hoping, after the first year which it nearly is? By upgrading from Pro to Enterprise version, they above key works! What is needed for the final step is to run some dos commands.

Agree — I think it is time Martin moderated out some of the more extreme comments on these type of threads. It has been used by yours truly on a number of Win10 ver aka Threshold 2 mostly Home edition systems. Not one that I noticed. One more thing, if someone could please explain: So we paid extra money for Win10 Pro only to be able to disable the annoying stuff including the start screen for our small office.

Now they removed the corresponding policies on Win10 Pro. Are you serious, MS? Time to file a complaint at the local consumer protection agency it seems. Or just walk over and punch someones face, your offices are vis-à-vis, MS. I can see your cheesy grins through my window everyday. The total startup investment is a good quality USB stick.

Ubuntu is free and downloadable. The software installed easily, boots from a USB drive and is easy to use, although the configuration process for some of my hardware was a bit obtuse. Ask Ubuntu is a club. I avoid it like the plague now. It is the quickest way to bollikcs up a working system. Ubuntu is going to be my next OS as soon as I can find a good software to record my record albums.

Win 7 will be around for years yet and Apple shows no signs of folding their tent either. Why not improve your chances? Waiting for a change of heart from any of them is like Waiting for Godot [thanks Samuel Beckett].

Put down your phone for an hour a day and learn again. Pick up a copy of Waiting for Godot. You might enjoy it and improve your mind at the same time. It functions just like it does in Win7. I document it with screenshots here: I have my two Win10 systems set to defer and they only just received the Nov Threshold 2 update.

Heh hot topic indeed: P To keep things short: What implies very time consuming searching for solutions. I had an Ubuntu full system up and running off a flash drive while I was asleep one night.

It was that simple. There are a couple very easy to use Debian Linux alternatives — Mint and Ubuntu. My only experiences with both Google and Apple are that they do collect your information. Apple does give you the option to not participate, but I have no idea if that is actually functional or just stated. We live in a world dedicated to the cellphone boogie and must expect that our privacy is compromised. It seems we are all being tapped for as much information as possible and the courts are allowing it to happen.

There are many ways to strip telemetry from earlier Windows editions that are out on the Internet. Most of these numbers are in one of the articles out there. I have two paid-for Windows 7 Ultimate licenses -one on each computer, but I was plagued with constant claims that I was using pirated software after refusing the Win10 update, until I removed kb So far, so good.

As I understand all windows patches and update are automatic and there is little the user can do ot prevent this from happening. It is not that Microsoft is stupid or run by idiots they do this on purpose as their business plan.

They cannot compete so they force users to play it the MS way. Competition is the only way out, take their profits.

MS is just another mealy mouthed money grubbing mendacious mogulopoly. Now they want to take the ability for users to configure Windows to their tastes and wants. As far as MS apps go I have never found a use for any of them. I have assiduously removed every app I did not find useful and a slew of others I found distracting; others may disagree and have a use for many of them. I have no quarrel with that. I submit that we ought to be submitting a never ending stream of complaints addressing this on other MS policies and at the same time be thinking of something along the lines of a class action suit.

The more MS engages in this practice, the more I see them as cheap hustlers. This program is great for students from all four-year, academic backgrounds—whether you have a Bachelor of Arts, Science or Applied Science on your college diploma.

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