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For some people, Bistro MD may be too pricey and not affordable. I enjoy most of them. You can get started with the program online and order from the comfort of home. The reason that the program works is that it is based on science. The company wanted to make life easier for people who are trying to lose weight by providing pre-cooked and pre-portioned delicious meal plans that they will enjoy. Why not let us do the hard work for you? Cederquist to target fat.

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My Honest Bistro MD Review

Cederquist developed Bistro MD, she envisioned a diet program that will help busy people lose weight while enjoying their meals. The company wanted to make life easier for people who are trying to lose weight by providing pre-cooked and pre-portioned delicious meal plans that they will enjoy.

The concept was to make losing weight as enjoyable as possible so why not provide tasty chef-prepared food to make it the weight loss journey an effective yet pleasurable experience.

Furthermore, the meals can be customized depending on your requirements and weight loss goals. Just heat, eat, and enjoy. The company also gives you access to licensed dietitians to support you and answer your questions. They can assist you with meal choices and other diet-related concerns. You literally have your own team working for you.

Save instantly with this Bistro MD coupon. Like any diet program, Bistro MD has its advantages and disadvantages. Bistro MD has been gaining popularity among people wanting to lose weight. Below are some of the key reasons why:. The healthy pre-planned meals are pre-cooked by professional chefs. This is definitely the biggest plus with Bistro MD. All you have to do is heat the food and eat. There is no cooking required of you.

More importantly, it looks and tastes like food you would cook yourself. Now if you are a terrible cook, then you will definitely enjoy Bistro MD.

In fact, it taste like food that your would order in a restaurant. Bistro MD has an extensive menu choices! Pot roast, chicken stuffed with spinach with feta, buckwheat berry pancakes and a ton of other dishes.

Bistro MD has an extensive menu and a great variety of foods. The video below is a televised blind taste test of diet meals wherein Bistro MD was rated No. Go ahead and check it out. We did some research on people who successfully lost weight on Bistro MD and found out that people loved the food and found great success in losing weight on the diet.

Instead of us telling you what they have to say about this diet both positive and negative , you can read or listen to them instead by scrolling down to the bottom of this article. The company has meal plans for people who have diabetes and are trying to lose weight. Bistro MD diabetic meals are prepared with fresh, natural ingredients and are nutritionally and scientifically balanced.

These meal plans limit net carbs most with 25 net grams of carbs or less to help keep blood sugar stable for people with diabetes. Phil McGraw, the well-known TV mental health professional and the host of the popular daytime talk show Dr. Phil , highly recommends Bistro MD to people who are wanting to lose weight and who are desperately trying to make a change in their lives. Phil, Bistro MD is the best meal delivery program to help people lose weight. That is exactly why he always enlists the services of Bistro MD to help people who are having problems with their health and need to lose weight.

In the video below, Dr. Weighing almost lbs. Starting at the 4: Phil talks about Bistro MD to help out a family lose weight. Bistro MD has separate programs for men and women.

Hey, when it comes to weight loss, women are a lot different from men and visa versa. Did you know that women tend to carry a higher percentage of fat than men because they have more subcutaneous fat than men?

Men on the other hand, end up having to deal with a lot of fat deposited in their bellies. No counting calories, fat grams, protein and all the other stuff. You can get started with the program online and order from the comfort of home. Our lives are so busy these days so who has time to prepare healthy meals all the time? Bistro MD does all the hard work and preparation for you. All you do is pop a meal in the microwave and eat.

They also have live chat available if you get stuck or just need a question answered before you complete your order. Bistro MD has a very lively and active community of users on its Facebook fan page http: You can learn the latest on Bistro MD meal plans, get helpful weight loss tips, read actual user feedback on the diet plan, and share stories and tips with other people who are on the same weight loss journey as you.

Bistro MD also offers resources and tips on its site. Your order will arrive in a box and inside the box will be an environmentally-friendly Kodiakotton insulation packaging to keep all the pre-cooked meals frozen see box below.

Bistro MD formerly used styrofoam boxes but have now shifted to this environmentally-friendly packaging. Inside the box, the frozen meals are packed with dry ice to make sure you receive the meals in good condition.

Some people love planning and preparing their own meals. Some people really make time for it and that is really great if that is your preference. Other people may not find having pre-cooked and pre-package meals to be an appealing way to lose weight even though it is convenient and the meals are carefully prepared by chefs and nutritionist to help lose weight.

If you are the type of person described above, then Bistro MD is definitely not a diet program for you. If you have some food allergies, make sure to check the meal ingredients that Bistro MD provides. Bistro MD can adjust their menus to accommodate you if you have certain types of food allergies. Now if you are used to having large meal portions, you will definitely feel a bit deprived for the lack of more food to eat, most especially when the food taste good.

However, we thought that people will definitely have that feeling of wanting to have a second helping cause … yes, the meals are that delicious. I'm a bodybuilder with a tough schedule so I was looking to make my diet easier and have it prepped. When I first signed up, it looked like I would have a long list of choices each week. Since I don't eat domesticated animals, I checked this carefully and the website suggested there would be about 30 different choices mostly fish, but also some vegetarian.

I was very happy with the food I got the first week. I received 10 different entrees for lunch and dinner. Some of the snacks have artificial sweeteners, but there were enough choices that I thought I could avoid those in the future.

Then after the first week of food arrives, only 4 entree choices and a smaller number of snacks were suddenly available. I was given many different reasons for this from a website glitch to a west coast based shortage due to overwhelming demand. Then finally someone admitted that not all choices are available every week and there actually are only 4 entree choices in the categories I selected.

The same limited 4 entrees were available for the following week. Then because I had limited my choices, they only built a menu around 4 entrees 2 days and left the rest of the week unfilled.

The second week I was billed for the full week even though they were not sending 10 entrees. After many hours researching, selecting this program and being hopeful it would actually work for me I discovered it is not what it appears to be at all. After lots of misdirection and frustration, I finally cancelled. If you are looking for a variety of foods that don't require eating lots of products from domesticated animals, don't choose BistroMD.

If you are looking for a program with honest and informed customer service, don't choose BistroMD. My meals came defrosted. There is no customer service on the weekend only chat. They would not do anything for me.

FedEx would not pick them up. FedEx left them in the lobby of my condo building. The dry ice was melted and odor from the box was overwhelming. BistroMD has provided me with great meals regularly for a good price and I have enjoyed every meal that I have gotten from them so far. Their meals always taste great and have great nutritional benefits for me. They are the best of these services that I have tried so far. But, they could add some more great tasting and nutritious meals to their already great lineup which would bring in new customers for them.

Other than that, I will continue to enjoy their services for a long time into the future. I like the quality and taste of the food that is delivered to me. I can pre plan my meals according to my schedule and what activities I have planned. It is flavored well, and seasoned well. They accommodate my vegetarian diet, and have many choices of meals to choose from to meet my needs. Organic products are extremely important to me for environmental and health reasons.

And they accommodate that for me. It's easy to make meal plans, affordable, and reliable. So if I am going hiking, my meal plan is not something to heat up, but is easily ready to go on a picnic.

This is an affordable service with great dinner options. Easy to use and very convenient. This was my first time using a service like this. I would highly recommend to anyone in the near future. The prices are a bit high, but so is the quality of the food.

The food also takes a while to ship out. It's not same day delivery, which can lower the quality of the food. The food was great and appetizing. I chose this because I got tired of cooking. I came home late every day and needed an easier option. I didn't want fast food, so I looked into other options. Home delivered meals was my final option and I decided to give it a try. It definitely surprised me how well the food tasted.

I like the food provided. I think the boxing was amazing and made the experience even more fun which is saying a lot because it's essentially just a glamorized grocery shopping, but you get a lot for your money because it forces you to try new food. I think that they don't give enough of each option. I don't really have that many complaints other than that and I wish you could customize how much you get of each item more. I picked it for the price and convenience.

I also wanted to try it out of curiosity and for fun because I didnt know what else to do with my life. I think it really does give you what it promises.

They offer a really good and fresh food and is easy to go to purchase to their place or call for a delivery services, highly recommend when you need to cook something and don't have time. You can have the food in a good time and really great taste for your family. I wish they have a more wide menu with more options to choose a better interface to do business with them online and they need some promotions for their loyalty customer.

Customer service was very well provided and I enjoy the follow-up message provided before and after the delivery and this made it extremely easy during the ordering process.

Text updates should be included to help when awaiting a delivery for on the go customer. This is also great when following up on delivery orders and past orders for consumer review. Online customer reviews provided exceptional feedback with five stars to help in the selection process.

This is also helpful when reviewing orders and helping to communicate with an online community. I like the fact that they have a fast delivery service, along with the food tasting amazing. I think that might be the one most important factor in the whole experience.

Ordering a meal pack and waiting too long is just one of the worse aspect of other companies. Sometimes the food can come destroyed or out of place, in pieces or all together come back looking very unappealing. I wish it would look good every time I buy it but that just doesnt happen.

But otherwise everything else is pretty good. I would tell them that this service is pretty good. The fact is that they pretty much deliver anywhere. I love to cook the food and taste all the flavor that they serve. I like the fact that they deliver very fast and in a very timely manner. It's really good and I really like it.

The features are great and cool and very innovate. I really like them. There is not any improvements I can recommend except maybe updating their website. It's a bit difficult to navigate and make it easier for people like me.

This is a really good meal service. I have ordered from them multiple times with no problems and the food is really good. I think that bistroMD is a great food subscription service because it is affordable and they send great recipes in your subscription.

The feature that I like most from Bistro is that you get notifications to when you will receive your next delivery. I currently do not have any features that I personally dislike about Bistro. I think that the service is great and the food is really good. I think that it would be cool if they send a bit more food in the subscription box. One of the main reasons I picked this meal delivery service over the other meal delivery services is because most of my friends and family use this service.

This service was very easy to use and it was easy to personalize your subscription. I really love the fact that, despite being a meal plan with a fairly high extent of focus on weight loss, the food tastes great and is comparable to home cooked meals. I would rate the food quality slightly above that of diet-to-go, one of bistroMD's primary competitors.

It should be noted that while the meals taste quite good for a meal plan, they are not quite as good as comparably priced restaurant food in terms of taste alone. I selected this meal delivery service due to positive reviews from my friends that also had success losing weight. The customer service was fantastic and met my expectations handily.

It was delicious and came on time with simple instructions. Packaging was perfect as well. Everything was fresh and clean and yummy. Deliver and ordering was super easy. Even a child could follow them and prepare it with no issues at all. I would order again and again. Would not really care to try anything else. There's really only so much that can be said about the box and its service.

Would not change a thing about the box, food service, packaging or delivery.

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