The Most Important Thing You May Not Know About Hypothyroidism

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They suggested that we have her thyroid checked in a year. I have dry skin and oily hair, bumps all in my scalp and my hair is falling out, terrible ear aches that last months and tinnitus. Sanjay Paul and Ashim K. I am 62 and female. Anti thyrogobulin was I do sympathise for those who have had complications but it seems no way representative of most people with Hashimotos. I was also diagnosed with Crohns in , both autoimmune problems.

Staff College of India, Hyderabad. Sediment and Flood flow simulation models for river networks in Barak basin incorporating Hydrologic inputs from Ghagra, Madhura and Chiri Micro Watersheds: Currently holding the additional responsibility of Dean Planning and Development. International Journal of Computer Applications. Nongthombam , doi: International Journal of water Resources and Environmental Management.

Nongthombam J, P Choudhury. Choudhury - Coordinated reservoir flood control operation model incorporating multiple uncontrolled water flows-Lakes and Reservoir Research and Management, Wiely Blackwell Publishing, 15, pp Integrated water and sediment flow simulation and forecasting models for river reaches: ASCE , vol 14 No. Multiple inflows Muskingum Routing Model: Flood routing in river network using equivalent Muskingum inflow, J. Choudhury P,and Jotish Nongthombam Conf on modeling, optimization and computing to be held at NIT Durgapur durind oct.

Dynamic ANN modeling for flood forecasting in river systems, Intl. Application of multi objective optimization technique in modeling sediment and water flow in river reaches, Intl. River reach Sediment load estimation using Hybrid model, Int. River basin management , Sept. Linear programming model for flood control in upper Narmada Basin.

Accepted for poster presentation in International conference on Hydrology of the Mediterranean and semi arid region held at Montpellier, France Assessment of sediment load using indirect method National conference "Management of micro watesheds in Himalayan region", Dehradun Aug, Continuous inflow and outflow prediction using lumped Muskingum model proceedings of national conference "Hydero" Dec, , NIT Jaipur, India.

Nonstructural flood control measures for a river reach using soft computing techniques, proceedings of national conference, Earthquake hazards and Disasters management of NE states of India, NIT Silchar Oct , pp Real time flood forecasting using data driven models, proceedings of national conference "Inflow forecasting during extremes", IIT Delhi - Aug.

Civil Engineering Materials Administrative Interests: High performance concrete, geopolymer concrete, waste materials in concrete, seismic study of beam-column joints.

He did his M. He has authored 02 books viz. Laskar A I, Talukdar S. Correlation between compressive strength and rheological parameters of high-performance concrete, Research Letters in Materials Science, Vol. Rheology based approach for workability characterization of high-performance concrete, Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering, vol. Some aspects of evaluation of concrete through mercury intrusion porosimetry, Cement and Concrete Research, Elsevier, 27 1 , , Rheological behavior of high-performance concrete with mineral admixtures and their blending, Construction and Building Materials, Elsevier, 22 A I Laskar and Bhattacharjee R, Torque-speed relationship in a concrete rheometer with vane geometry, Construction and Building Materials, Elsevier, 25, , Correlating slump, slump flow, Vebe, and flow test to rheological properties of high-performance concrete, Materials Research, Vol.

Indoor environment and energy conservation of RC framed buildings in the hilly areas of Northeast, Ecology, Environment and Conservation, 9 3 , , Laskar A I, B Bhattacharjee. Experimental Investigation of pore structure and permeability of concrete by mercury intrusion porosimetry, Indian Concrete Journal, pp , May Laskar A I, S Talukdar. Is water-cement ratio a fundamental property of fresh concrete rheology?

Academic Qualifications Qualifications Details: Specialised in Precambrian Rocks of Kamrup distt. Interested in teaching,at present in addition to engaged in geology teaching,surveying in B. Tech taking classes of Seismology and also Rock Mechanics.

Born in the year Sc degree in Geology from Guwahati University in D degree in from Guwahati University. Served as a member of different geological societies of ISTE. Innovative research work in the field of Adsorption technology.

Research work for heavy metal removal from water and wastewater using rice husk is highly acknowledged. His recent papers in the international journals and their references in other international journal papers are being referred worldwide with more than Citation in International Journals.

Referee and Reviewer of more than Thirty 30 no. Sorption of heavy metals from water environment using rice husk.

A Laboratory study for performance evaluation of rotating biological contactor RBC and development of its optimum operating conditions. More than 19 years of teaching experience to UG and PG level students. He has supervised eight M. Tech projects and three PhD scholars. At present he is also supervising four PhD scholar.

Admission Co-ordinator , institute level and CE department level 5. Lab In-charge of Environmental Engineering and to till date , Dept. He has published 66 number of Research Paper in total out of which 26 are in reputed Journals, 04 in edited books and the rest in Conferences. He has more than Citation in International Journals. Tiwari, Anamaya Publishers, New Delhi, , Dutta, Mittal Publications, New Delhi, , Journal of Hazardous Materials Elsevier , B, , Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment.

American Journal for Environmental Science, Accepted. Scientific Research and Essay Vol. Journal of Environmental Research and Development, Vol. Thomson Reuters Kumar, U. Hydrology Science and Technology. Volume 4, Number 4, , pp. Kumar, U, Kumar B. Global Journal of Researches in Engineering. Materials Science and Engineering October 24 , at Bucharest, Romania.

Challenges and Opportunities in the 21st Century. Chapter in Edited Book: Upendra Kumar and Rajib Kumar Bhattacharjya. Water Resources Engineering - sediment transport, fluvial Hydraulics, hydraulic structures Administrative Interests: Local scour around obstructions, Riverbank erosion, sediment transport.

Born in Katigorah of Cachar District in the year Flow Measurement and Instrumentation, Elsevier. Flow Measurement and Instrumentation, Elsevier, Vol.

Sadhana, Indian Academy of Sciences, Vol. Civil Engineering in from R. Travel Behaviour and Society. International Journal of Civil Engineering and Technology, 9 2 , , pp. Gap acceptance behavior of drivers at uncontrolled T-intersections under mixed traffic conditions. Journal of Modern Transportation, pp. A Case Study—Kolkata, India.

Indian Journal of Science and Technology, 10 Geotechnical and Geological Engineering, 35 5 , pp. Level of service for on-street parking. International Journal of Engineering and Technology, 8 5. Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering, 41 2 , pp. Transportation Research Procedia, 17, pp.

Overview on Structural behaviour of Concrete Block Pavement. Utility of paratransit modes in cities of Assam, India. Journal of the Transportation Research Board, , pp. Tarique Amin Mazumder, M. Ahmed, Ruhul Amin Mozumder, Ali Ahmed, Debasish Das, Ali Ahmed and Diganta Boro, January - March , Pages 43 — Ali Ahmed and Ankur Goswami, Ranadip Mandal and Mokaddes Ali Ahmed, Ali Ahmed and Debasish Das, Comparative study of Gandhi bridge m span Suspension Bridge with the Cable stayed Bridge Simulation of Ground motion time history at the project site Design of post tensioned bridge based on the ground response analysis Evaluation of Ground response Analysis and liquefaction potential of Agartala city Two dimensional critical excitation of a bridge and building Specific effect of a fault on a bridge structure.

Bridge Engineering both for B. Advance structural Analysis for M. Final Year student Biographical Sketch: Engineering approach to seismic hazard for North Eastern region of India. In Structural Engineering with First Class Development of software package for the design and analysis of post tensioned Box-girder Bridge. Develop of new ground motion attenuation relation for North Eastern region of India.

Flood Flow Analysis and modeling, Local Scour around obstructions. Born in Badarpur of Karimganj District under state of Assam in the year Statistical, probabilistic and reliability methods, risk analysis, soil stabilization and ground improvement.

Parbin Sultana completed her B. Structural Engineering Teaching Interests: Silchar Assistant Professor Effect of Masonry Infill in R. Effect of Floor Height in Multi-storied R. October , Page Civil Engineering Experience Experience Duration: Madhyamik Exam passed 10th, in schooling level [], B. Tech in Civil Engineering , M. Nominated for "Best Citizen of India" Award Arabian Journal of Geosciences, Springer, 6. Arjun Sil and Jyotirmoy Haloi Innovative infrastructure Solutions,Springer Publication, Vol.

Ashish Bahuguna and Arjun Sil Journal of Earthquake Engineering, Taylor and Francies. Sitharam and Syad Tabish Haidar Arjun Sil, and T. Longbir Singnar, and Arjun Sil Springer Publication, Volume 98, Issue 3, pp — D Experience Experience Duration: D Experience; 4 years —Post Ph. Effects of water in civil engineering structures.

Natural Hazards and mitigation, Erosion of soils and stability. Climatology, sedimentation and runoff, Hydrology and hydraulics of Ground water and surface water. Flood and Flood Routing. To monitor and control civil engineering works and to Control disciplinary activities. Integrated Sensor networking for estimating ground water potential in scanty rainfall region: Sedimentation process and its assessment through integrated sensor networks and machine learning process, Studies in Computational Intelligence, Springer, Accepted.

D K Ghose D K Ghose, S Samantaray Estimating runoff using Feed forward neural networks in scarce rainfall region, Sci, prasad v potluri siddhartha institute of technology, Vijayawada, India.

S samantaray, D K Ghose Dynamic modelling of runoff in a watershed using artificial neural network , Sci, prasad v potluri siddhartha institute of technology, Vijayawada, India. D K Ghose, S samantaray Measuring discharge using Back propagation neural network: P, India from June to Aug Journal of Computers and Concrete,17 5 , , M. V Prasad and P. Rathish Kumar and M. P, India, published in AIP proceedings. Jadavpur University , M. Jadavpur University , Ph. July, — June, Assistant Engineer, Simplex Infrastructures Ltd.

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