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Officials across the nation dispatched inspectors to grab Maggi packets. Sensing the regulator might do something drastic, Bulcke says he decided what to do almost on the spot: Malik fired back that Nestlé would have to ask the states for their test results and that their procedures were proper. As fanatical as we are over what goes into our products, we are even more obsessed about the things we keep out of them. What will happen to Garden of Life products as Nestle takes over?

Let’s bring back the Sabbath as a radical act against the always-on economy

Six trends Nestlé hopes will deliver ‘industry leading’ growth

More information on the organics industry in general would have made me give it more stars but it seems like any other farming doc I've seen so yea 3 stars is what i would rate it. You should still watch it though, at least the first half..

I enjoyed this and feel I learned from it, too. It didn't increase my confidence in the USDA's concern for the public welfare, though.

They've become a little too independent of the original intent, and even the letter, of the law that created the organic designation. Unfortunately, the corporations have taken over and are tearing the standards to shreds.

We'll have a fight on our hands to restore balance. This film doesn't get real in depth on anything, but they do a good job touching on the basic elements of the organic food industry, agriculture in the US in general, and the political and social things that influence companies, government, society, and our overall health as a nation. The film does a good job of not over stating anything since they didn't go into great detail on anything and allows you to then use you own common sense to decipher how much you can really trust the organic food companies and the government who oversees it.

Education is huge on this big, broad topic, so if you're looking for a good educational overview, spend the 1 hour and 20 minutes. It's well worth your time. I drive a truck and used to haul general freight and produce. I once hauled a load of "organic toasted sesame seed oil" out of a transloader at the mexican border, they were slapping "organic" stickers on it as they were loading it, it went to a very large organic distribution center. The title is misleading in my opinion because only the first half of the film informs about organic, what it does and does not mean, and whether it might be better to buy organic or not.

The second half is about local growing, farming, buying, local gardening and farming initiatives, "real" food programs in school etc. Some slight connection to organic, but more to wholesome eating in the sense of actually preparing food from raw ingredients instead of slapping together processed components. One person found this helpful. It was pretty eye opening, especially how the big businesses are buying the organic seals and labels to propagate their bottom lines.

It's nice to know so many people are working to change the system. I will be buying local organic from small farms. Great informative movie if you care about your health!!!!

See all reviews. Most recent customer reviews. Published 10 months ago. In November, Snickers-maker Mars completed its purchase of a line of microwaveable vegetarian meals.

For Ferrero, the play is slightly different, Star added. The Italian company is betting that it can ride out the dip in candies by expanding into new markets. Like other candy firms, it has been on a buying spree lately, snapping up Fannie May Confections, which makes boxed chocolates, and Ferrara Candy Co. Which strategy will work best in the long run remains to be seen. It is unlikely that Ferrero or other new owners will ax product lines that are performing well. In the meantime, large companies such as Nestle will continue to add or buy new, innovative products as they rejigger their portfolios.

The only questionable information that can be cited about Hain is that when they are asked about the canola oil used in their chips, they have a carefully scripted answer that says they cannot guarantee their products are GMO free. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to GMO-Awareness. Hain is included in the graphic because they were once partially owned by the J.

Although Heinz divested these shares in , Hain still maintains a strategic product development alliance with Cargill, which some believe is a conflict of interest.

Read more about Hain here: I purchased some the other night and had a long conversation with the company and I pointed out items which I know are not organic nor non gmo.

To be honest with you, I knew more about the ingredients then they did. Quaker Oats has spent millions upon millions of dollars fighting labeling their products. Never eating Quaker Oats again or anything that Quaker makes. Thank you so much Cindy Flishman I am opposed to can foods. Hello… sorry the top half of this page is so long to read, but that should explain your question?

This list and everything on this site is very thorough, but it seems like everything on here is from two years ago. Is there no recent news?

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