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I started my first 2. Weight Watchers 3 Bean Salad Recipe. Just read the fine print. Reply Brownie May 24, at Nutrisystem , though extremely popular, relies on pre-made, processed and packaged foods.

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Weight Watchers Peanut Butter Whip Freestyle Update

Some of us are nervous, many of us are exited, but we all have questions! Sit back and relax while you watch, everything is typed up here for you to print, share and most importantly USE!

If you were not able to join us on Sunday maybe next time! If you miss a week ask your leader for the copy from the previous week, they have valuable information, yummy recipes and usually coupons!!! If you are online only the Weekly is in digital form via your e-newsletter or when you log in under Weekly Topic weightwatchers. If you miss a meeting, your leader should have extras from at least the week prior and maybe farther back.

If you are online only you can find out the weekly meeting topic in your e-newsletter or when you log in look for the Weekly Topic. Your homework was to attend a meeting and get your new plan materials.

Did you attend one? Lots of thumbs ups for attending and lots more hearts from those who love it! Congratulations to you both! My first week on Freestyle I lost 2. I have been at or near goal for 3 years so this was a big one week loss for me. These are foods that my mom was feeding me when she was still at home and part of her vegan diet. I was not successful on Simply Filling because my Full Meter is broken. There are many Simply Filling foods included now and this will help with our focus on healthy eating lifestyle -How you spend your daily points budget it still up to you!

Where can I get more information? If you are online only you may attend ONE meeting free but please check in with the receptionist so they can get credit for you. They were a little stingy with the Pocket Guide but if you ask sweetly they may give you one. Everything that is Zero is in blue and bold. In addition there is online coaching available plus they have started an Instagram feed just for answering questions and help -Q: But never fear, you only need to consume 10 below to 5 above range to be in the healthy eating range for a blue dot -Q: The part of beans that give us gas is in the liquid so I rinse mine when I can -Q: Many members who are not familiar with WW math would not know to discard any seasoning packets or other ingredients that add to the points.

If you use the packet or the seasoning is already mixed in count the points -Q: I track so that I can keep myself accountable and also to know what a good week looks like so I can repeat it…or a bad week so I can avoid that in the future.

BUT you certainly do not have to track them if that is what works for you! No, sadly popcorn is not included on the zero point list because it undergoes dietary changes during popping that eliminate it from that list. Also, snack foods are considered easily abused or high abuse foods and are not included.

It would be easy to eat 3 cups of popcorn, but a little harder or slower anyway to eat 3 ears of corn -Q: Some ground turkey and chicken has skin and other fatty fillers included so always be sure and check the label!

See my blog www. The girls over in the IYHAE Facebook group have been making flatbread pizzas, hearty soups, even desserts…your family need not know! What foods got added to the zero points food list? Does it make a difference on what type of fish to be zero?

Like wild caught versus farm raised? Are there any fruits and vegetables that did not make the zero point list? Very interested in trying on Friday for dinner. I make the begals yesterday. Very easy just make two. I think the next time I make them, will cook them longer than 23minutes.

I plan to make the dough this week and make a pizza. I like the dough and it. Where do you get TWO? There is an actual recipe out there with only TWO ingredients. Thank you for the feedback Diane. They can be made with only self rising flour and the yogurt, but again I was trying to be helpful to readers by letting them know how to make the self rising flour.

I like to add the egg wash and seasoning, some may not. Everyone at my meeting calls these 2 ingredient bagels since the dough is just two ingredients. Whatever people call them, they are delicious. Actually, there are technically 2 ingredients in this; self rising flour and yogurt.

But she is kind enough to provide n additional recipe on how to make your own self-rising flour. Is the snark necessary? You can make the bagels with TWO ingredients and then top them with something else. I made these today and doubled the recipe; they are wonderful.

I added in some nutritional yeast and wheat germ and plan to make them again for a brunch this weekend. I love these great short recipes that are easy to remember. I thought they would be great for dinner rolls, too. This is a TWO ingredient recipe as all that is needed is self rising flour and Greek yogurt.

Hope you have a better day. Learn to read you dummy. Very clearly listed in the recipe. I would rate you only 2 stars, Diane. One question are we supposed to knead the dough until it is not sticky any more???? You can dust the surface with a little flour and that usually helps with the sticky factor. You are right, they are super easy.

I usually make 4 at a time and will freeze the extras. Thank you for the kind words Gwen. It means a lot when someone takes the time to leave a nice comment. For those following a weight-loss plan, do be careful that you count your bench flour the extra flour that you add when kneading the dough. In our case, we found it was changing the points from 3 to 4 or 5. Of course, you could also make smaller bagels to keep the point value low.

I made the dough ahead of time because of a time crunch and put in the fridge. I love these bagels! Thank you so much. They were super easy to make…which I greatly appreciate. It was thick but i had to use 2 cups of flour cause it was too wet. I put dough in fridge and try to bake tomorrow and see if it works.

Any comment, reassurance would be appreciated. Fage yogurt is strained so it is not as watery. You might try straining TJs yogurt in a coffee filter for an hour or so to remove excess water. I forgot I had a question. After you bake them at for 23 minutes. Do you take them out, raise the temp to and then stick them in for two more minutes? Yes, though lately I have been leaving them in for more minutes at until they are the desired color.

You can try that too. Can these be made with a whole grain flour? Also, has anyone tried to make them with gluten free flour? That would be awesome. My family loves these.

I divided the dough into 2 bagels instead of 3, and they were gummy on the inside. Do I leave them in longer? Did I cut them too soon before letting them cool? Maybe if the bagels are a bit thicker you can try leaving them in a few minutes more at Thank you for the recipe. I have made them once so far and I put cinnamon and sugar on one and nothing on the others.

My husband ate two roof them from the first batch. I plan on making cinnamon rolls soon. They are a light enough low enough point bagel to enjoy occasionally. I toasted one with peanut butter. Let me know how they go if you try them.

They were amazing, not sticky and as pictured! Do I need to let them rest before baking? Anybody else have this issue? They are still delicious! And this recipe is great as a pizza crust too! She still had to try it and take her own pictures on her own time. Thanks Stephanie, you are very sweet. I heard about from weight watchers friends and have seen it everywhere since then. Where did she ever say this was her recipe or weight watchers for that matter? You are just obnoxious and this was totally uncalled for.

Are you kidding me. It does not mather were recipe came from they are low in fat no sugar and delicious thanks for sharing they are delicious and very easy to make. I will not ever buy a store bought bagel again.

At least I know what is in these bagels. I use Fage yogurt and self rising flour. I sprinkle them with lemon butter and dash and found baking-at for 22 minute s is perfect. Or that the recipe should only take 25 min total? I too used a different greek yogurt brand…centers were doughy…any ideas…bake longer?

Hi Sally, I have only used Fage so I have no idea if a different brand would be different. You can try baking them a few minutes longer at Add up the carbs from one cup of flour from the self rising flour bag and then the yogurt container and divide by the number of bagels you made from it. I wonder if i could do that? Have you had any experience with this? I was led to your blog by another blogger who posted about these and shared your link In My Dream I See.

I usually just leave them on the counter for days in a zip top bag and toast them. I made them last night. Just the two ingredients. And bake them up kind of like biscuits.

And have them with homemade vegetable soup. They really tasted like sourdough rolls they were delicious. Had to add a LOT more flour. And the dough puffed up way more than anticipated and obliterated the holes. This recipe needs some serious testing. The only thing I changed was using Greek yogurt that was not 0 fat, but that should not have made such a dramatic difference.

Thanks for your comments, Matthew. I just tried this recipe and the bagels turned out good, except that they stuck to the baking sheet. Hi Terri, If you have a non stick pan you can probably skip the spray, but if not cooking spray would probably help.

After reading some comments, hoping to make my bagels perfect with my 1st attempt… Wish me luck!! I had to comment on these. I found this recipe because I had greek yogurt to use up. I tried the bagels a few weeks ago with added spices in with the flour garlic and onion powders, season salt ect because I always add some spices.

And no spice topping like in the recipe, only because no stores near me carry anything remotely close. They are very delicious! To my fiancee and I they taste like sour dough. So he thought a big pizza crust with the recipe 2 cups of each makes a nice 14 inch pizza would be great.

And he was right! This recipes can be used in so many different ways! I just made semi-flat buns for burgers tonight. LOL Thank you so much for sharing! This is very misleading. Bagels are by definition a dense bread made by boiling the dough before baking it. This is nothing more than a bagel-shaped bread recipe. Thanks for the feedback Travis. I think the taste is pretty spot on, but I respect what you are saying.

Some people are just happy to be able to have them and not critical! Including the boiling was something I was wondering about. Have you or anyone incorporated boiling into the recipe, and if so, can you provide specifics, i. A friend of mine did and she was not pleased with the results.

I have not tried it myself though. Ok, ok quite skeptical on this bread dough. OMG made it today and it is beyond awesome. I just the made the pretzel bites and have dough left over to make more, many more and I will. I just started the WW program this week and made the bagels this morning after hearing rave reviews.

My question to you is this — can you make the dough and form the bagels the night before and then do the egg wash and toppings in the morning? By the way, I baked on parchment paper without any oils or sprays — always do. I think the weather can affect it. I have heard that if you are using older self-rising flour, that can affect the outcome of your baking. Thank you for this! I followed this recipe almost exactly and they turned out perfect. The only thing I changed was after 23 minutes I used the high broiler setting to brown the tops quickly.

I was so surprised how great they were! The inside texture is a little more dough-ier than a traditional bagel — but I loved the fresh baked taste.

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