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2016 Cadillac CT6 Powertrain Detailed
To make this a short not long story, please understand that it would take me pages to tell you the full story of what we have learned since that return trip. So those of you who might have heard Justin and I talking about HP, it was the engine slipping and grabbing the clutch, causing torque and HP spikes that mometarily fooled us. During my research, I found a lot of positive reviews about Nutrisystem, and I knew it was time to give it a try! Do we go with more timing and lower boost, or less timing and more boost? That these few people recognize that a homebuilt airplane can give them the life they want at a price they can afford.

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If you were wondering about the MPG ratings of the 2.0L Turbo...

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Additional materials were clear to understand. I started working with my installation. During my work I asked for help from Air Trikes and for a few spare parts.

All questions were answered promptly so I received all the support I asked for. The engine was installed on the plane and started. It was running very regular since the beginning though I had to solve the cooling issue of the radiator due to the not ideal position I placed it. After adjusting the hot air extraction the plane started to fly the end of and was sold to the customer after several hours of test flight. Fuel consumption less that 2 gph, temps in the normality.

He had a problem with boiling water coming out. It seemed it was because of a faulty thermostat valve The problem was fixed , engine wasn't damaged at all, the plane keeps flying. All together I'm very satisfied to work with Air Trikes and can recommend other people to deal with this company. Later I have bought a set of plans for Eagle trike with Suzuki engine from Air Trikes, working slowly with this project now as other projects come first.

Stephen Johnston johnston rrt. Friday, February 12, 6: First of all I want to say thanks for suggesting this Kool prop. I finished the static thrust tests today and here are today's results. Kool prop Rotax s 8. Wood comp Rotax s 17degree pitch RPM static lbs.

I did not expect to see such good numbers for the Kool. At RPM the Kool prop pulls lbs. Static thrust of 5. I checked the calibration of the scale against a digital scale at lbs and my pull test scale was within a couple pounds. I am looking forward to the flights tests. The attached photo shows the prop mounted on my The prop is big and it looks robust. Monday, March 01, 1: Vassili I did fly my Zenith with the 73" prop. I suspect the carbs need to be balanced so I will try that first.

I also want to recheck the pitch on each blade. For my aircraft those are good numbers. I hope to order the 69" KOOLprop soon. And takeoff distance is significantly shortrer. So he has won not only in takeoff distance and climbing performances but in cruising too. Actually looking at this table, we can say going from a standard prop to KOOL we can win the same as going from to S with 20HP more , but this modification would cost much more than going from one prop to another.

KOOLprop is smooth and quiet. It really jumps when you hit the throttle, all around a really good prop. Hope to go flying tomorrow after work. Ian Ellis iananglenys bigpond. Sunday, November 18, Hi Vassili Well the prop was fitted.

Early start Sunday , take off run was a little over 40 mtrs with 1st stage flap and climbed out at 50 kts fpm and rpm and would have gone into the red but that was OK. Cruise 75 kts at rpm 85 kts rpm The prop is smooth and well balanced and well made, now that I was happy with the performance I flew to a local club BBQ and a meeting with the president of the Recreational Aviation Australia who flies a Foxbat kiev prop who inspected the prop and liked it. So my friend the Kool prop was very cool and very smooth.

I will be looking at ordering about 10 props and spinners, what will the postage be? As it is so close to Chrismas I might have to draw off your stock maybe four props and a couple of spinners just for the Flyin at Evans Head? I can then advertise in the local recreational flying mag with conviction pilots and copies each month and love the product.

I have tried Brolga and IVO and yes shake ,wobble and enough vibration to loosen rivets. At new year we have a flyin that normally has about aircraft turn up each day and I normally sell at least one Savannah kit and the other pilots all want to see what prop you have , how to improve their aircraft. I'm not an aeronautical Engineer like you and I may ask some questions about props that sound a bit silly to you, but as they say horses for courses in other word I know my trade you know yours so if you think that I'm doing something wrong say so as you are the expert in this field.

Such planes are used in Russia not only for fun flying but also for crop spraying you can see a chemical tank and sprayers , patrolling etc. Subaru-SPG powerplant is well proven and I think can be used by Savannah builders in other countries. It gives not only highest thrust and smoothness.

Its solid riveted stainless steel leading edge is the best protection against "out of airport" landings tall grass, dirt, drops of water, gravel etc. Al Griffin griffinteam yahoo. It was in The trike performances are really good even with his LB weight, he flies his trike and happy.

His year comments are here too. He changed the X-wing recently his wing was damaged by a strong wind , now he installed new 69" KOOLprop. His comments from FlyGEO group below: Oct 03, Subject: Wednesday, February 24, 4: It runs on snow, ice, water, swamp and grass. Google translate it somehow. Hi Vasilli, thought you might like the feedback Cheers graeme Thu, 11 Mar VERY impressed and it spun up very quickly.

We fabricated all of our production equipment, so I learned to weld, operate machine shop equipment and fabricate. These are skills I have tried to keep up the best I can. My work area consists of a small garage and most hand tools and power tools. However, I do not have access to any lathes or end mills. Your plans were pretty straight forward and easy to interpret. Not having access to a lathe, I modified the plans and used Schedule 80 PVC hose connectors, sanded down to fit as reinforcement sleeves in the axle and suspension tubes I used aluminum saddles on all connections of brackets to the main airframe tubes.

On the end of the main tube where it connects to the upright tube, I did use a piece of solid 2" round bar and extended it about and inch out the back. I was then able to cut it down with a hacksaw, so the I would have a connector point for the down tubes from the engine mount.

I then modified it. Fuel tank - I have purchased a 15 gallon opaque gas tank from Moeller Industries. The only pieces I had to have made were the axles. I had them made using T6 Aluminum Round Bar turned down to slip fit into the axle tube. The whole assembly was then fit into the axle drilled in two placed and through bolts installed to hold the asm in place.

Hope this info is interesting to you - It has been fun building this trike. I have purchased a Gibbo Manta I am a commercial - instrument rated pilot with over flight hours. I also am an experienced skydiver with over jumps. This experience has made the transition relatively smooth. Thought I would let you know that I passed the airworthiness inspection and am now flying my trike. At this point I have about 10 hours flown of the 40 hours required for Phase 1 Flight Testing.

During the airworthiness inspection there was no problem having a ready wing. The inspector gave some credit for the assembly of the wing and attaching it to the trike. I kept a builders log that listed the date and what items I worked on on that date. Contol system for G13BB engine. Monday, May 18, 8: I was the rebuilder of the engine and I was in charge of integrating the electrics etc.

Friday night we called you with a problem we encountered during engine start and you gave us the crucial information we needed to finish the job. We really appreciate your outstanding knowledge and customer service. The aircraft was flown Sunday, three times without a single problem.

I am very interested in your trike for myself. My background is in mechanics and I am impressed by this affordable rugged little motor. What would it cost me for one of your trikes? I am interested in partial construction and maybe rebuilding one primarily, but a turn key is not out of the question.

I enjoy putting my own touches on things. What do you have on hand or do you have any packages that are available? Thanks very much, Gale T. Ted green tedgreen22 yahoo. Sunday, September 28, 8: I should have twice as many hours, but unfortunately work and personal life get in the way. With an airspeed of mph, level flight is attained with 3, - 4, engine rpm at 1.

With 2 people the consumption increases to about 2 gph. Max climb rate is sea level to 3,' is between ' - 1,' per minute depending on air density.

At 10,' max climb is ' per minute. The trike with the X wing cruises comfortable with 2 people and handles like a sports car flying solo. Most of my flying is cross country. With the large fuel tank 12 gallons and modest fuel consumption, flight time is only limited by my need for the bathroom. I run full synthetic oils in the engine and gearbox, change them every 25 hours, and have no noticeable consumption between oil changes.

I'm sure I could go longer between oil changes, but oil and filters are relatively cheap compared to engines and the price of fuel. Jim Davidson theskylife gmail. Monday, September 22, 8: I was sure that having a faster wing would mean I would have to spin the prop faster, more RPM, more fuel. Well that is not the case. I'm now cruising at 60 mph and engine is at rpm. Actually better than the performance I got with the Warp Drive with a slower wing.

Ellis Snydal snydal webband. Friday, September 05, I have attached some pictures. The gear box and adapter you sold me has worked out very well. The gear box is quite. Thanks to your gear box and adapter it made it a lot easier to get the prop at the right speed. I am currently using a 72 inch Kiev Prop. I have a factory flywheel that I turned down and it weights about 16 lbs.

I bought an aluminum flywheel this week that is This will also help take off some pounds. I also will change my stock alternator over to a Subaru Justy alternator because it is three pounds lighter.

The muffler I am using is a Super Trapp. I currently have two and will go to one this spring to also remove some weight. Roy Markham rymarkham yahoo.

I had the previously. Peformance is much better esp at all up weight. Climb rate at MTOW is better than the was one up! Using cruise control and taking off at around rpm gives around fpm my 's WOT. I'm totally happy with the engine as the fuel consumption is so low I can do almost miles km with one normal sized tank 60l! Not to mention that at my altitude I have more power than a S! For anyone flying from a high altitude I will not hessitate to recommend Vassili's product. I will try the G13 next but for now I'm happy to have the Turbo.

At one point I was climbing bar in at about 85mph and VSI was off the limits. The engine has a rough spot at My trike is not a light trike either, it weighs kg empty still less than a At idle the gearbox is louder than a and in flight the engine has a more throaty sound.

Bystanders say it sounds like a V8 Chevy. The only negative comment I've had is it's size looks big compared to a rotax. From what I've seen the size is misleading as it's not heavy even though it looks big.

For the price what else is there really? Powerwise the engine fits inbetween a S and a - at my altitude. I glad to answer any questions. David de Figueiredo figifly hotmail. Sunday, July 01, I thank you for your valuable suggestions. I would not have thought of that on my own. You have no idea as to the amount of interest this has generated. This is surely the best trike that could be used as a trainer. I have seen the potential , and I am going to build another one straight away. I will incorporate your auggestions too.

I did an aproach with my leg off the throttle and just let her glide down on idle power. There was no problem whatsoever. The engine thrust was complimented with the X wing and the result was unbelieveable. I have never flown something like this ever. Hats off to you for encouraging me all the way. Saturday, April 28, I got about an hour on the plane last night. Excellent takeoff and climb. Please send me you exact mailing address as I would like to send you a video of the flights.

I couldn't be happier. The gearbox and prop seem to be made for the Corvair engine. Thank you for all your advices and support. Murray Green Rosetown Sask. Corey Butcher cdflite yahoo.

He wanted something strong that would adapt easily to floats. It had to take off and land short and have steep ascent and descent angles On a production line, Zenith parts can be made faster and more accurately than even the fastest, most skillful homebuilder could build them. Owners have reported times as low as hours, with a conservative average. That is just 20 hours a week for 20 weeks.

The nosewheel is steerable and the toe brakes do a good job. You start take-off with the stick back, and at around 25 mph the wing lets you know in no uncertain terms that it is working. Climbouts are at 45 mph, giving you a nose-up attitude of the space shuttle variety.

Climbing to altitude, we leveled off, which brings the top of the cowling right to the horizon. We executed some extremely tight turns, and you can look up and over the wing to see precisely where you are flying. I had expected some slow, maybe sloppy results, but the balance is exquisite and the movement smooth and silky.

The airplane will turn on a dime. Throttle input is instantaneous. I would even like a shot at building a I know that the rudder I helped with at the workshop was a piece of cake. You can find out for yourself at the Zenith factory in Mexico, Missouri.

The CH was recently certified in Israel. To date, the company has sold more than kits worldwide, over of which are flying. The has short takeoff and landing capabilities adding to the safety of the aircraft as a trainer. What more could you ask for? Nicknamed the "Sky Jeep" by African missionaries, the popular kit aircraft is earning its keep by transporting personnel and medical supplies to remote African villages.

Online community for active Zenith builders, owners and pilots. Magazine February issue Click here to view story. Form follows function ," pages 54 - Students build airplanes - and character," September Sun'n Fun , by Brian Clark. EAA Experimenter June Powered Sport Flying November Pilot magazine November Light Aviation May Recreational Flyer January - February Trade-A-Plane 2nd January Vol Moteur January issue. Aviators Hotline December issue. EAA Experimenter January issue.

EAA Experimenter magazine, January issue. Cover story, by Dan Johnson, pages 24 - EAA Sport Aviation magazine: Hinged forward, the doors are a full 34 inches wide making it easy to swing into the well padded fixed seats.

Cabin width is a comfortable 40 inches, somewhat less intimate than some of the competition. Being a tri-gear airplane you can see where you are going even when taxiing. If so, we definitely have the bird for you. Zenair has been in the business of designing and building aircraft for some twenty years something of a record in this business , and it shows in the success of their airplanes. One of the most successful of these designs is the STOL CH , a high-wing monoplane with a special airfoil utilizing leading-edge slats and trailing edge "junker" type flaps.

This trigear has excellent shock-absorbing ability and big inch wheels for rough-field operations. With wing tanks, the range is miles, and it has a service ceiling get out the oxy tank of over 16, feet. Oh yeah, the bird stalls at a blistering snicker

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