The Hard Keeper: How to Put Weight on Safely and Sanely

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Make observations from these two chapters. I find it to be a real coincidence that as soon as I took supplements for C a Prenatal I immediately got pregnant after 3 years of IVF. You give me hope that I may eventually get this right and feel like a normal person again. Congrats on purchasing your own property! I also have been tested and found to have activated NK cells autoimmune issue in the uterus which will almost always cause me to miscarry.

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It has taken me some time to find which ones are to go and which ones deserve more time and attention, but I am quite pleased with the changes. Over time, as the pounds were melting, whatever I was covering up with the layer of fat was coming to the surface. The difference this time is that I had a new found since of clarity that would allow me to deal with it, and deal with it I have. Since taking up the Dr.

Cabeca lifestyle of Restorative Health, my mental and emotional clarity has been amazing. I am loving my work more than ever, and thrilled to be a part of a creative process engaged in making the world a better place with healthy people who are sharing the road on this journey with me. Most profoundly, I am not afraid. My relationship with my husband is better than ever, but honestly, we are still working on it.

We are still shedding belongings and reorganizing relationships, cutting expenses and putting our priorities in line, but by the time I hit the 1 year mark a little more than a month from now for sure our lives will be in much better shape than they have ever been. Cabeca, I cannot thank you enough. You have truly healed me. I have not felt like I was free from cancer since December 7, , the day of my first diagnosis.

Today, I claim my health and I no longer look for or wait on it to come back. No one would ever believe I had ever been that sick. I try to make the world better because I am in. If not for you, I would not be in it long enough to make a difference. You got it, and I am very grateful to have the opportunity to work with someone that really sees and treats the whole person.

The complicated history since then has been punctuated by some of the best medical minds at least in the Southeast, if not the county. I have been very fortunate to have great doctors to treat what ailed me. I have survived because I was willing to go to whatever lengths necessary to get the best doctor possible and willing to take personal responsibility for what psychological, spiritual and physical healing was within my control in partnership with my doctor.

You were right, however, I still live waiting on the other shoe to drop. Grateful that I have had as long as I have to live as healthy as I have been, but living nonetheless, on a roulette wheel not knowing when my number would come up and cancer would come calling yet again. The last 20 years has been a race. What can I get accomplished before time runs out. I have accomplished a lot in my field, in the communities I have lived in and in my life.

I just got this sense that you know how to teach me to do that. I left your office today feeling like you knew what you were doing and that you knew me and what was going on in my body, mind and soul. Thank you, for taking your journey and transforming it into healing for the rest of us on this path.

The amount of time Dr. Cabeca spent with me during my office visit was so generous. I was uplifted mentally, physically and spiritually—filled with hope. Cabeca was the first person who gave me hope that it was possible. Thank you Dr Cabeca! You can see I am including everything I can to set you up for success! Cabeca takes to assist her patients in achieving optimal health is like no other I have ever experienced.

The boot camp gave me more tools to use in my daily life. My digestion has improved, my sleep is better, and I am maintaining a positive attitude no matter what comes my way. I loved everything about it! As a professional educator of 23 years, I want to share my thoughts about the educational value of the program. From the initial teleclass, Dr.

She shared information in a clear and concise way. Easy steps to immediately make changes were presented in a manner which made it seem manageable. I knew some information about many of the recommended changes nutrition, rest, exercise prior to boot camp.

Then came boot camp — just what I needed! I started drinking Mighty Maca daily. Aches and pains were gone! With each week I gained confidence after the knowledge building sessions and knew that continued success would follow. Even though boot camp ended some time ago, I am still following the guidelines and feeling great! Cabeca creates Boot Camp 2. I want to enroll today! Thanks for changing my health for life!

Remember, all classes are pre-recorded and available to you day or night on our private website as streaming video. They are also available to you in MP3 format for you to download and listen to at your convenience. The private website is where you will access the quizzes, handouts, resources and other supporting materials for the course.

Michelle Little is a personal style expert who helps women find their own fabulous signature style. In this virtual small, intimate setting, you will be able to ask questions about your personal symptoms and challenges that you are experiencing.

We will target all your hormonal questions here. This is the book where I walk you through my complete Restorative Health Method, in detail. These are the principles you need to obtain optimal health and live younger longer. Get the hard copy so you will have the information printed out for quick and easy reference whenever you want. Register immediately and be one of the first 80 to receive a Health Strategy Session Application with me.

This is a private, one-on-one session where we will discuss your current health challenges, what your health goals are and how you can obtain them. I have hand selected a wide array of relevant and complimentary bonuses from doctors and experts in their fields to give you access to the BEST information there is.

I hope you see the immediate value of this program. What is it costing you to NOT lose that fat around your belly? What is it costing you NOT have adequate energy to get what you need to get done each day or even just play with your kids , to NOT feel good about yourself, to NOT be focused and able to think clearly?

Another way to think about it is: What is the cost of just prescription medication or 1 cosmetic medical procedure? If you can avoid even just 1 medication or 1 expensive cosmetic surgery or treatment, then you will have MORE than saved the cost of this program.

I just want you to honestly think about the consequences of NOT taking action now. Remember, your symptoms mean that your body is out of balance. That belly fat is metabolically active and actually produces hormones that can increase your risk for disease. So this is serious business. You need to take action now so that you can not only look and feel better, but so you can live a long, healthy, and active live.

What are you waiting for? I am confident that you are going to immediately understand the value of this program to your health and that if you follow my program and do the steps, you will restore your energy, vitality and zest for life!

Plus, I am covered under Dr. Remember, you can never go wrong investing in your health and wellbeing. She has my health and best interests at heart, plus she stays abreast of all the latest developments in anti-aging and wellness.

Getting a bit slack in following her routine, I was feeling tired, run down, not sleeping, had lost weight, just not myself. Now, back on the wagon In the last six months, I have regained my vigor, stamina and joy for living. I really appreciate the staff at Cabeca Health and their desire to find the root causes of my symptoms.

Cabeca since November of and first came to her with symptoms of extreme anxiety, depression, fatigue, weight loss resistance, and acne. I used to have debilitating panic attacks, but now my anxiety is very mild. I experienced severe stomach pain, and what we discovered was reflux. I used to take naps every afternoon, just to feel as though I could continue to function. Now I find it difficult to sleep at times because of all of my energy!

I have also lost a total of 16 pounds, and I am no longer weight loss resistant, enabling me to reach my ideal healthy weight goal. A few years back I experienced hot flashes and night sweats, but those had gone away after a few months. But now, at age 55, the list of complaints and their severity were too much to ignore: Additionally, I had suffered for many, many years with allergic-type reactions on my face which I attributed to my make-up and during the past 10 years I had four severe anaphylactic allergic reactions—one nearly fatal—the causes of which were undetermined.

Following the detox regimen and further eliminating foods based on the ALCAT test, the results are nothing short of a miracle. Allergic reaction to make-up…gone! In ten weeks, I lost twenty pounds and—as evidenced by my before and after photos—my belly fat was significantly reduced. No other doctor has ever suggested that I could be healed by following a nutritional diet and detoxification program. And incredibly, no doctor I have questioned since seeing Dr. Cabeca, only in spades now. Physically, I am healthier that I have ever been.

Since your horse is not just a hard keeper but a hard worker, protein supplementation may be something for you to consider. A third category of support for the hard keeper is in the digestive arena. Sometimes these horses need probiotics , prebiotics , enzymes , yeast or other intestinal ingredients to help them maximize the nutrition from their feedstuffs and keep their GI tract in good working order.

However, in my experience, horses can have very individual responses to specific digestive supplements so you may want to experiment with other products and see how his body reacts. With a nutritional profile between that of hay and grain, it is a safe source of calories from fermentable fiber that most horses love!

Gray continues to provide health and nutrition information to horse owners through her position at SmartPak, through publication in more than a dozen general and trade publications, and through presentations around the country. She is the very proud owner of a Trakehner named Newman that she actively competes with in dressage and combined driving.

I agree with adding the beet pulp, I have two horses who work daily in my lesson program both are about 30 years old. ON beet pulp they hold great weight with out it they both loose it. I have tried other supplements and formulations of feed, hay and supplements overall I have had the best success with multiple horses that are hard keepers by adding rations of beet pulp to each feeding and free feeding hay as much as possible.

I also have a 22 yr Flea bitten grey arab. He is a hard keeper too. I have him on beet pulp and senior feed. Do you have any other ideas? You could use hay cubes, soaked, instead of chopping up hay with a lawn mower.

That way the pieces are already about 2 inches long and it would be very easy to chew. Hi Rhiannon, thanks for your question. While we applaud your commitment, there are definitely easier ways to feed your senior without having to spend so much time chopping his hay for him!

First, many feed stores offer chopped hay, or dengie, both of which are available pre-bagged for easy feeding. You may also want to consider hay cubes or hay pellets, both of which can be soaked into a mash, along with his beet pulp.

How do you feed the beet pulp? Do you soak it first or just add it to the feed? I have an older 18 yr old thoroughbred hard keeper. I have tried beet pulp.. It can be difficult to chew especially in older horses and can become a choking hazard.. After spending alot of money on other products with not satisfaction I finally discovered something that not only works but is easy on the pocket…Black oil sunflower seeds!!

Not only does he LOVE it but he is a true black and it makes his coat shine like black glass. Do not mistake them for the striped shells.. Go ahead and google Black oil sunflower seeds as a supplement for horses.. Much cheaper than the other products and I believe much more effective.. All of my friends were amazed at the results and are now all using the seeds in their feeding program as well.. Black oil sunflower seeds do work great, however, we learned the hard way that you cannot feed a hypp positive horse these.

Hi Diane, thanks for your question. The type of beet pulp you buy determines how long you should soak it. Rancidity and mold are two big concerns if you let you beet soak for hours on end.

Your local feed dealer should be able to advise you on the proper soaking time for the brand and form which you are purchasing. I have tried all of the above and finally found the something that not only works but is easy on the pocket…Black oil sunflower seeds!!

Not only does he LOVE it but he is a true black and it makes his coat shine like black glass.. I am trying to do research for my bery hard keeper. I see a small amount of wt gain but not enough. I have never seen Cool Calories work for any of the 20 horses at my barn work.

If this is an off the track thoroughbred I would check him for ulcers. I spent a year trying to keep weight on one of mine and finally had him scoped and he had an ulcer. Not bad ones but some. He holds his weight and now we can take him to shows without him getting a tummy ache.

The best that has worked for me is a high fat, high protein grain such as Demand or Compete. At 1st then cut down the weight builder till gone. Using containers at 1st. I own a X- Halter horse right now that is a hard keeper due to his diet as a yearling feeding alot of grain and not alot of hay…. Has worked for him and T. Hope this my help someone. Hi I have a hard keeper. He is only 12, but looks about I need a not-to-expensive, safe way to make him keep the weight on, and look and act like the other 12 year old hunter jumpers out there.

I love him, and want him to be safe, and happy. Hi Izzy, thanks for your question. First, we want to make sure you have worked with your veterinarian to better understand why your horse has a hard time maintaining a healthy weight.

Many factors can influence weight loss including age, workload, nutrition, metabolism, digestive function, dental health, stress and time of year. If these areas are being properly managed and he still needs extra support, you might consider a weight gain supplement such as Cool Calories or SmartGain 4. Hi, My horse is a 10 year old TB. He lives outside and in the summer when the pastures good he maintains a good weight but now he is underweight and ribby. He lives with 3 other horses, a mini and a donkey, between them they get 2.

Hi Emily, thanks for your question. Our first recommendation is to have your horse examined by a vet to determine if a health condition, such as ulcers, is causing his lack of appetite. If he or she determines your horse to be healthy, you may want to consider switching to an alternate grain that is more palatable for him.

The good news is that there are lots of feed options out there that he may find enticing! ADM senior glo…rice stabalizer and beet pulp.. Hi Jen, thanks for your question. Please let us know if you have any further questions! Hi Kristen, thank you for your question! Please let us know if there is anything else we can help with!

I have a 9,10 year old bay and white Indian paint and he is from an auction and when I got him he was under weight, now he is looking bet but he still a little under weight can u help me. In the meantime, forage, forage, forage! Keep high-quality hay in front of him, begin introducing him to grass in small time increments and consider a digestive support supplement http: Hello I have been reading all these suggestions on weigh gain.

I was given a rescued Paso Fino mare. My vet has aged her to be 20 yo. Saying as horses get older it is harder to age them. I had her teeth checked and she had to have 3 teeth pulled.

Her teeth were in bad shape. Just watching her eat I could tell it was painful for her. I feed her Nutrena Senior feed. I have in the past added corn oil. I have had her since Feb.

She eats more than my other horse and she still looks too skinny. She is swayed back and her backbone protrudes as well as her hips are pointy.

She has good energy and loves to go. I would welcome some suggestions for helping her to not only gain weight but add muscle mass along her backbone.

I want her to achieve all this without making her hot and hyperuped. One basic place to start with your horse is to figure out exactly how much grain and hay she is getting each day. Thank you for the information. After sending my first question I got to thinking and I took my weight tape and measured Lady.

I checked the breed requirements on Paso Fino and the weight is between pounds. She is a fine boned pony so I guess I am not too far from a good weight for her I would like to get her up to pounds.

Is there anything I can provide for her to help her build up her topline? Again thank you for any information you can provide for me. The best way to determine if your horse is carrying an ideal weight is to body condition score her. The body condition score is a much more valuable measurement, especially when you take into consideration the inaccuracies associated with weight tapes and the like.

Is There a Perfect Weight for a Horse? Hi Sarah, thank you for asking. There are a variety of reasons why your horse may struggle to gain or maintain weight. You could also consult your veterinarian about adding additional sources of calories with products such as fat or beet pulp. A lot of these horses really responded well to a stabilized rice bran pellet. My Arabian has a similar body condition as this TB.

Hi Katie, thanks for asking! He or she is also a great resource for encouraging your horse to gain weight. Hello- I have a 4 yr old Clydesdale stallion. No results from either supplement. He does well on alfalfa flakes but with the drought here, they are hard to get. Anything else I can try? Hi Jessica, thanks for asking!

Good luck with your guy! I have a palomino mare and she will not put weight on. Where I was first boarding her the barn owner was not watering them. I had a vet come out and she said she was dehydrated. Ever since she wont put weight on. What can I do? To be safe, please continue working closely with your veterinarian to make sure she is receiving the feed, water, and other care she needs to be happy and healthy.

Previously it was just 1 scoop of this, a couple scoops of that. Like any commercial feed product, ration balancers are meant to be the only concentrate fed and not mixed with a fortified grain or complete feed. However, it sounds like your horse might actually benefit from the additional calories that a fortified grain or complete feed offers. Serve It Up Right: The Facts On Feeds: Our 20 year old mare, who has heaves, has lost a bunch of weight off her top line in the last year.

The vet says she is burning calories with increased breathing problems and he put her on prednisolone. We already feed a small amount of beet pulp with vitamins which she loves. It would be easy to increase the beet pulp. What is a good amount to give her for added calories? We will increase the amount slowly, of course. Sadly she was auctioned before I got her over 3 times has lost pounds. And then there is vegtable oil which she hates. But I have read about cocunut oil.

I have a hard keeper. I was told to try a oil for him like cocoasoya oil read good thing about it. But my questions is could u do a oil like that and add success from smarkpak??? Also read good thing about it… Thank you. A good source of ulcer treatment is Aloe Vera juice. This is all recommended by my vet and has healed at least two of mine for sure, precaution for the rest. I also have a 30 year old Arab, x-Barrel and x-Endurance horse, with no hind teeth, he has gained and held beautifully on 6 pounds senior with 6 pounds alfalfa pellets soaked and fed in two feedings daily.

Hope this helps someone. I have a nine year old TWH that is a hard keeper. She is used as trail horse and we ride and camp quite often — she is not in used in the show ring. My vet recommended Purina Amplify but it made her very nervous and hot. I am looking for something to help have her gain a little weight and maintain it with out making her nervous and anxious. Also, she was not anxious, nervous, or hot prior to using the amplify….

What would you suggest? It sounds like you have been working with your veterinarian, which is fantastic! We would encourage you to keep working with him or her to make sure that there is not an underlying issue that is making it harder for your horse to maintain a healthy weight. If these areas are being properly managed and she still needs extra support, you might consider including additional sources of fiber from things like beet pulp.

These ingredients can be a great way to support senior horses whose digestive systems may not be working as efficiently. Hello, I am pasture boarding a 5 horses for a women. I am doing everything, they have great pasture along with either a round bale constant and or square bales, but them seem to always waste the sq, they do much better with rounds.

One 29 year old TB has EPM which should not effect her weight loss, but she is loosing more and more every day. The other is a Arabian 27 years old he is missing teeth ect. They are on Dumor Senior, along with extra rolled oats, Alfalfa pellets and beet pulp. None of this is working and they both continue to loose weight. For awhile I had the arabian also on Dumor Weight Booster but that did not help either Please any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. For all 5 horses that you are pasture boarding to be underweight sounds like a serious situation and one that you may need professional help with.

Somewhere in there may be the answer to why these horses are struggling to maintain a healthy weight.

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