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Meg and Kelly Wolcott, Ct Also included in your summer package is a sunset pontoon boat cruise as well as one run of waterskiing or tubing per person per day. List of Lean Cuisine Foods. A teaspoon of crushed seeds adds a superb flavor to pastry mixes, ice cream, custards, and fruity sweet dishes remove before serving. Chicken Tikka Masala Tandoori chicken tikka in an aromatic makhni sauce. We serve three meals a day during the summer months lunch is not included on day of departure ; breakfast, lunch and dinner, and two meals breakfast and dinner during the spring and fall. Imagine your dream wedding set amongst tall trees and whispering branches.

"Fat & Lean World Cuisine"

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Salmon Salad Salmon with your choice of fattoosh or spinach salad. Spinach Tawook Salad Spinach salad topped with chargrilled breast of chicken. Spinach Turkey Salad Spinach salad topped with sliced smoked turkey breast. Lamb Shawarma Salad Marinated charbroiled lamb on fresh salad greens.

Caesar Tawook Salad Fresh ceaser salad topped with chargrilled chicken breast. Village Salad Fresh Tomatoes, onions and cucumbers no lettuce. Chicken Shawarma Salad Fresh salad greens topped with marinated charbroiled chicken. Fattoosh A large fresh salad mixed with toasted pita bread.

Fattoosh Feta Salad A large fresh salad tossed with toasted pita bread and feta cheese. Fattoosh Tawook Salad Large salad mixed with toasted pita and topped with chargrilled chicken breast. Fattoosh Turkey Salad Large salad tossed with sliced smoked turkey breast. Soups Every culture has a soup that is considered a tonic and there is no exception for the Mediterranean Soup. Soup of the day. Available in Quarts for carryout. Chicken Saute Tender pieces of chicken breast sautéed with cilantro, garlic, and our light lemon-oregano sauce.

Sojok A flavourful, quality lamb and beef sausage, sautéed and served with lemon. Maqaniq Quality lamb sausage links sautéed and served with lemon. Baba Ghannooj Chargrilled eggplant blended with tahini, lemon and garlic. Starter Combo Hummus, baba ghannooj and tabbouli. Stuffed Grape Leaves Lamb. Stuffed Grape Leaves vegetarian. Kibbee Nayee Raw Daily fresh, lean cut of lamb, finely ground and mixed raw with cracked wheat, natural herbs and spices.

Add a splash of olive oil and enjoy. Tomato Kibbee Daily fresh, flnely ground and mixed with cracked wheat, natural herbs and spices.

Fried Kibbee Little football-shaped kibbee shells stuffed with sauteed ground lamb, sauteed onions, special herbs and spices. Falafel Plate All-vegetable patties made of fava beans, chickpeas, onions, parsley, cilantro and special spices, fried in vegetable oil, and served with tahini sauce, tomato, and pickles. Hummus Chickpeas pureed with tahini sauce, lemon juice and a hint of fresh garlic.

Add a little olive oil and enjoy. Hummus with Sautéed Pine Nuts. Hummus with Veggies A generous mix of fresh veggies served with hummus for dipping. Hummus with Lamb Tender lamb tips sautéed with special herbs and topped with toasted pine nuts on hummus. Hummus with Chicken Tender tips of chicken breast sautéed with cilantro, fresh garlic and a dash of lemon juice; all served on hummus. Vegetarian Maza Hummus, baba ghannooj, tabbouli, fattoosh, vegetarian grape leaves, falafel, mixed veggies and pickles.

Mediterranean chicken wings Lightly battered and pan sautéed. Fried Cauliflower Fried fresh cauliflower with onions, spices, tahini and parsley. Entrees All dinners are served with your choice of soup or salad and rice or fries. Shish Kabob Your choice of lamb or beef. Shish Tawook Classic or with lemon-oregano. Charbroiled, marinated chicken breast kabob. Shish Kafta Quality ground lamb, parsley and onions, charbroiled. Chicken Shish Kafta Charbroiled chicken, parsley and onions. Grape Leaves Dinner Choice of lamb or vegetarian stuffed grape leaves served with side of yogurt.

Hummus with Lamb Tender lamb tips sautéed with herbs and pine nuts. Hummus with Chicken Chicken breast tips sautéed with herbs and pine nuts.

Hummus with Shawarma Choice of marinated charbroiled chicken or lamb. Hummus with Ghallaba Classic or zesty. Choice of vegetarian, chicken, lamb or beef sauteed with veggies. Sautéed Lamb, Beef, Chicken Sautéed with mushrooms. Lamb Combo 1 pc kafta, 2 pcs kibbee ball, 2pcs meat pies, 4 pcs meat grape leaves.

Chicken Creme Chop Thinly sliced chicken breast battered with Mediterranean herbs and spices; pan sautéed. Classic or Zesty Ghallaba Choice of chicken, lamb or beef, sauteed with veggies. Garlic and Almond Rice Ghallaba Classic or zesty. Choice of meat sauteed with veggies and mixed with toasted slivered almonds and nce; served with our homemade garlic sauce.

Vegetarian Ghallaba Classic or zesty. Potato substitutes for meat and sauteed with veggies. Korean Fried Chicken Leg. Roast Pork and Heirloom Hoppin' John.

Chicken Nuggets And Fries. Pasta Shells And Cheese. Miniature Bourbon Pecan Pie. Chocolate Pot au Crème et Lait. Korean Sweet Peanut Bread I. Caffe Amouri French Press Coffee. Sugar and Spice Blend. Wines by The Glass.

Avia, Primorska, Slovenia Tenuta Rapitalà, Nadir, Sicilia D. Grand Vin Seigneur, Ch. White Sangria by The Glass. Red Sangria by The Glass. Blenheim Red Cap 3. Alpine Berry Iced Tisane.

Charm City Meadworks Elderberry. Wynridge Farm Cidery Crafty Cranberry. Served with the 2 dinner side choices Gravy or Greek Style. Red or White sause and garlic bread. Welcome to our Restaurant. Dine in the Greek Isles. Enjoy our famous tastes by feeling that you are in the Greek Islands. Family Operated since Stratos, Eleni, Michael and staff waiting to show you what Greek Philoxenia means! Not only is our menu BIG, so are our dishes and our variety of flavors. Best in our Menu. Chicken, pasta, fresh roasted garlic, fresh broccoli, fresh tomatoes, in pesto cream sauce.

Spaghetti with 3 Big Meatballs. With real parmesan cheese not mozzarella served with spaghetti and marinara sauce. Old-Fashioned Thick Onion Rings. Thin tender veal slices sautéed with green onions and capers, in a lemon-wine butter sauce. With fresh extra large mushrooms, Sun-dried Tomatoes, In a cream sauce a fragrant mixture. Greek Chicken Origanati Oregano. All of the Caesar Salad, plus grilled chicken breast, with a pinch of herbs Half: Horiatiki Village Style Greek Salad.

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