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Interviews for tenure track jobs are notoriously rigorous. Midwest Funeral Pre-planning Consultants www. Progressive supranuclear palsy PSP is a form of dementia that is characterized by problems with eye movements. Decreased ability to think and remember, emotional problems, problems with language , decreased motivation [2] [3]. My goal is to be the advisor who cares about you. He was always willing to listen and share his opinions and wisdom. Published in the Star Tribune on August 26,

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After graduation, apply to a graduate program that offers the opportunity to gain teaching experience, then complete your program as well as your dissertation. Featured Articles Academic Careers. Succeed in high school. If you know in high school that you would like to become a college professor, then get the highest grades possible so you can gain admission into an excellent undergraduate institution. Reputable graduate programs often accept applicants from similarly reputable colleges and universities.

If you plan ahead now, you will establish the necessary time management skills you will need in college. Don't plan for large chunks of time like 4 or 5 hours because it might be harder to maintain that level of attention and commitment. Instead, create manageable hours blocks of time to study and complete projects. You can find study tips and practice tests at the College Board's web site. You should study for a few months before the test -- don't cram for it the night before.

You can also check out test prep books at you local library, take prep courses offered by companies like Pearson and Kaplan or look into studying with a private tutor. Research undergraduate programs with successful graduates. Many college departments will list how many students gain acceptance to graduate school on their web site. You can also ask an admissions officer how many students go onto Ph. Consider the size and scope of your university. Small liberal arts colleges are great for getting a personalized attention, but they tend not to have the resources for archival research provided by larger universities.

Attend department events and stop by your professor's office hours to express your interest in the material and discuss specific projects. This will help your professors get to know you when they have hundreds of other students. If you are planning to attend a large university, you should also look into joining an honors college within the university as this will give you a smaller cohort and more individual attention.

Perform well in college. Your performance in your undergraduate program will be the major factor that your graduate committee will consider when they admit you. Make sure you manage your course load so you can balance your responsibilities. Anything more than four reading intensive courses each semester will be difficult to manage. You will need to strengthen your reading skills in college as most graduate programs require you to analyze an intensive amount of reading material.

But don't feel pressure to cram extra courses into each semester. Talk to your advisor about the recommended amount of courses to take for your graduate school aspirations. Maintain a high GPA. If you have consistently earned C's, Ds or failed courses in your major, then graduate school might not be for you. Work or volunteer as a tutor.

This could be in a position in your school's writing center or you could tutor students at a local high school. In most graduate programs, you will be expected to do some form of teaching and tutoring while you are an undergrad will indicate your interest in this role.

Many professors need and welcome undergraduates into their labs to do some of the basic tasks of research. The professor will likely write you a letter of recommendation and give you valuable advice for applying to graduate schools. An internship will give you valuable professional experience and will allow you to learn outside the space of a classroom. It will also help you to build a professional network outside of academia. Talk to your university's career center for tips on finding a rewarding internship.

Build up other skills. While being a strong reader and writer are essential skills for most graduate programs, you should consider developing other skills that can translate inside and outside of academia. These courses will give you vital technological and quantitative skills that will translate into a variety of professions, not just graduate school. Take a graduate level course.

In your senior year, consider enrolling in a graduate level course if your school offers a Master's or Ph. This will give you a sense of the level of work required by a more advanced degree. This will let them know that you are interested in graduate study. Think about why you want to go to graduate school. In order to become a college professor, most departments require you to have a Ph. Before you begin the application process which is very time consuming , you should think deeply about why you want to attend, especially when the promise of job security after you graduate with a Ph.

Do you not know of anything else to do? These are not good reasons to go to graduate school. Even if you have a genuine passion for your discipline and want to study if further, consider if you would be willing to do this after ten years of very hard work with little pay and no job security. Particularly, research how many of their graduates have been placed in tenure-track jobs in the past ten years.

If the department doesn't supply this information on their web site, this is a red flag. Ds go on to earn tenure-track jobs and the percentage decreases at lower tier programs. Going to a very prestigious school will help your chances of getting a tenure-track job. In graduate school, you will work much more closely with your advisor than in undergrad.

You should look for faculty members who have the title of Associate Professor or just Professor. This means they have tenure and they have a stable future at the university. If a faculty member has a title of Assistant Professor or Visiting Assistant Professor, then this means they are only tenure-track or on a limited term appointment.

Do not pick them as an advisor as their future at the university is uncertain. Don't just peruse their interests as they are listed on the faculty web site -- read articles and books by them to see what kinds of contributions they have made to their field.

Consider the funding options. Don't go into significant debt for a Ph. Beware of programs that want you to begin teaching in your first year of coursework or programs that want you to teach more than one course a semester. A heavy teaching load will make it difficult for you to finish your research. Look for grants on the U. Department of Education's web site or for grants offered for graduate students by your professional organization such as American Psychological Association.

Make an application timeline. After you have decided which programs you want to apply to, make a timeline including all the relevant information for each application. When is the due date for each application? Do they all require the same materials or do some require different components such as a portfolio? You should start the application process a few months before each due date.

Talk to your advisors and let them know you are thinking of applying to graduate school. Ask them if they will be able to write letters of recommendation for you. You should make a formal request for a letter of recommendation at least a month before the application is due. At the beginning of the fall semester of your senior year or in August if you have graduated , contact your university's career for any guidance on applying to graduate school.

They will have lots of guidance and can help you network with alumnae who have gone on to graduate school. As with the SAT, you should give yourself time to study and practice taking this test. Do not cram in the night or week before the test. Look for prep test courses and study guides offered by your university's career center.

You can also study with guide books, takes practice tests offered through Educational Testing Service, or look into using a tutor to help you prepare. Prepare your personal statement. Your cover letter should clearly state your professional interests in the program and which field of study you would like to pursue. Most graduate programs require some form of specialization i. Clearly state which faculty members you want to work with in your cover letter. Explain how their research interests align with yours.

Discuss which experiences in your background make you prepared to study this field. Avoid making any cliche statements, such as sentences that start with the phrase "I always knew I wanted to teach this subject" or "Ever since I was a child, I loved reading. Obsessively proofread your cover letter. If you include any typos or grammatical errors, this will indicate to the committee that you are either a weak writer or a lazy one.

Don't let you entire application be thrown out over something that is easily fixable. Submit a stellar writing sample.

Your writing sample should be flawless and meet the page requirements as stipulated in the application. Do not include a shorter or longer sample; this is a quick way to get your application dismissed. If you want to study ancient Egyptian art but your writing sample is on the Impressionist movement in the late 19th century, then this will not give the committee a clear idea of your research strengths.

Work with your college's writing center to get feedback on your writing sample. Does it make sense to someone who doesn't know very much about the subject of your research?

Is it clearly written? After you have submitted your application, be patient when waiting to hear back. Do not harass the department administrative assistant for updates on the status of your application.

This is a quick way to get rejected. The school will let you know if your application has been accepted or rejected. Some programs require their applicants to interview before they admit them. You should participate in this interview if only to get a more in-depth sense of the program and how it supports its graduate students. Once you have narrowed your choices down to options, try to visit at the schools you are most interested in. Meet with the faculty members you want to study with on your visit.

Are they interested in working with you? Do they have no clue who you are? Do they seem to be the most popular advisor in the department, perhaps working with too many graduate students? If you answer yes to the latter two questions, that might be a sign this department wouldn't be the best fit for you. Ask questions from current students in your program who work with the faculty members you want to work with. Does the faculty member support his or her advisees?

Will she provide feedback on your research in a timely manner? Does she encourage students to attend conferences or meet colleagues she knows at other institutions?

Does she help students to get published in reputable journals? Consider other factors about the institution. Is the university in a very small college town or is it in a bustling, expensive city? Is this a place that you would be happy to live in for years? How will you be able to afford to live in this place on a graduate student stipend? If you can, try to stay with a current graduate student when you visit. That way, you will get a sense of what kind of housing grad students can afford.

Can they live on their own in a nice neighborhood or do they have to have multiple roommates? Is it easy to find an apartment in the city or is the rental market really competitive? For the first couple years in your program, you will likely be required to take a range of courses.

Patsy's sense of humor, captivating smile, and contagious laugh will be missed by her family and those who cared for her at the end of her life.

Patsy's family will hold a private burial at Ft. Survived by his loving family: Lauren, Nick, Emily, and Gabe; sisters: Dean was an amazing dad, loving Grandpa and will be deeply missed. Published in the Star Tribune on July 25, Venable, James Michael Jr.

November 9, - July 12, Age 55 of Saint Paul. He lived at St. Anthony Residence prior to his death at Regions Hospital in St. Survived by father James Michael Venable, Sr. Services and interment will be private or at a later date. His second family was the people he worked with and he was a best friend to so many. He was generous to a fault.

If he was wearing a shirt and you needed one, he would give it to you in a moment. We watched him as he went through all his various phases from Goth to Hippie, but he was passionate about them all. His infectious laugh will heal us as we grieve. Dana was never afraid to try new things. He earned the nickname "Worldly Dane" at a young age and lived up to it with his travels. He hunted arrowheads in Texas; went scuba diving in St.

Croix, USVI; and skydiving. We lost him so many times in the mountains of Hawaii, we coined the phrase "Where's Dana? Dana's resourcefulness kept him alive for his short 32 years. His vibrance will be missed because our "Freak Show Family" will never be the same without him. Again, but not for the last time, we ask "Where's Dana? A Celebration of Dana's Life is being planned and details will be announced soon. Published in the Star Tribune on July 22, November 15, - July 17, Age 94 of Arden Hills.

Preceded in death by daughter Lynda Breen and son Don Jenkins. He worked at NSP until his retirement at age He lived a full and happy life enjoying many hobbies including golfing, fishing, gardening and spending time with his family and friends.

He will be dearly missed. He was preceded in death by his brother, Jerome. He was a lover of roses and his family and friends. Service will be held Aug. In lieu of flowers, memorials preferred to family. Private services will be held. Published in the Star Tribune on July 19, Survived by mother, Deloris Miller; 4 brothers; 4 sisters; and many nieces, nephews, and long time friend Michael Hockert.

She will be missed by her family, many friends, and her 2 cats. A celebration of KC's life will be held on Sun. Mary-Jo was full of life, and a stubborn fighter. She was beautiful, classy, social and artistic. Preceded in death by parents, Luther and Carol York.

He will be deeply missed by his devoted wife, family, and friends. Visitation will be held at the church, an hour before the service. Guests are also encouraged to stay and visit with the family after the service.

She attended the University of MN Duluth and became a teacher. Marilyn taught school in California for a time before she came back to MN and met Dick.

After they were married, they bought a house in Burnsville MN, where they raised their family. Marilyn worked for the Burnsville school system for many years, and volunteered for many years at Fairview Ridges Hospital and Ebenezer Ridges Senior Living, in Burnsville.

Marilyn was preceded in death by her parents, and her sister Patricia. October 3, - July 14, Age 54 of Hudson, Wisconsin. Preceded in death by parents, John and Helen Lehto Pellika. Born June 27, , Chisholm, MN. Rick was a business executive, tournament fishing director, and small business owner. Rick was a generous, caring person with a sense of humor that included many tales from the Range. Published in the Star Tribune on July 18, The man, the myth, the legend.

A 45 year friend of Bill W. Whether through his famous storytelling, or his great zest for life, Dan always embodied compassion, tender heartedness, and a giving soul that touched all those he met.

Dan passed away with his family by his side on Saturday, July 14 in St. Proclaimed "best grandpa in the world" by his eight grandchildren: In lieu of flowers contributions can be made to a fund for family of Dan Powell. Survived by sister, Holly Schmidt; sister-in-law, Janice Dubin Jack Padek ; and many loving nieces, nephews, and friends. Hawley Court, Milwaukee, WI. Published in the Star Tribune on July 24, Strese, David William, Sr. December 10, - July 13, Age 61 of Apple Valley.

Published online on July 14, courtesy of Tributes. Linn, Edward James January 19, - July 12, Age 76 of Excelsior, passed away peacefully surrounded by his loving family.

Ed was a loving husband, father, grandfather, great grandfather, and a wonderful friend to many. Ed was an alumni of St. Thomas Academy and the University of St.

Ed was an avid and talented outdoors man who shared his love of the outdoors with his family and friends. He had a passion for teaching and mentoring others and always encouraged them "to do your best! A gathering of family and friends will be held to celebrate Ed's Irish Goodbye. Published in the Pioneer Press on July 15, He was employed by Washington County as Library Director from A memorial event will be announced at a later date.

Robert grew up in the St Francis area and joined the Navy in He served two tours of duty in Iraq as part of Operation Enduring Freedom. He was later selected for the Seaman to Admiral program when he was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer.

Visitation is at 10 AM with the service starting at Published in the Star Tribune on July 15, Preceded in death by father Dudley Arp and step-father Thomas Mullins. Peacefully went to be with her Lord Jesus surrounded by family on July 10, She is preceded in death by her father, mother, step-father, and four siblings. She is survived by her children, Shawn, Matthew Sonya , Tara Alex , Tanya, Anthony, and Chloe Derrick ; three brothers; one sister; 16 grandchildren, and 5 great-grandchildren.

Mass of Christian Burial at St. Matthew's Catholic Church, Hall Ave. Paul on Friday July 20 at Preceded in death by husband Rocco and parents Clarence and Eleanor Mertens. A private family ceremony will be held at Fort Snelling National Cemetery. Preceded in death by mother, Judy and brother, Jerry. Devoted husband of 20 years; loving father and grandpa; brilliant mind; inventor; lover of nature; fixer of anything and generous to a fault.

Celebration of life will be held at a later date. He attended a one-room schoolhouse and graduated in as valedictorian from Lane High School. He enlisted in the U. Army , serving as drum major and clarinetist with the 71st Army Band in Panama. In he graduated magna cum laude from Augustana College in Sioux Falls; while there, he was student body president and student band conductor.

Leland married his childhood sweetheart, Ardis Scheel, June 10, in Lane. In , after three years as band director at Waverly, Iowa public schools, he became professor of music and director of bands at Augustana. He obtained a Ph. Twice he was chairman of the music department. He retired in In his 35 years at Augustana he touched the lives of thousands of students. He developed a robust band program, including the nationally-touring Augustana Concert Band, which now rehearses in the Lillehaug Instrumental Rehearsal Room.

He received the Distinguished Alumnus Award in As director of the Sioux Falls Municipal Band for 23 years, he conducted more than concerts. Leland performed professionally on bassoon, clarinet, and saxophone with symphony orchestras, concert bands, dance bands, and traveling shows.

Leland and Ardis lived in their Sioux Falls home for 50 years before moving to Edina in to be near their children. During retirement, Leland stayed busy guest conducting, traveling, fishing, hunting, golfing, playing pool, and watching the Twins.

Leland was preceded in death by his parents, sister Adelia Davis, and brother Selmer Lillehaug. Special thanks to the staff at Jones-Harrison Residence in Minneapolis for their compassionate care. A celebration of Leland's life will be held at 10 a. Published in the Argus Leader on July 11, McCarty, Peter Kevin, Sr. Passed away, July 8, at the age of 65, at home, surrounded by his loving family and his beloved dogs.

He was preceded in death by his parents, Charles and Margaret McCarty. A graveside service will be held at Resurrection Cemetery in Mendota Heights at Published in the Pioneer Press on July 11, Passed away peacefully at home on July 8th with loved ones by his side. Published in the Pioneer Press on July 16, A proud Democrat who ran the National Convention and hometown boy who worked to keep the Twins in Minnesota, died on July 8th in Edina.

Born in Minneapolis to Daniel B. Shea and Dorothy Lonergan, he is survived by his children, Andrew T. He was preceded in death by his brother, Patrick; his wife, Marilyn and Seamus, his enormous poodle.

His drive and wanderlust led to a remarkable life. Although his childhood was tumultuous, he attended Cretin High School, St. Thomas College then received his law degree from George Washington University. During law school, he prepared legislative briefs at the Library of Congress. He followed in his father's footsteps by fundraising for churches, a skill he later used to help sustain Regina High School which his daughter attended.

He focused on corporate law, municipal utilities and defending unions and their pensions. In , as general counsel for the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission, he led the team that successfully enforced the Twins' contract to ensure the future of Major League baseball in Minnesota. Andy was actively involved in national political affairs throughout his life: He loved travel and adventure. As a young man, he worked and climbed in Glacier National Park.

Upon retirement, he moved to California and fulfilled a dream of living on the ocean at the Sea Ranch, where he hiked among the redwoods and along the rocky coast with his wife and poodle. Father and Shea family patriarch, Andy was generous, loving, funny and protective. His roles included defender of errant family members, girls basketball coach, ice-skating and tennis instructor, pinewood derby engineer, doll house and puppet theatre builder, subzero grill master, and ill-gotten winner of board games.

He gave freely of his time, legal expertise and financial resources. Shortly after his return to MN, Andy was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. While his final years were heartbreaking, we are delighted that he remained unaware of With his death, we know that the road is rising up to meet him, the wind is at his back and the sun is shining warmly on his face always. As a memorial to his life and work, please make a donation to the ACLU.

Survived by children Shawn, Simone and Sonia. Preceded by daughter Suliko and husband John Robinson. Born in Hitler's Germany, Lilly spent life opposing war, racism and social injustice, and championing immigrants and refugees. She was a special ed. An artist and world traveler, she surrounded herself with folk art and was learning new things until the end.

Preceded in death by infant daughter Amy and his parents Ted and Libby Pulkrabek. Private family interment at Koniska cemetary. E, Glencoe, MN She was preceded in death by her husband Robert Reidell, Jr. Visitation will be from 1: Burial of her ashes will be at Fort Snelling National Cemetery at a later date.

Darrell was a most amazing man. He was a devoted, loving husband to his wife, Anna, for over 50 years. He was a consistently loving and caring father to his son, Sean. He cherished his daughter-in-law, Liv, and his two grandchildren, Sophia and Evan. He was loyal and true to his four brothers and one sister. He was a dedicated and loving son to his now-deceased parents. He loved his nieces and nephews, aunts and uncles, and his dozens of cousins.

He was a powerful co-worker and leader in the insurance world where he was committed to lifting people up to their greatest potential and aiming for goals successfully. On July 7, we lost our loving, kind, loyal and wickedly funny husband, father, grandfather, brother and uncle to Alzheimer's disease. Darrell fought his illness with dignity and courage, never sinking into self-pity.

He was not demoralized by the daily losses of memory, the hallmark of Alzheimer's disease. He gracefully met each challenge, trusting his wife and son to provide him with the care that kept him home to the very end. And all of us who survive him are so grateful to Anna and Sean. He graduated from Loyola High School and University of Montana in Missoula and then moved to the Twin Cities with his new wife, Anna, where he worked in the insurance industry for his entire working career.

Darrell was preceded in death by his parents and his infant son, Scott Christian. Besides being survived by his wife, son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren, Darrell is survived by his four brothers and their spouses: And we will all miss his wicked sense of humor, his extraordinary practical jokes and his most exquisite way of letting you know that he loved you just the way you are. Funeral services will be private for family only. A post service gathering will be held 4: He was preceded in death by his parents, Erling and Helen Grotberg, and his eldest brother Walter.

He will be interred at Fort Snelling at a future date. Published in the Star Tribune on July 8, She was born August 19, in St. She grew up in St. Paul and graduated from Monroe High School. She married Russell John Pisek August 30, Preceded in death by husband Russell J. Survived by children Todd Pisek of St. A private memorial service will be held at a later date. Published in the Pioneer Press on July 12, Richard was the beloved husband of Beverly Jean Carlson.

He has six grandsons and two great grandsons. He had a passion for spending his summers in Wisconsin. Friends and family are welcome to attend the celebration of life on Thursday, July 12 from 4: Preceded in death by father, Jerry. Survived by wife, Nichol; daughter, Kylie; mother, Laurie; brother, Shane Kristine ; sister-in-law, Tiffany; nephews, Tim, Brock, Kayden; father and mother-in-law, David and Cheri Schmeichel, many aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends.

In lieu of flowers, memorials preferred. Shawn was a loving father who adored his little girl, Kylie Rose. Shawn was taken from his family and friends far too soon and will be dearly missed.. Published in the Star Tribune on July 6, In , she met the love of her life, Bob Carlson, and they married in They welcomed daughter Audrey in and son Chet in Deb discovered her voice and ear for music at an early age, teaching herself to sing harmony as a toddler. She continued to develop her gift and learned to play many musical instruments.

She spent her life sharing her beautiful voice and talents through performance and teaching roles at schools, at churches, and through Kindermusik. She truly loved performing, whether as a soloist or as a member of an ensemble including The Bethel Connection and the Anoka Opera Company.

Deb also enjoyed celebrating the joy of experiencing music with friends during frequent spur of the moment jam sessions. With a passion for and a love of life, she touched those around her with her grace, warmth and beautiful spirit. Parking is available at Highland High School and attendees are asked to bring their own chairs.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made on Deb's Gofundme site: Published in the Pioneer Press on July 8, Paul Resident and Music Educator Vera passed away peacefully on June 30, with family by her side. Vera's parents died when she was a young girl and she was subsequently raised by her Aunt Winnifred in Kansas City.

She graduated with honors at the age of 16 and received a full scholarship to Kansas University, where she majored in music education and piano. After college, Vera taught middle-school music and met Tom. His job at 3M brought them to Minnesota, where they raised three sons. Later in life Vera enjoyed her family, her dogs, yoga and dance, spiritual healing, several trips to Europe, reading mysteries, playing chamber music with friends, and being involved in community music.

Visitation at 5 pm and service at 6 pm. Memorials to Animal Humane Society preferred. He adored his three grandchildren, June, Charlie and Grace. The family will be making a memorial donation at a later date. Published in the Pioneer Press on July 6, Susan was a compassionate, kind and loving mother, grandmother, sister and daughter.

She will be eternally missed by her loving family. Mother, Lola Astleford, and adoring nieces and nephews. Preceded in death by her father, Dale Astleford.

Private family service to be held on one of Susan's favorite holiday's - 4th of July. Published in the Star Tribune on July 1, Memorial service will be held Tuesday July 10 at Memorial contributions can be made to the American Cancer Society. She is survived by extended family, many loving friends and wonderful caregivers. Preceded in death by parents, Gary and Laura; and brother, Michael. Janice worked as an advocate at the Hennepin County Attorney's office for over 20 years.

Memorials preferred to donor's choice. Kathy is survived by loving husband of 48 years Ron, children: A special thanks to Healtheast Hospice care team. Published in the Pioneer Press on July 1, Paul Passed away June 25, after a battle with cancer. Preceded in death by parents Morris and Janet Thorson. N, Shoreview, with visitation from 1pm-3pm. Published in the Pioneer Press from July 1 to July 8, Preceded in death by parents, Rolf and Mildred.

Ronald proudly served in the Navy from through July 5 at 11AM. Celebration of Life will be held later that day at 7PM with visitation at 6: Predeceased by her sister Barbara and loving husband, Karl. She is deeply loved and will be profoundly missed. Memorial service July 7, 2 pm. Repast July 7, 3: Left us in the arms of our loving Savior. We invite you to wear her favorite color, pink. A service of celebration will be Saturday, June 30, at St.

Joseph's Catholic Church 10th Ave. Visitation at 10 am. Mass at 11 am. Burial will be on Monday, July 2, at Fort Snelling at 1: Published in the Pioneer Press on June 28, Preceded in death by parents, Lawrence and Helen Holmes; and husband, Eugene.

Memorial service will be held Sat. Published in the Pioneer Press on June 27, Preceded in death by her father Wally, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Special thank you to Woodwinds Hospital and Pillars Hospice.

Memorial service Saturday July 7th at Louis Park, formerly of Jamestown, reunited with his beloved mother, Ruth M. Crisafulli, on June 21, , in Saint Louis Park. Daniel was born Feb. He grew up in the house that he helped his parents build during his childhood. He loved coming back to his childhood home to visit. Daniel also picked up his father's building skills.

A project he was always proud to have worked on, with his father and brother, was the Dipson 8 Theaters in Lakewood. Growing up, Daniel was in Boy Scouts Pinewood Derby and marching band, where he played the saxophone.

He performed in several plays and musicals, where he sang and danced. He played football, track and field, cross-country running, skiing and golf. He was a fantastic cook, loved to travel and had countless talents.

Dan loved to swim in his family's pool and every summer on Chautauqua Lake at Ferraro's dock. His favorite subject was French. He traveled to Quebec and his favorite teacher was Madame Hepper. Daniel's family was most important to him and each of his friends he considered family. He loved all of his classmates. He could have a great time anywhere he went. He always gave so much.

Daniel could light up a room and create a smile from anyone who ever heard his joyful, bellowing laugh. These memories were priceless to him. Dan fulfilled one of his dreams when he opened his own clothing store. Dan owned and operated Khaki Raks in Jamestown.

Daniel is survived by his father, Nicholas A. He was preceded in death by his mother, Ruth M. Crisafulli in ; nephew, Nolan A.

Crisafulli in ; paternal grandparents, Angelo and Celestina Crisafulli; and maternal grandparents, Walter and Mildred Harsen. Funeral services will be held at 11 a. The family invites all who knew and loved him to attend. Daniel's family is planning to fulfill the one and only wish he asked for before he died with an upcoming celebration of life to be announced.

Preceded in death by father, Lynn Belisle. Also by mother, Marguerite Belisle née Tobin. Visitation to begin two hours prior to service with luncheon at church following burial.

We offer our sincere gratitude to the amazing staff at Our Lady of Peace inpatient hospice center in St. Paul, MN where George passed. She was raised in Casselton and Jamestown. After retiring, Jessie enjoyed her two cats Troubles and Lady Liberty, she adopted after the mother cat dropped them off at her house.

She also spent time with her children and grandchildren. Jessie enjoyed gardening and taking care of flowers. She loved birds and would have many hummingbirds come to her garden.

Jessie was also an avid pinochle player and spent many late nights playing with friends and family. Jessie dedicated her life to caring for others. She cared for the elderly in her Jamestown and Bismarck homes and also worked at St. In , Jessie and her family moved to Agate where the family took over the Larsen family farm. Jessie is proceeded in death by her parents, Clair and Rosie Stockford, and her brother Kenneth.

Publiahed online by Tributes. Jerry was a sign painter for many years at Huber Sign Co. He then was the owner of Winsted Corp. He was a member of the St. Paul Clown Club, pleasing children wherever he went. He will be remembered by family and friends as a kind and generous man. Celebration of his life will be on Wednesday, July 18 at 4: Published in the Pioneer Press from July 10 to July 13, McHale, Raymond William, Jr.

February 25, - June 18, Age 75 of Savage. Survived by son, two stepsons, soulmate, four grandchildren and seven siblings. Published in the Star Tribune on June 24, Survived by many loving family and friends. Tom is the proud father of two beautiful girls whom he loved more than words can say. Tom was preceded in death by his father Emmet. Services will be held at St.

John's Catholic Church of Little Canada. Thursday June 21 at 11 AM. Visitation from 10 AM, luncheon after Mass. Published in the Star Tribune on June 20, Survived by loving wife, Amy nee Heinrich ; parents, Floyd and Katie; brother, Timothy; best friend from childhood, John McDonald; and many friends and family who loved him.

Celebration of Life will be held Sat. Vincent de Paul Church, 93rd Ave N. Published in the Pioneer Press on June 17, February 12, - June 14, Age 65 of Minneapolis. Preceded in death by his wife, Sandra; father, Leslie; mother, Olive; and brothers, Donald and Byron. Loren's passions in life were his family and fishing! He belonged to the Northstar Chapter of the In-Fisherman and would go out with family and friends fishing as often as he could.

He had his own drywall business for years and his wife Sandra worked with him before they retired. A Memorial Mass of Christian Burial will be held at A gathering of family and friends will be held on Friday morning beginning at 10 a.

Sharon enjoyed skiing, dancing, and softball in her youth. After retirement, Sharon enjoyed spending quality time with her children and granddaughters. Sharon was preceded in death by her father, Elmer Hinnenkamp. Published online on June 13, courtesy of Tributes.

Services are being held on Wednesday, June 20, at Memorials may be directed to the family to help with expenses. For questions call Melissa Mckay Schulte at Published in the Pioneer Press from June 17 to June 24, Preceded in death by her husband Alan.

A mother, a grandmother, a great grandmother, a U. A creative, active, generous, vibrant woman until Hashimotos Encephalopathy stole her from us 7 years ago. Please remember her as she was, before she got sick. Memorial service scheduled for June 28, at St. Francis of Assisi church in Lakeland, MN, beginning at 9: Lunch will be provided. He was born in Kenosha, Wis.

He was preceded in death by son, Shawn, grandaughter, Ellie Belle, and both of his parents. There will be a celebration of his life with a memorial service on Friday, June 29, starting at 5: Published online at KenoshaNews.

After raising a family she worked at Securian Financial for 23 years, retiring in A beloved mom, grammie, wife, and friend to all, she lived to serve her family and friends and loved them well.

Published in the Star Tribune on June 17, She was preceded in death by her loving parents, Richard and Marilyn Ward, and her brother Donald Ward. She graduated from Osseo High School and attended St. On September 28, she was united in marriage to Richard St. Visitation one hour prior to the memorial service. Preceded in death by husband Robert, Sr. Survived by son Robert, Jr. Carol ; daughter Linette Justin Arnstad; many grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Published in the Star Tribune on June 15, Retired to Marcell, MN in Charlotte was always active in her church and VFW. Preceded in death by husband Col.

Survived by 5 sons, 11 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren. A private service will be held June 18th graveside Ft. Memorials can be sent to Suomi Lutheran Church, Co. Lifelong Resident of St. He was at home with family when he lost his final battle with COPD.

His love of sports was passed on to his sons, grandsons, and granddaughter. His family was important to him and he believed in putting family first. He spent 36 plus years at Canteen Corporation as a vending machine repair specialist.

He was a strong union advocate, a union steward, and a proud member of the local Teamsters Union. He was preceded in death by his mother Theresa Heffernan and father Thomas Heffernan. As Art wanted, a private family burial service will be held later this summer. Published in the Pioneer Press on June 24, Walker grew up in Mpls, and met her husband Rev.

They married in She was a beloved woman of prayer, good counsel, intellect and wit. She ministered often with piano and song. She was preceded in death by her father Rev. Memorial service will be held at Published in the Star Tribune on June 11, Published in the Star Tribune on June 10, Goldberg, Ann Marie nee Reemts February 12, - June 7, Age 75 of Eden Prairie, while surrounded by family and in the arms of her daughter, joined our Heavenly Father June 7, after a courageous battle against Pulmonary Fibrosis.

Ann was the rock of the family, the peace keeper, and a tireless servant of our Lord. Ann served others in need through Guild Incorporated for 22 years, Net Menders Ministry for 14 years, and was always involved in her church. She will be deeply missed by her husband Norman Butch , son Scott, daughter and son-in-law Debbie and David Potts, grandchildren Justin Potts and Kelsey Potts, along with many family and friends that she loved dearly.

Memorial service Sunday June 24, 2: Memorials preferred to one of the charities mentioned above or to Ann's church. Preceded in death by wife Gloria. Passed away peacefully at her home on June 7, Preceded in death by her parents, Wallace and Genevieve and her husband Paul. Delores will be deeply missed by all who knew her. Memorial service will be held June 15, at 1: Memorials preferred to the American Heart Association.

Published in the Pioneer Press on June 13, Published in the Pioneer Press on June 10 and June 11, Preceded in death by his father, George. Served in the US Marine Corp. Survived by loving wife of 37 years, Cathy; two loyal fur babies, Jack and Brinkley; and numerous relatives and friends. Dane was born on April 27, , in Mpls. He grew up with his parents and two siblings. Dane met his wife while working at Snyder Drug, and they married on a very hot day on September 9, , in a church with no air conditioning.

One of his greatest accomplishments was being a father to his three wonderful daughters whom he loved with all his heart. Dane had a goal to become a published author, and he was able to hold his third book in his hand before he died. Preceded in death by his daughter, Sarah; father, Elmer; mother, Maurine.

Survived by wife, Debbie Welch , daughters, Katie and Amy, brother, Mark Debbie , twin sister, Dawn Carlyle , and a plethora of in-laws and nieces and nephews. His love of photography sums up his life with "Just one more picture, please. Everyone is welcome to celebrate Dane's life. Published in the Star Tribune on June 8, Gentle, loving husband, father, brother, uncle and friend, passed away Friday, June 1, Dave was born December 6, in Minneapolis. Dave then took his quick wit and outgoing personality into a career in sales.

Dave's passions were music and vintage European cars which led to museum tours at home and abroad and a collection of several hundred models. He enjoyed countless hours with his friends at the South Saint Paul Airport, remarking that it was his job to provide the humor. He and Connye traveled the back roads in their convertible, often seeking out tractor shows. Dave loved being social and is sponsoring one more party on July 15 for friends and family to share memories and anecdotes of this remarkable man.

Published in the Pioneer Press on June 10, Norma Levandoski Age 94 of Bloomington died peacefully on June 1, Born on Christmas December 25th, She was preceded in death by her husband Chester and their son, Kerry. Visitation is at 10 am followed by the Funeral Service at Graduate of West High in Gary Services of Remembrance will be Wed.

June 13, at He will be greatly missed by all who knew and loved him. Preceded in death by parents, Edward and Rose Alba; 6 siblings; husband of 67 years, Bruno; and son, Roger.

Survived by son, Ken; nieces, nephews, grand niece and grand nephew. Faye was born near Belcourt, ND and lived in Chicago as a young child. Moved to the family farm in in Mora, MN where she grew up, taught school and met her beloved husband, Bruno. They settled in Minneapolis and raised two sons.

She was active in church and community, enjoyed sewing, gardening, ballroom dancing, and visiting casinos. Funeral service Tuesday, June 12 at Visitation one hour prior at the church.

In lieu of flowers, memorials preferred to the Jarvis Charitable Trust. Memorial Services will be Saturday, July 14, Burial will be at Thatch-Mann Cemetery.

Michelle was an amazing and loving woman who always held her family and friends close to her and who will be dearly missed. Please come as you are. Published in the Star Tribune on June 1, In loving memory of Ken Bjerkelund.

Ken left us Monday May 28th to be with his wife Pat in a peaceful and pain free place. Born to Leif and Alice Bjerkelund October 3, Ken started working at Hutchinson Electronics in the early s, then at 3M. It was later renamed to The Sandbar. After 17 years the business was sold and Ken worked at Krauss Anderson until he retired.

Ken and Pat loved the St. Croix River where they had a houseboat and were part of the St. Croix Marina on "C" Dock since Lifetime friends were made and loved. A Celebration of Life for Ken will be held at the St. Published in the Pioneer Press on June 3, A Celebration of life be held at a future date to be announced.

Celebration of Life to follow later. February 25, - May 27, Age 40 of Memphis, Tennessee. Memorial Service Monday, June 4th, at 1: Monday, June 04, 1: University Avenue Saint Paul, Minnesota Published online on June 1, courtesy of Tributes. Dave was an incredible jazz trombonist and possessed a special talent for teaching music to others.

He did many other things, but music was in his soul. Dave had a great sense of humor that will be dearly missed. Visitation at 5pm, informal service at 6pm with music afterward.

Nelson, Carl Phillip January 20, - May 27, Age 51 of Minneapolis, died peacefully surrounded by family on Sunday, May 27, from a sudden illness. Carl graduated from Austin High School in He lived in Minneapolis for many years. He had a natural talent for fixing and building things. Carl enjoyed the outdoors and spending time with family. He was a philosophical and gentle man, a hard worker, and had a very witty, dry humor.

He was a good, kind brother and loving uncle, and wonderful son to his mother. He will be terribly missed. He is also survived by nieces and nephews: Published in the Star Tribune on June 3, A loving husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, son, brother and friend. Died peacefully surrounded by family. Preceded in death by mother Ruth, brother Jeff.

Stanislaus Church Superior St. Paul MN Viewing Lunch downstairs immediately after. In lieu of flowers, memorials are preferred to the family. Preceded in death by parents, Arthur and Dorothy Gerth. Survived by son, Eric Cheryl ; granddaughter, Ashlynn; brothers, Marvin Cheryl and Donald; sister Lois Russell Christian; nieces and nephews; along with many good friends. He was a wonderful father, grand-father and friend. He was always willing to listen and share his opinions and wisdom.

Interment at Hillside Cemetery. We will truly miss you Pops. Born on October 25, , in St. Patrick served in the Navy from to in the Vietnam War. Pat was a beloved brother and a loving uncle to many nieces and nephews, a beautiful singer, and a friend to many. In lieu of flowers, the family requests memorials to Disabled American Veterans.

Funeral service notification pending. Published in the Pioneer Press on May 27, Preceded in death by parents Ed and Clara Olson and daughter Lynelle. Service on Sunday, June 3 at 4: Published in the Pioneer Press on June 1,