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WW is a great program, when you follow it: I love healthy food, but I am sorry sometimes hot peanut butter cookies and ice cream are just really hard to pass up!!! I lost and maintained for 7 yrs. My sister started the 21 Day Diet Fix and I told her that it was basically a copy this one and a lot more expensive to start! I totally recommend trying it first with them, but this is a great idea for the maintenance phase. I will just not have 3 free chicken breast or free eggs that should cancel out that coffee!

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Weight Watchers Points Plus ~ The New Program

I am online only. I rejoined ww online today and am excited about the new program. Please add me to your support group. Thanks so much for all the info. I am so excited! Please include me in your support group. Girl count me in on the WW group! I need all the support I can get!! I am still bummed I am sick and could not make it this am at 9 to get the new program I gotta wait till either tom.

Thanks for the thorough summary and photos of the new material. Please include me in the support group. Thanks for your efforts. I would like to join this site to hopefully keep informed on the new program. I have been a lifetime member since and have seen many changes. I hope this one helps motivate me more.

I have lost 16 pounds so far and have more to go. I am hoping that I can catch on to this program quickly to see the results I hear are great. Hope all of you success with the new program. I would love to get in on the blogger support group. Thank you for sharing!! I go to my meeting on Tuesday and now I know what to be prepared for and how much money to bring!! You are very motivational and upbeat!! Just what I need to keep me going!!!!

Thank you so much for this information! Thanks for your enthusiasm! I would luv to join all the support! Please add me to your WW support group.

New system looks great! I am Lifetime, though through a series of stresses in life I have gained it all back and then some…. Are you able to send my a message on how many i need to change- as i finnished my 6 month program in May and have not been able to afford to rejoin as yet— i would greatly apreciate any suggestions.

Thank you very much, Lisa Hall, Keswick, Ontario. Thank you so much for sharing the info. I stayed up until 2 am awaiting the launch. So frustrated but grateful for your review. Looking forward to it. I woldloe to eapart of the support team!! I go weekly and online figured out my daily points for me, but my husband does this at home on his own sort of with me. How can I figure out how many points he would now use?

Can anyone help with that? I have been on ww for about 4 months and am down about 23 Lbs. Please sign me up for your group! I am super excited for the new plan, thanks for all the info! Would love to be apart of such a wonderful support group. Please add me to the list. Thank you for doing what you do to help so many people lose weight with support! God bless you for what you are doing to change lives. I would also like to be a member of your support group.

You all sound like a very enthusiastic bunch and very motivated. Like you, a new program means new motivation. Happy Holidays and Cheers! Thanks for the info danica. I am a lifetime member but have really been struggling the last few months.

Will weigh in tomorrow when I get back home on vacation now but know I will be up but hopefully not over the top. I would love to have some support and also am very interested in finding out about the droid points plus app.

Thank you so much for your review of the new plan! I am very interested in joining a WW support group online. I plan to join a local WW in the next couple of weeks. The new program wont work on my web browser anymore.

I have been on WW for 3 years now and currently struggling with staying on plan. Thanks for the review. Looking on line there of course is a new electronic food scale. I just bought the previous one for Points values in June. Any way to convert the points to PointsPlus?? Have you heard anything about that. Add me to your support group!!! I can use the support. I spent all yesterday going through my materials. I bought the deluxe kit and thought it was a good deal. It has worked for me to the tme of 66 pounds in 10 months so I trustweigth watchers enough to do whatever they put out there.

I do agree that it is going to be hard for people that liked to be able to eat the processe foods for low points. I think the new program will help people sustain the weight longer because they will have experienced a change in food habits with this program. I would love to be a part of the support group too! I am excited about the new program and hope that I stick to it!

Thanks for helping to organize the thought process on this one. Very exciting, glad to see that WW is going the direction of encouraging, i. Would love to join your group! I went to a meeting yesterday and got all of the information and am also sooo excited!

I do not have a blog, but am an avid reader of yours! Your recap sent me to my local center today. I think the new program is just what I needed to kick start my butt in gear!!

Also a kid on Christmas — I cheated on my normal Saturday meeting and went to one yesterday to get the goods. So far I love the changes. Is the new anroid app. What is the name of it. I would love to get it for my droid x.

Please include me in your new group. I have been on WW for several years, successfully, and lok forward to updated info. Weight Watchers saved my life. I am honored to be a part of it.

Only 21 more pounds to go until I can start working towards being a leader. My current leader is so amazing. Our whole meeting group is successful with this leader…His name is Jim Christensen in Carson California. Please sign me up for the support group! I tried out WW about a year ago, but left the plan because I found it impossible to eat healthy specifically fruits!

Please sign me up for your support group. I need to rededicate and I like the science behind this new program. Thanks for your re-cap. Would love to sign up for your group. I just started ww online etools and looking forward to the new program. Am excited that WW is finally doing something about the carb count!! I am 52 and carbs are what I have the most problem with — was doing Atkins and lost over 30 but know that WW is one of the best programs out there!!!

I am currently a WW member but definitely inactive…. Watched the 25 lbs I lost gradually creep back up and now, after Thanksgiving especially, there has to be an end to all this madness. I am ready to begin my journey once again, but hopefully it will be a one-way trip to success!!! That will make the change much easier for me.! OMG…I have been waiting for this.

I too was thinking that 20 pts on the momentum plan was not enough….. Maybe this is the thing! Been life time for the last 10 years and have gained back everything and lost motivation in the process….. I would love to be a part of this support group as well.

Thanks for all the great information to everyone. Have lost and maintained on the old points system well, when I track that is. Would love to get easy food ideas that keep me in my points range and still have room for that large glass or two of wine in the evening! Please include me on your rapidly expanding support group list. My meeting is on Saturday. I have an E-tools account and have been exploring the site for information on the plan!

I am really excited about it! And can SCAN barcodes? Check out my site for more details! I was wondering where you can get the new books? I have all the old books, I do weight watchers at home on my own. Thanks for the new program info. I look forward to the support group. Thanks for your website, I was a member of WW and dropped out. I would like very much to be part of your support group might be more helpful then the meetings. Looking forward to the new plan.

I have a meeting Wednesday night. I have lost 31 pounds at weight watchers. I have a total of 70 pounds off. My doctor has set a goal for me and I hope after Wednesday night I will need to lose only 6. I have really tried hard to get there. I have joined weight watchers several times and never could see a goal. This will be the first and I am really excited about accomplishing it this time. It has been a great struggle for me because of the blood pressure medication that I had been taking.

I had my doctor change my medication to see if it would make a difference because it was real frustrating to try so hard and lose only. We had to change them several times but finally got something that works for my blood pressure and allows for me to lose weight without such a struggle.

I would love to join your support group. I have even applied for a position as receptionist at our meetings. Just waiting for an opening.

This would really help me stay on track. I am so excited to learn about the new plan from you. You spell it out so well. Normally I am only an online subscriber, so I appreciate you explination.

I am due to deliver my second child in 6 weeks. I look forward to getting back on WW immediately. On that note, if you could spare me a points calculator, I would really appreciate it and put it to good use!

I lost 35lbs years ago on the old program but have gained it all back so I need to start again! You have helped to get me pumped after a week of being very lax. Thanks for all the info. I would love to be a part of the support group for the new Weight Watchers plan. Please include me on your e-mail list.

Sounds great, sign me up. Cannot wait until Saturdays meeting…do tell. Is 29 the lowest point allowance? Did they reall cut out fish? I cannot believe that. Tell anything else you can…and thanks for sharing and starting this group.

I am excited AND intimidated about this new plan, after knowing the regular points plan so well…. What a great overview of the program! I would love to see the support group post ideas on how to stay motovated and also ideas for people who have difficultys with exersize. Maybe a daily or weekly challange to exersize more.

Went to my first meeting tonight, I really want to find out the formula to figure the points out without the calculator. I bought the calculator at half price during our meeting but still want to encourage my friends, Before with the slider, I could help them.

Any equations out there that they have indulged us with, or do I have to figure it out all by my lonesome. When is the Android App coming? I have lost from to after a whopping 3. I am excitied about points plus. Thanks for the info! Love you site and want to join your WW Support Group.

I was up early this am with coffee in hand on the internet reviewing the new plan. Went to my Monday morning meeting and it was packed you would have thought it was January! My favorite dessert VitaMuffins Chocolate brownie tops went from 1 to 3 points but who cares. I have rejoined ww again for the third time and am real excited about this new program.

My meeting is on Wednesday night so we will see how things go. I love the idea that I have found you site and plan on joining the support group you are going to start.

On my way to losing the weight and finally keeping it off. So sign me up for the group and off we go! Forgot to say what I would like to see from the Support Group, recipes that are 5 ingredients or less and the points value.

Also, ideas for breakfasts — for me that is the tough meal of the day. I love fat free Greek yogurt but need ideas on use. I would love to become part of the chat. I keep finding reasons not to join WW. I need a little help getting motivated!! Count me in on your support group. Have been doing it on line, first day today and aside from cereal sticker shock, doing well.

HI, I could be your oldest member,75 years young, but i need to lose about pounds. I first went to WW about 30 years ago and have not tried since because I got tired of green beans and lettuce. Not much variety back then. Reading your info has really peaked my interest. I would really like to be a part of the support and discussions so that I can work on inproving my health. After raising 3 great children and recently getting the all clear after the dreaded cancer diagnosis, I am ready for happier and healthier times.

I am returning to meetings on Wednesday and am starting my WW journey all over again. Please send me some info. Thanks for the great information. What you have posted combined with eTools will be a really big help.

Yes please count me in. After reading what you wrote I think I may be able to do this too. Your enthusiasm has sparked mine for the new program! Thanks for all the helpful info, I would like to join your group please. Thanks for all the great info on the new plan. Please add me to your support group-been in WW since August and have lost 26 lbs…still have about another 30 to go but feel great-very excited about the new program!!

Please add me also. I am excited to chat with others about all the new stuff. I became Lifetime in July , but have since 30 lbs. Thanks for the stuff you posted so far. Where did you find the deluxe starter kit!? Please add me to your support. I have been doing WW online since Please include me in your new on-line support group.

I feel good about the 22 pounds I have lost so far and try to not think about how much I still have to go. I am a life member but it is still a hard to keep at goal weight. Would love to join your group for Support and more accountability. New program and all will be a challenge, but with a support group it should help.

Thanks… looking forward to your e-mails. Hey…i have tried W. It was like a sign i got the email from w. I have a lot to lose about pounds, 55 minimum for good health.

I know i can do it. I am about to cry, because yesterday i was almost ready to take some vacation time and go to this biggest loser camp in UTAH i was that desperate. For some reason this plan looks more interesting and more scientifically sound than the last one AND 49 extra points is not bad: And i will probably be getting more than 29…i am at roughly pounds right now..

And I for the first time in 1 year and a half will go to a meeting either Tomorrow or Wednesday.. I too was waiting for the program to be rolled out! Now you got me so excited…I am going to pop into my center tomorrow and pick up the materials. Then weigh in on Wed. Love to be part of your new group…we all need that extra support! I am so excited about the new program. I am heading over today to get a calculator before they are gone!

Please add me to the support group. Just signed up on your mailing list. Thanks for all the info! Starting WW work today and I am excited about the journey. My biggest hurdle is breakfast and snacking.

I am not a morning person, but I have to be at work at 6AM, I need something to prepare in advance that I can put in my lunch bag on the way out the door and eat once I get to work. As well as snacks that are filling. I would love to be apart of your support group! I have been a WW member since April and have lost 44 pounds.

The program has made me aware of what goes in my mouth. Started the program to be healthier. It is working, Yaahoo!!! Would love to join your group. We need all the support we can get. I have been a lifetime member for more years than I can remember. Weight Watchers has finally evolved into something that everyone can most definitely work worth with their daily lifestyles. This program will take a little getting used to, but I think in the long run, it will be the most satisfying plan they have ever developed!!

I would love to join the support group. The new program drew me back, one year and 30 pounds later…. I look forward to sharing the journey! Thanks for posting this. Please add me to the group. Thanks for the update and your wonderful enthusiasm! I would love to be part of the WW support group! I would love to join your group. I am an emotional eater so I have gained 20 of the 46 pounds I lost.

I feel like such a failure which just adds to my depression which adds to my emotional eating!! I think this new program is just what I need to get back on track. Maybe I can be successful online in combination with this group! Please count me in! Support groups are so important!! I definitely need to be part of your support group. My suggestion would be to have new points calculator as a permanent feature of your support blog. Hi, I would love to be apart of the WW blog you were mentioning.

I have the final stretch of 12 — 15 lbs. I would love to be a part of this support group! I sent you an email as well but wanted to post something. So I could use the support especially since I made it to my goal weight and now have not been back there in a year! Thanks for the great information! I have been throwing around the idea of joining WW again. Not sure if I should do online or meetings…. I love the idea of the Twitter Group…motivation, support, recipe sharing and healthy tips is the best way to achieve the healthy lifestyle.

I joined WW on-line a month ago and definitely need some inspiration!!! But I do need a push. This is my challenge. Found your website and loved it! I want to get back on the wagon. I need support for motivation!!!! WW is the best! Thanks for all this information. It was all really helpful, especially since at 9: Sadly, I am not excited about this new plan. My concerns are fruits being zero points and there being no consideration of calories in the points calculation. It would also be great to just have suggestions from other members on what is working for them.

My BF and I have been eating our way across two continents in the last year so we are ready! Thank you for your information…. This is getting me motivated again! Have been out of WW for awhile and really need to get it going again. I would love to be part of your group! Thanks for doing such a great job outlining the new program. I am a life member but always need help staying on track.

Hi I just love this site.. Just found it this morning… I really like it better than the WW site… Been giong on it for recipes. I would love to be part of your support group.

Sign me up for the support group! I would like to see input from other members on the restaurant points values. The list in etools has changed — a lot of items are no longer listed. Thanks for the simplified explanation! Thank you for being so positive and encouraging. I lost 75 pounds on Weight Watchers 5 years ago and have gained back 30 even though I am a life member. With is new program, I am very excited to return to Weight Watchers in the next week.

I am not waiting until January I am very interested in your support group, so sign me up!! And also am thrilled to have found your website! Even as a long time WW member I still need support! Would love to join the support group — I have been on and off ww for the last several years — back on now and 20 lbs down so far.

I am so happy to get a preview of the new plan! My meeting is not until Saturday and I have not been able to get eTools yet, so this is a real boost for me. I am jumping on the bandwagon…sign me up for the support group…need all the support I can get! Wow, thanks so much for all the great info! Please sign me up for your group as well. Thanks for all you do! This is a great website you have!

Thanks for all the motivation! I am definitely interested in your WW support group! I would love to be a part of your group! Thanks for the good work you do, Danica! I have been doing not so well WW at home. I always do better by attending meetings but I get tired of the expense. I am so ready for a change because the old plan kept me running to low point processed foods because of my hectic lifestyle so I need a little shake up in my routine.

I am going to find out about the new plan and give meetings another go. I would also love to join this support group!! Good luck to everyone! Thanks, Danica, for the motivation. I would love to be part of the support group. Was maintaining my goal weight until some health issues got me about two years ago, and prednisone has become a daily part of my life.

So, I went back yesterday and am committed to losing this extra weight. Would love to be a part of your chat. I would love to join the weight loss group. I have been attending meetings for just over a year and have lost 40 lbs. I am SO excited about the new plan and feel it is the new start I need to lose the last 20 lbs. Thanks for putting this together! I have been a WW re-starter for years! Two years ago, I got very close to goal and quit going to meetings dumb!! I am very excited about the new plan, as I think it is forcing me to re-think what I am doing.

I gained over 50 pounds with my first daughter and havent lost it all yet, and now im pregnant. I just dont want to gain another 50lbs. I kept it up while pregnant with Dr approval. Why would you want to lose weight while pregnant? You are awesome for posting this info.

I passed it along to some of my girlfriends who appreciate this too! Or will I need to get a new one? Thanks for your help! I lost 30 pounds in using the old system: Ashley Do you still have the old weight watchers program, and if so are you interested in selling it with the old programs calculator? Jackie, You CAN use a points calculator purchased in Nothing major changed in the points program from to The new calculators just have bigger buttons.

Thank you for this information Tamara! I have one from and was wondering if I could still use it. Also, ALL fruits are 0 points plus! Also, canned fruits in its own juice with no added sugar is 0 points plus and frozen unsweetened fruit. Not sure about the canned fruit sweetened with Splenda.

WOW; I love this! Thank you for this amazing resource! If you have a smart phone you can download the WW app or a points finder app for 2 dollars.

This is so great. I did WW after my first child and went from a size 12 to a size 6 in 2 months! And I am bookmarking this post, so I can find it all for free. Congrats on your previous loss, and good luck for your post-partum weight loss: You can do it! I just found out that you can get a free weight watchers points plus calculator for your smartphone too!

I updated the post to include an embedded calculator. Make sure you bookmark this blog post! This is what I have been looking for. Since most restaurants post their menus with nutritional information, it is a snap to cut, paste and insert a formula.

So far it works perfectly for points plus. I know that potatoes do even raw, any variety white, sweet, etc Corn does, Avocado def does etc. This is a list of some 0 point foods. Hope that helps a little. I have a question, I have recently lost 20 pounds on the new ww points plus without attending meetings! After how much weight loss or is it after a month?

Great job on the weight loss! Hi, Here is a webpage where you can calculate your points allowance free http: Actually you recalculate about every lbs. I have lost 16 lbs.

You need to recheck your points everytime you lose weight, so each week if needed. Then also check it once you have a birthday, as you get less points the older you are.

Lori — most fruits and veggies are 0 points. Starches potatoes, corn, some peas are excluded. Bobby Jo — WW actually measures your weight every week and your daily alowance tends to change with every pounds lost. Every birthday counts against you too. I am really excited, but also really scared…. I have battled forever and cannot seem to stick with anything long enough like 4 days one week at the most!!

I am hoping I can talk with people and read these posts for encouragement. I love healthy food, but I am sorry sometimes hot peanut butter cookies and ice cream are just really hard to pass up!!! Thanks for all of the info and this great site with all of the perks. I have seen results in other people and they are amazing. I am super anxious right now and hoping for a different outcome than all others! I do the best on the weeks that I make a big pot of veggie soup zero points.

Also, have lots of good fresh fruit on hand and prep your veggies ahead for easy snacking!! I believe on the Points Plus plan, there are 49 flex points for the week no matter what your weight. I thought it was 35? This was from a few years ago. Awesome, thanks so much! I do have one question; I am breast feeding my 9 month old.

I think I would be fine with the 7 extra, although I just switched from the old system to the new points plus this morning lol. You really want to use all of the points allotted so as not to affect your supply. And one more thing!

The points balance for my current and goal weight is the same, how can that be? My goal is only 5 pounds less than I am now, but still… TIA again! Thank you so so much!! You just saved me a ton of work. I just finished my 3 month subscription with WW. Not while pregnant, of course. This info is going to save me so much time!

I have been doing ww for a while and there is some changes coming. I and a lot of members at my meeting think they are changing things for pregnancy. Keep an eye out for the changes.

Is this calculator set on maintaining or losing weight?? Thanks for the free info! I cannot find it for the life of me. I got steel cut oats as it said the regular would be too mushy and now I cannot find the recipe!!! I dont think they actually had granola in them, but you made the oats in the crock pot and then put them in a pan wax paper lined and baked them. Please oh Please if you know of this recipe please let me know!!!!

Ive been doing weight watchers for a couple of months now and I can confirm that the numbers I get from the links posted here are pretty darn close to the ones from weight watchers. A point is off here and there. Couple of cool things to know though are: Do it at the same time and try to wear the same clothes…or none at all! I guess thats the glory of doing it at home — Most fruits and veges are free ie: Use your judgement I suppose.

Weight it and measure it and I mean everything. Little sips and tastes can add up. Have you lost weight on the WW program? I do not have a problem with the points idea, I just cannot get my weight to budge like everyone else can. I guess it is my being 42 or something, but I gained 20 pounds in a few months and did not do anything to encourage that and now I cannot budge it.

Any advice would be appreciated. Sorry, what exactly do you mean by staggering calories? Yep, that is totally a typo — sorry! Staggering calories has been known to help bust you out of a plateau: Make sure you eat enough protein.

Keep an eye on your sodium intake too. I am 42 also and have noticed that the weight comes off slower that when I was younger.

Keep working at it and you will lose the weight!! One of my friends got stuck — took her 6 months to lose 16 lbs. The 2nd 6 months she lost 50lbs. I have done Weight Watchers online for 2 years and am now in maintenance. Just FYI… there is a phenomenal meal planning service that gives you breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and dessert every week with PointsPlus calculated.

I use it and recommended it to my friend who is cash crunched. She loves it too. Website is shrinkingonabudgetmealplan dot com not sure if I can post links here. Can you give me your email address?

You said you have a link for the special? Sample meal plan on the site looks really good though. I would hugely appreciate it if you could do that for me. My email is jillfiredup on yahoo and I just checked. I do have a working link to that special. I am on the WW Point plus and used the calculator as well and it was off.

Im not sure if that will help anyone but I have lost 41 points in 6 months on this plan and its awesome!! I do it online and pay Good luck to all!! Hi this is great! I was hoping you had something for the old weight watchers though? If not I may try this again: Hi, i have never done weight watcher before.. I am slow at understanding..

Lolli, Most of your fruit and veggies are zero points. Then to figure out the points in food you need to know the calories, protein, fiber and carbs in the item. You put that into the Points Plus Calculator and viola you know how many points in that item.

Also, you can google the item to get the nutritional info. The higher the fiber and protein the lower the points value. Hi carbs raise the points value. Hope that helps you!! I just found this on Pinterest, and I am sooooo happy! I was just thinking about how in the world I was going to come up with the money to join Weight Watchers.

Thank you so much for doing this. What am I doing wrong? Everytime I enter a food into the points calculater the points part reads NaN. Thank you so much for posting this!!! I actually pay for the service and your calculators are significantly off. Thank u so much for this!

I too am a full time breastfeeding mama of 2 and although I have lost 52lbs already w hard work and nursing, I still have about 30lbs until I am at my healthiest weight. I am hoping this program will help get m there.

Can anyone tell me how to calculate the number of daily points if I am on maintenance using the plan? Just please be mindful of not depriving yourself. I just wanted to report my friend has been doing Weight Watchers simply by using tools found on this post. She just could not afford doing Weight Watchers online right now. I double checked her PointsPlus with my online tools and the PointsPlus she was given matched what the calculator said.

She has already lost 7 pounds. It is shrinking on a budget. My problem is that i realy like sweetys, and i cant stop snacking: My recommendation would be to check out some of the links above like SkinnyTaste and the like. Um, I need help with the second link to calculating the points of your food. What info do you enter here? Is it food label info?

If so, how do you get the points of chicken, pork, etc? I would really like to lose about 15lbs just for health reasons. Thanks for your help. Yes, you enter the food label info into the food point calculator. For foods without a label like meats, fruit, etc. I knew that as long as I made healthy choices, I was on plan. The points were more of a jumping off point: Googling something is never my first thought!!!

Guess my age is showing! Does anyone have a list of all kinds of foods, their point value and serving size? I did ww along time ago and their books of food really helped. Does anyone have access to the charts we would use to keep track of our daily and weekly intake, also the weigh on charts? Thank you so much for this info! I joined WW last year and lost 26 lbs in 5 months. I then got pregnant with my 2nd babe and had to stop. I know how it all works but needed to know the extra points for breastfeeding.

She is still nursing pretty full time but she does get formula and has currently started on rice cereal. I am going to start with the 7 points and add the other if needed.

I wanted to let those know who are looking into this that it is all pretty accurate. I found when I was on the system last year and attending meetings I was still eating what I normally ate but was eating less and the weight started to come off.

I entered my info on the link Ashley provided, it gave me 26 points. But again, portion control as well as moving more, you will see a difference in the scale!

Would you happen to have a link or something with the recipe builder. I make this killer granola and want to know how many points it will cost me! Not sure I can give it up just yet: I really appreciate this page. Hopefully reading these comments will keep me encouraged. I cant afford weight watchers and I thought I could do this by myself but Im extremely inconsistant when dieting and working out.

You can so do it! I had success twice with WW many years ago and would love to do it again but have a couple of questions please. I checked and my points are 39 per day but another link on here said 26 for daily target what is that?

Also how do you know how many points the foods are for example a cup of mashed pot or a chicken breast etc.

Thank you for any help you could provide. I wanted to ask if you know of a place that has a free recipe builder that will either calculate the points plus value, or provide you with the combined nutritional info so you can then find the points plus value? I googled, and this is what I came up with: I would always just calculate each ingredient separately, then add them together: It is so customizable and the options are endless.

FYI — I have nothing to do with the company. I just love the software. I can use in a day etc…I much prefer to have a set amount of numbers to work with…easy peasy!!! Sue, There is a website which you can access on your smartphone browser namely: I use it all the time and I think you will find it useful! Thanks for sharing as I just had my 2nd baby and cannot afford the program.

I calculated my points based on the old program and it is How can iI find out how much would it be now with the new program. Is this even possible at all? Also, if I follow the older version with the older point system, is the points for the food now the same? When I was on the program, is used this nifty site when eating out.

I just bookmarked it on my smartphone. I just started last week and have not seen any changes as of yet: I have been going over my daily allowance but use the extra points from exercising to go back to my allowance… Thoughts? You can do it: If you have an iPad there are some great apps for free or very inexpensive that will do all that for you, they even have scanners to scan bar codes that give you the points right at the store before you even buy the food, that has been truly valuable.

Now if only someone would come up with an electronic tracker that is free life would be so awesome!!! It tracks your daily, weekly and activity points. You can even search foods and their pp values on there and look for restaurants. I was bouncing between three different android apps trying to keep it all together. My thumbs also thank you: Hi I would also like to get a pp value for foods. Is there an app I can purchase.

Can I down load it on to my PC? Or does it have to be on downloaded on to a phone. What about the additional 49 points each week? I worked for WW for 18 years. It works great, if you stick to it! I too lost 60lbs in on WW, I had all the supplies and I knew someone that went to the meetings, so she bought me the calculator, however, that was for the regular pts. WW is such a great program!! So, when figuring out how many Points Plus you are allowed daily, do you put in your current weight or do you put in your target weight?

You enter your current weight. With each 10 pounds you lose, reconfigure your daily Points Plus allowance: I have a couple of questions though!

Now if you work out then do you get extra points for working off so many calories? Now the only way to caculate the food is with the points calculator right? Including frozen diet meals like Smart Ones in your diet can help you to stay within your calorie guidelines with smart food choices and portion control.

You can use Smart Ones as the mainstay of your diet, supplementing with fresh fruits, vegetables and low fat or fat free dairy products for adequate calories and nutrition, recommends ABC News' Good Morning America or just have a Smart Ones entree occasionally when there's not time to cook or use them for lunches at the office. Most Smart Ones entrees have between and calories and contain 6 to 9 grams of fat.

Depending upon the entree you choose, it may contain four to eight Weight Watchers' Points. Breakfasts are four to five Weight Watchers' Points or around to calories. Snacks are substantial and are, like breakfasts, around calories each.

Smart Ones desserts are around three points and calories each. If you opt for a diet containing mostly frozen diet meals, you will need to supplement with other foods.