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The Bodybuilding Diet: How I fixed my health, and became The Hulk
Sue January 4, , 5: May 27, at I did two rounds of 7 days GM diet plan and list 7 kg. So glad I found this website! Let me just congratulate you on an amazing and well put together post. But tomorrow i will eat only vegetables. Those who are truly excessively thin and need to gain weight may have to modify this eating plan somewhat to meet their individual needs.


Jelly Devote Diet Plan, Sample Meals & Workout Routines For Getting In Shape!

You can also use flaxseeds or chia seeds , which are rich in omega-3 and omega I usually just grind these up in my protein shakes, which gives it a rich nutty flavor.

You should include a wide variety of vegetables in your diet, but if you were to stick to only a couple, it should be either kale, spinach, broccoli, or asparagus, ideally all of them [5]. The best vegetables are dark green leafy vegetables, and vegetables with bright colors like red peppers and eggplant, which indicate high antioxidant content.

Eating vegetables helps minimize fat gain because it lowers the overall glycemic index of your meal, and it fills you up without being highly caloric. I usually fill a separate plate full of vegetables with every meal. This is a typical breakfast for me. I drink green tea with almost every meal. Green tea is high in antioxidants, and aids with fat loss. Puffed rice cakes are also popular among bodybuilders.

This one is wasabi and seaweed flavored. I only occasionally eat shellfish due to its high cholesterol content. One of my favorite ways to prepare sweet potato. I usually steam, bake, or grill my food, with no added salt, sugar, or oil. I recommend getting some appliances which will make cooking ten times easier: You can actually make almost every meal in your Tatung rice cooker, which is what I do now.

Just fill your rice container with a bunch of vegetables, and place your chicken or tilapia on top, seasoned with pepper. Add water and press start. Steaming shrimp and kai-lan. I use shrimp here, but you can just as easily steam chicken or tilapia. Steaming vegetables with seafood you can even use scraps like crab shells, fish heads, etc. Flaxseed oil, almond oil, almond butter with roasted flaxseeds, avocado.

When I first started out measuring my food, I was pretty OCD about getting the numbers exactly right, and would scoop out grains of rice to get the number to exactly 8. Low calorie condiments are your friends. At five calories per tablespoon, you can really go crazy with it. Salsa and reduced sugar Ketchup are two great ways to add flavor to your food I like them on my eggs without adding too many calories to your meal. I usually cook all my food at once. I outsourced my food a couple of times by hiring someone on TaskRabbit to help prepare my meals.

The ones below are terrible — I returned them after I spilled turkey juice all over my book bag and jacket. This is roughly how many calories you eat in a day. For example, I currently weigh about lbs, so my BMR is about calories x 16 , and I would need to eat calories a day to gain 1 lb a week, or eat calories a day to lose 1 lb a week. Even if you have a healthy meal of 6 oz salmon, 6 oz brown rice, and 6 oz broccoli, with no added oil, the majority of calories will come from fat.

This is because fat has 9 calories per gram, while carbs and protein only have 4 calories per gram. This will help minimize fat gain while bulking. You may have read that your body only needs one gram of protein per kg, or that the daily recommend value is 50 grams of protein per day. As a lb man, lifting weights 5 times a week, my daily recommend values could not possibly be the same as a lb woman.

But the other part is that you are consuming protein not only for muscle building, but also for energy. High protein diets help you lose weight partly because your body has to work harder to process protein for energy versus carbs , which means your body actually burns more calories breaking down protein than it does carbs.

So even though protein and carbs both give 4 calories per gram, the net gain from eating protein is actually closer to 3. This is known as the thermic effect of food , and is also the same reason why high GI, processed foods chips, mashed potatoes, white bread make you fatter than their unprocessed, low GI counterparts brown rice, sweet potato, oatmeal , even if you eat the same amount of each [7].

Most bodybuilders eat times a day, waiting hours between each meal. I eat 7 times a day, eating a meal every 2. Once you decide how you want to split your diet, you can calculate what you need to eat every meal.

For example if I split my calorie diet g protein, g carbs, Instead of splitting everything evenly though, I recommend controlling your intake based on when you workout and sleep. Fat intake should be inversely proportional to carb intake.

Foods like french fries, mashed potatoes, chips, cookies, cheesecake, etc. I eat most of my fat right before bed, usually as a shake with flaxseeds and casein protein. This goes against the popular belief that eating after 9pm makes you fat, but in the absence of carbs your body will not store this as fat.

Also most bodily functions like testosterone production, recovery, etc. I made a progress video 3 months into the diet. I spent 2 months cutting from lbs to lbs, then 1 month bulking back up to lbs. I went off the diet for a bit when I traveled Indonesia and Vietnam, but I continued to take whey protein morning, afternoon, night. The result I was most anxious to see is how the diet would affect my cholesterol. I was so surprised and pleased with the results that I had to ask my doctor multiple times whether the results could possibly be wrong.

Initially I had a hard time justifying the time I was spending working out and reading about nutrition. Nutritional Knowledge — The biggest benefit of having spent all this time bodybuilding is my far more extensive knowledge of nutrition. This not only affects my current and future food choices, but also the food choices of my future kids and family. Low testosterone is responsible for the majority of problems men experience in middle age, like depression and loss of sex drive.

Keeping a habit of working out and eating healthy will literally extend your youth by keeping testosterone levels high. All bodybuilders who compete on an elite level Mr.

Because anabolic steroids are illegal, they are not technically allowed in competition. Thus competitions usually split into two major types — bodybuilding and natural bodybuilding. Although the top bodybuilders use steroids, there is no reason to use steroids if you are just looking to get ripped. As long as you are consistent with your workout and eat a strict diet, you can reach an enormous size naturally. Also if you are hitting a plateau at the gym, most likely genetics are not the problem.

Bodybuilding is all about discipline and consistency — if you are consistently working out and eating more calories than your body burns, it will grow. It has to grow. Your body will not defy physics. I was as skinny as they come. It took me 8 years to get to lbs. You can easily customize it to fit your needs. High GI carbs increases the chance your body will store fat but also helps with nutrient absorption , while low GI carbs minimizes this chance.

This is why Atkins and paleo diets work so well — you can eat as much fatty meats as you want without gaining weight. For example, salmon also contains vitamin B and creatine. Avocados contain potassium and fiber versus refined olive oil, which contain neither. I recommend watching Dr. Incidentally, foods great for bodybuilding omega-3, creatine, vitamin-Bs, sulfer, etc.

It was well organized and informative. I actually just stopped at a coffee shop in town so I could put a meal plan together before going to the grocery store on my home, so it was a serendipitous Facebook moment. We became Facebook friends back in , but I believe we met through Armstrong in Savannah. I think it was via an overlapping circle of friends and we would run into each other at the gym from time to time.

My parents were bodybuilders while I was growing up and owned and started a gym in my home town of Bristol, TN. So the basics of brown rice, chicken, and a vegetable were regular staples on our dinner table. My workout regimen has fluctuated quite a bit over the past 15 years, as well.

In the Army, during my most active weight lifting phase and highest body weight, I lifted weights times a week and ate 4 times a day. I had the basic knowledge due to my childhood, but loved sweets, pastas, and breads and sacrificed the abdominal six-pack for a twelve-pack in my fridge.

We all know there is quite a difference in knowing the right things to do and actually doing them. Later in college, I discovered yoga, tofu, and hippie chicks. I also started rebelling from my weight lifting up-bringing adopting a more holistic view of health.

He was a red meat and potatoes type of guy which began later in life and many years after competition ceased. But fitness is at my very core, nonetheless. And this blog has reinvigorated some of my excitement. No matter how many times I read this post, it still amazes and inspires me. I love it all. I was very happy to read this, which is saying a lot for me i usually dont take the time to read anything, but this was something very different!

I have learnt a lot from this. Thank you for this blog. You most definitely have done a great job explaining everything. I just wanted to say this is very well written and informational. It was hilarious when you said your gf wanted you to watch less testosterone and more Notebook-type stuff, LOL! Thank you for posting. This is a great blog! What a great resource! I see that you seem to have put all of the food which you cooked on the weekend in your fridge. Does it all keep for a week in there or do you also freeze some of it?

I ask this probably silly question because I have minimal cooking skills and even less knowledge about food storage and safety. Let me just congratulate you on an amazing and well put together post.

It is clear and concise and recommended for any beginner as the foundation knoledge to bodybuilding nutrition. I have done bodybuilding before but this has inspired me and i have based my nutrition goals on your information here.

One of the best things about it is the simplicity and availablity of the foods. I also started steaming and its amazing. I have one issue though. I switched to brown rice, whole wheat and oats and i swear, it worked fantastically. This is great except i have discovered an issue with grains, certain beans and nuts — Phytic acid.

Studies have shown that Phytic acid inhibits mineral absorption such as Calcium, Iron, Zinc, Magnesium, etc. Not only essential for general health but highly important for bodybuilding. I have begun doing research and finding ways to counter the issues of high Phytic acid consumption, but its not an easy thing to deal with, without heavily increasing mineral intake from food not supplements.

I might aswell mentions Oxalates which are also abundant in the food we eat which have a mineral absorption effect. Do you have any knoledge on Phytic acid or would be willing to look into the matter? I am just curious on your opinion really. Thank you very much for this article, I have never read anything like it before. You have inspired me to keep on going with my dream! Thank you so much for sharing this information with people like me that are serious about getting in shape the right way.

Thank you for this blog post. I did the same thing when I started lifting weights. I was a newly divorced, almost 40 yr. And that was 20 years ago. Thanks for keepin it real. What an awesome article to stumble across on! Enjoyed every bit of the read! Thank you so much for sharing your wealth of knowledge! Jason, first thank you for this amazing post. I had a conversation with my colleague about two months ago and everything you so amazingly explain in detail is what he is basically doing.

I also play Ice hockey twice a week in an adult leage so my workout is tailored towards stamina and lower body strength. Thank you so much for this comprehensive explanation of what is a complicated system to understand.

You look so happy and healthy and congrats on lowering your cholesterol. Thank you so much for sharing so freely. Very good, solid info. Best of luck in all your future endeavors! You could do some excises or meal plan videos..

I would follow it and I am sure others would too. My major is IT with a concentration in Networking. I had to adjust my eating frequency and food type according to my bodytype, which was endomorph. I tried the eating 8 times a day and working out 6 days a week, but I only got fatter because I had metabolic syndrome and was insulin resistant.

I now eat once a day and I eat a high fat and low carb diet, the ketogenic diet. I also integrated intermittent fasting, which forces my body to create hgh. I will starting my leaning out this week! Let me start off by saying that this is the best blog I have ever read thus far. Thanks for this man! Great post with great info. Esp enjoyed the pics: You eat very well. I eat this way accept due to age my prostate is swollen and a lot of foods make it worse.

The experts say not to eat meat. I eat soy, but some people say this is not good. Young people have any easier time with bulking up, due to natural testosterone levels; but older guys got the problem have less to work with, keep up the good work. Really enjoyed this read. Here in Alaska we have perfected salmon sustainability.

The secret to our success lies in two basic principles: Responsible fisheries management and sustainable fishing practices take care not to harm the fish, other marine plants and animals, nor the environment. Our salmon spawning waters are sacred, and treated as such. For the vegans keyboard warriors: I am not commenting on the ethical dilemma of eating nonhuman animals, because I deeply understand the problem.

I was vegan from 9 to 55 yrs old, at which time, I added only salmon to my diet because quite frankly, after menopause I desperately craved protein which a truck load of tofu, beans, lentils could not satisfy. I feel so much healthier. The idea of eating loads of whole grains sickens me. Tried plant based diet and felt terrible. Eating brown rice and beans and whole wheat pasta raised my blood sugar.

Recently started low carb and sugar restricted diet triglycerides dropped from to , LDL dropped to without statins or other meds. HDL dropped to 29 on plant based diet and since changing to low carb rebounded to Sugar under much better control. I eat lots of greens, seeds, nuts, fish, pasture raised meats, eggs and butter. When my sugar spikes I eat raw unpasteurized sheep cheese Roquefort from France and my sugar drops like a rock.

Its thought that Roquefort cheese is the secret to the French longevity as blue veins in this cheese kill bacteria pneumonia chlamyedia which is believed to play a role in the development of arterial plaque. My husband and I follow the paleo diet. We just had a female friend who suffered a major heart attack. Heart stopped multiple times. My question is— is there a paleo book that specifically addresses heart disease that I could offer her?

He has many testimonials and it actually works. My father has CAD. I took Lipitor for 40 days and developed severe, debilitating muscle pain in my wrists, forearms and biceps.

After 2 weeks off it I can start to pick up my 6 mo. So many health professionals and other sources, including your book keep telling me to drastically reduce my CHO consumption and go full Paleo. I am an amateur road bike racer and think this lifestyle has allowed me to keep my other numbers low but a high CHO diet had always been a prevalent in my lifestyle. I believe that fat is great. I know for a fact low-fat foods, vegetable oils, and all the like is crap. What do you think about the NDC sponsoring this study?

Wow, Just ran into this website looking for evidence of antiaging with the rice diet. I know high carb works, because all of my life I have been told of the glories of high protirn, which hurt me as an athlete when I was younger, since mom firmly believed in high protein. Now that I am older, Actually all the fat was clogging my arteries and making things much worse.

In short, you are lying to people.. Erica and Bill, you are so right. I had been on a low fat primarily plant based diet for the best part of 30 years. It had served me well and I knew nothing but good health and vitality during this time. I took up bodybuilding, and was persuaded to add significant amounts of animal protein to my diet.

OMG, after almost 2 years of this I had developed gout, felt terribly lethargic, in fact I felt absolutely awful. I dropped all animal products and processed oils. Within days the gout had eased and I have since proceeded to get my life and health back on track. The change in my health and outlook is nothing short of miraculous. I do not think your gout is related to the amount of meat you consume but you need to check what purines you are consuming and maybe add cherries to your daily diet to lower your uric acid.

Oh, I can vouch for increased meat intake bringing on gout attacks. I eat very little meat. Eggs and dairy are exceptions. Eggs actually are neutral foods and dairy has been shown to lower uric acid. I also use Black Cherry Extract. This is the diet I am on, I cannot call it a diet but rather a way of life now! I feel great, cheers to Dr.

Esselstyn and Dr Campbell. It has been life changing.. There are many that have almost the same diets, the primary focus on whole plant-based products and limiting animal products…Just like in the five Blue Zones containing an extra ordinary high number of people long-lived and over He is not a proponent of low-fat like Ornish and Esselstyn.

Of course, with their diets they did not build heart disease so had no reason to reverse it. More studies are needed, anyone denying that knows little about nutrition. Thank you so much for writing this article. I too just received my results and everything else seemed fine, except for the LDL-P.

I was cooking with lard, using more butter for my brain from the Grain Brain book and taking in extra coconut oil like many others have been doing for 3 yrs. I printed out this article for my functional doctor as well. It seems that there are more of us out there that could use some advice. We a grateful for your work and research. Have started a drastic nutrition change. It is a tough start.

How can I unblock my artery. Ive started taking fish oil, magnesium, VC and eating heaps of veggies and zero trans and sata fats. There is only one diet that has been clinically shown to reverse atherosclerosis — a low fat vegan diet. How does progressing heart disease sound? Eating saturated fat like the people in this forum propose will do nothing but worsen the problem.

Look at what Drs. Esselstyn and Ornish have accomplished with their dietary recommendations. I would also start drinking pomegranate juice. I drink a cup a day. Get exercise every day. A daily brisk walk is ideal. I do not know where you get your information but Ornish and Esselstyn with low-fat diets are not the only doctors to reverse heart disease.

I am not trying to indicate that the final science on this is complete. Did Fuhrman or Pritikin publish their findings? Furhman may allow small amounts of lean animal foods but his ideal diet, the one he advertises and personally follows himself is a vegan diet.

He too recommends a VLF vegan diet. Esselstyn is stricter as his reversal diet is a VLF vegan diet. Please provide the source s that show Pritikin and Fuhrman have reversed heart disease. If I provide the sources for Fuhrman and Pritikan reversing heart disease would I have to read it to you guys? BTW, Pritikan had heart disease and when he died suicide his arteries were clear and free of heart disease. Fuhrman lives in my area — I have seen phenomenal turn-arounds of all kinds of diseases, including heart disease among people in our area who go to him as patients.

One sample publication is: Fuhrman J, Singer M. American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine. October 15, doi: Thanks for writing this series. Heart Disease, Obesity, Diabetes… these are all things that can be avoided with the right diet, exercise, and smart supplementation as insurance against imperfect eating. We need more education, actually more wisdom when it comes to nutrition and health. I had been on a very high carb diet and had low HDL and high triglycerides.

TC was , so decided to try the Paleo diet. Right away my HDL soared to 67 within 2 months which was great. I always had a high carb, low fat diet and was always puzzled why everything was normal except my HDL which was under Now a year after being Paleo, my results are not so good. But what was concerning was that my small diameter LDL was 56 and over 40 was high risk. The very thing Paleo is supposed to reverse? So maybe I went to much to the other side and getting an NMR profile done for baseline peuposes.

I have been where you are Rory. After about 8 months on Paleo, my cholesterol went up to It seems I need the carbs because my thyroid TSH was higher at 4. Maybe hypothyroid is going on here for me, and I am slim at almost 10 stone so the doctor does not recognise a problem. I am trying the Ray Peat way this last little while and am hoping to get my numbers re-tested soon, and hope they are better. Are you actually surprised that eating more animal fat and protein was going to do anything but adversely affect your cholesterol?

Looking at all these LP-IR scores — mine is I have a father on dialysis and an older brother who is diabetic. I know I have the potential to become diabetic because I monitor my blood sugars and have seen some crazy numbers and fluctuations.

This worries me a bit. This is a great article about heart health. But I would have liked to see some mention of oral health. There have been hundreds of studies done linking oral health and heart disease.

If you improve your oral health, your outlook for heart disease is much better. A product such as the Beam Brush can improve your oral health literally before your eyes. Find out more at http: Do you have specific recommendations about the type of meat people should be eating? There is so much contradictory information out there, hard to know what to believe.

I have been on a low carb diet for 3 years now and on Paleo for about 6 months now. So what is the answer? It seems there is no definitive answer for the high LP a. The more I read about this the more confused I become. I think the treatment to bring down LP a is more risky that just leaving it alone, especially if you have pattern A LDL.

I suppose I could be wrong about this but there is really no one for me to turn to for answers. Thank you, Chris — you have directly and concisely answered the question I have had for a year. Now to figure out how to transition to Mediterranean Paleo — I already eat a fair amount of fruit and starch, and mainly have to reduce dairy fat. What a great post, I wish the mainstream media would offer solution orientated advice like this! A few years ago I was told I had a high risk of heart disease due to my weight being out of control.

This was the catalyst I needed to turn my life around; through physical activity and eating healthy my life has completely flipped. My question is this: Maybe a closing chapter regarding cardiovascular disease detection would be useful. What other viable detection methods are there that a layperson at risk with a high LDL-P could pursue with their MD before an entire lifestyle change is made or statins prescribed?

The associated high blood serum cholesterol is an attempt to partially correct for this defect. The essay is hypothesizing. I am absolutely thrilled to say I do every single one of these things. I am so happy my mother instilled such good habits in me at such a young age! It is something, but it is small. For patients needing just a little help, this seems like a good option. Another option I came across is Red yeast rice. One study found that 2. Apparently it contains Lovastatin, but in a much lower dose than is used in Statin therapy.

Finally, I found a little bit of info about Berberine, which is mostly used in combination with Red yeast rice, but seems to have effects by itself too. For someone with further to go, adding these small effects together could be an effective option. We have been trying to do a more Mediterranean type paleo diet, but it takes some time to undo the WAPF approach that I have been using for the past 13 years, as it works well for me, but perhaps too high in sat fat for him Anyway, he started 1.

Do you know anything about the mechanism of action for the berberine? I have read that is really helps with blood sugar control, but just wondering how that works on a physiological level.. The title talks about prevention and reversal of coronary artery disease, but i did not see anything that directly discussed reversal. For example, for reversal do you need to be at a lower LDL-P level than for prevention?

Should you rather follow one dietary approach over another for reversal? An overall question remains as to whether it can be reversed. While improvement in IMT has been shown, there is no similar consistent data with regard to coronary arteries that I am aware of. Is the second one supposed to be LDL-C? After going paleo, my cholesterol and LDL-P skyrocketed. I am otherwise healthy, except I need to use bioidentical sex hormones. I am going to adopt a more Mediterranean paleo diet, add more soluble fiber, and learn about which foods to eat containing more monounsaturated fat than saturated fat.

You are a blessing! Chris, Thanks so much for this great series. In your practice, have you noticed that reducing a certain type of saturated fat yields better results for people with genetically-driven high LDL-P?

After reading this post, I feel a sense of satisfaction to all my sacrifices for a healthy lifestyle. Great posts on CVD! Thank you very much for your work and mainly for share your knowledge! Are there particular foods you would recommend for this? So far, it seems like sugar and polyunsaturated oils are the only things that succeed in making me gain weight, but I know that is not good. It is certainly not good for heart health, as your post explains. Any advice would be appreciated. I can definitely relate!

How is your gut health? In the absence of other health issues or high levels of chronic stress, I think to gain weight you probably just need to eat more food!

Dairy too, if you tolerate it well. People who are overweight can lose and people who are underweight can gain. And Alyssa is correct. Eat more fat — healthy fats — definitely.

Eat real whole nutritious foods. I was blessed with a Fibromyalgia diagnosis and you can heal the body. In fact, there was a recent Success story at MDA about someone who gained healthy weight months after starting Primal. You can search that, too. Thanks so much for your advice! And I have been trying to do more gut friendly eating.

I started fermenting vegetables, and my my digestive tract has really improved. They taste better than macadamias, imo. Cashews have much lower n-6 than almonds, but are not nearly as low net carb as most nuts. Thank you very much for this.

I was wondering what natural therpaies as mentioned under genetics you have found to be effective to reduce LDL particle number. Are one of these more accurate? There are several nutrients that do affect cholesterol levels in most people; soluble fiber is one example, and vegetable oil is another. I understand there is an effect but was trying to get a clearer idea of how it worked. If most of the cholesterol in you bloodstream is being created by your body in response to some need, how does a food item raise or lower it?

Is that your term used exclusively for people who are hypercholesterolemic? A former colleague of mine was truly hypercholesterolemic. Both are on lipid-lowering drugs. Years ago while experimenting with a LCHF diet it went up to 6. A low fat vegetarian diet brought it down to

Diet for hemochromatosis