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Anatomist, physiologist , founder of the first medical school in Australia, the University of Melbourne School of Medicine. Boris Usachev gained extensive experience in teaching and scientific supervision of students and PhD students organic reactions; structure and reactivity of organic compounds; synthesis, isolation and characterization of novel organic substances and other fields. Panel discussion on "What evidence can we trust? The present Dean is Professor Brigid Daniel. Throughout her career she has overseen nutrition-related policy initiatives, including restricting trans fat use in NYC restaurants, launching the National Salt Reduction Initiative, establishing food procurement nutrition standards for NYC government agencies, and establishing sodium warning labels in chain restaurants and expanding calorie labeling regulations. Royal Dick School of Veterinary Studies. For the past 26 years.


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These rewarding experiences will develop your skills and enhance your employability. The Students' Association offers an array of bars, shops, cafes and entertainment venues. Regular entertainment includes club nights, live music and comedy, plus debates and regular club meetings.

Edinburgh is regularly voted as one of the best places to live in the world. Cobbled lanes, dramatic skylines and striking architecture combine to produce a stimulating setting for the writers, philosophers, political thinkers and inventors whose stories have been woven into the capital's fabric throughout history.

The city enjoys a creative and cultural significance that was further confirmed with its appointment as the world's first UNESCO City of Literature — a permanent title reflecting its recognition as a worldwide centre for literary activity.

Edinburgh is a compact city with excellent transport links, which makes it easy to get around and to travel to other parts of Scotland and beyond. Not forgetting the biggest arts festival in the world, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, which takes place in the city every August. Applications for most of our postgraduate programmes are made online through our degree finder. To apply for a programme, look up your chosen programme in the degree finder.

Entry requirements vary by programme. The University of Edinburgh is ranked in the top 10 in the UK and in the top in the world for the employability of our graduates Times Higher Education, Global Employability University Ranking We encourage and support our students to plan and work towards their career goals. We offer a wealth of guidance and initiatives to help take your career in the right direction, including:.

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We also have a range of services: Edinburgh the city Edinburgh is regularly voted as one of the best places to live in the world. We offer a wealth of guidance and initiatives to help take your career in the right direction, including: Edinburgh is without doubt one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

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Anglican priest, educationalist, founder of Madras College. Pharmacologist , physician, first Vice-Chancellor of the Open University , and life peer. Educationalist and Provost of Eton College. Educator, headmaster of Scotch College and golfer; winning the Amateur Championship. Minister, academic, Principal of the University of Edinburgh. Oxford University academic and administrator, master of University College. University administrator and public servant; Vice-Chancellor of the University of Wales and of the University of Sussex ; chairman of the British Council.

Schoolteacher, writer and editor; son of Thomas Henry Huxley. Mathematician, physicist , astronomer , astrologer , known for discovering logarithms , inventing Napier's bones and popularising the use of the decimal point.

Chemist , known for discovering the Japp-Klingemann reaction. Air pollution expert at Imperial College London. Mathematical physicist , known for discovering the Berry phase. Physician, botanist, forester , "the father of scientific forestry in India".

Particle physicist and Professor of Physics at the University of Oxford. Civil engineer , President of the Institution of Civil Engineers.

Mathematician and professor at the University of Warwick ; active in the field of representation theory. Ernest William Lyons Holt. Marine biologist and ichthyologist ; his work helped lay a scientific foundation for the fishery management in Ireland.

Organic chemist and Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the University of St Andrews , as a research chemist, Irvine worked on the application of methylation techniques to carbohydrates , and isolated the first methylated sugars, trimethyl and tetramethyl glucose.

Academic; research psychologist and lecturer at the University of Glasgow ; studies the biological and social factors underlying face perception and preferences. Geographer , known for his work with the Royal Geographical Society. Zoologist and marine biologist, described several species including Libinia emarginata.

Physicist and mathematician, gave the first modern description of capillary action and the artificial production of ice, developed the Leslie cube. Inventor, author, credited with early developments in several fields, such as incandescent lighting and telegraphy. Botanist and taxonomist, known for his work in vegetable teratology. Civil engineer , chief engineer to the Department of Health. Physician, psychiatrist, marine biologist, awarded the Linnean Medal.

Geologist, worked mainly in diamond mining. Academic and mathematician, worked mainly in mathematical biology , held professorships at Oxford University and the University of Washington. Philosopher, computer scientist and political writer. Political theorist , moralist , historian, social critic , literary critic , fiction author, known for his influence on 20th-century American conservatism.

Polymath and origin of the term 'the admirable Crichton'. Historian and Chancellor of Moi University. Philosopher and historian of the Scottish enlightenment ; "the father of modern sociology". Professor of English literature , author, scholar of the Scots language. Cartographer , writer, tutor of Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley. Academic, linguist , translator, worked at King's College London and the British Museum , remembered for the erroneous Cox-Forbes theory.

Professor of Hebrew and oriental languages at St Mary's College. Roman Catholic linguist, lexicographer, philologist, biblical commentator, held the post of Keeper of Oriental Books and Manuscripts at the Vatican.

Academic and professor of psychology at the University of Queensland. Minister; Gaelic scholar; folklorist; known for The Secret Commonwealth , a treatise on fairy folklore , witchcraft, ghosts, and the second sight , a type of extrasensory perception described as a phenomenon by the people of the Scottish Highlands.

Philosopher, Rector of the University of Paris. Physician, pharmacologist ; winner of Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine ; developed beta blockers and H2 receptor antagonists.

Physician and pioneer of the smallpox vaccine. Physician and the author of the Black Report. Honorary consultant physician, nutrition scientist , and editor of the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Physician and president of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh. Physician, satirist, polymath, creator of the character John Bull. Physician, surgeon, regius professor of military surgery at Edinburgh University. Comparative anatomist , extramural teacher in anatomy, and director of the Highland Society of Scotland.

Obstetric physician and amateur artist. Physician; authority on kidney disease ; known for his work in related sciences, especially the medical uses of electricity and electrochemistry.

Physician, an original member of the Royal Society. Physician, military physician and correspondent of David Hume. Physician and professor at Edinburgh University. Physician, and personal physician to George IV.

Anatomist, physiologist , founder of the first medical school in Australia, the University of Melbourne School of Medicine.

Physician, divine , religious and political reformer, Fellow of Peterhouse College, Cambridge. Physician, psychiatrist, academic, professor of psychiatry at St George's Medical School , specialises in the management of eating disorders.

Physician, homeopath , critic of the medical establishment of the time. Physician, known for contributions to the study of mental illness and epidemiology. Merchant and founder of the shipping company Balfour Williamson. Businessman, former chief executive and later Governor of the Bank of Scotland. Industrialist , civil servant and peer. Minister ; founder of the world's first commercial saving bank, Trustee Savings Bank. Investment banker and half brother of the French President , Nicolas Sarkozy.

Politician and MSP for Edinburgh central. James Brodie of Brodie. Politician; aristocrat; MP for Richmond and Stirlingshire ; remembered for commissioning the Charlotte Dundas , the world's first practical steamboat. Labour Co-operative politician, Member of Parliament for Kirkcaldy.

Politician, nobleman, MP for Aberdeen Burghs. Liberal Party politician, MP for Salisbury. First female member of the Cabinet of Egypt. Attorney , served as Attorney General for the State of Alaska. Nobleman and diplomat, known for the removal of marble sculptures also known as the Elgin Marbles from the Parthenon in Athens. Director and co-founder of the Adam Smith Institute think tank; author and broadcaster on economic and social issues. De facto head of government in Scotland during most of the conflict known as the Wars of the Three Kingdoms ; major figure in the Covenanter movement.

Soldier, nobleman, Tory , Episcopalian. Nobleman and the fourth Governor General of Canada from to Local government Liberal politician; architect of the system of National parks of England and Wales. Politician and elected hereditary peer who sits on the Conservative benches in the House of Lords ; Lord-in-waiting. Physician, political theorist , scientist, radical journalist and politician in France during the French Revolution. Researcher, author, educator, founder and current President of the Adam Smith Institute.

Democratic member of the Arkansas Senate , represents the 11th District. Politician, Lord Justice Clerk and Protestant religious reformer. Nobleman , eccentric , founded the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland.

Scot who became owner of large tracts of land in County Down , Ireland, and founded a successful Protestant settlement there several years before the Plantation of Ulster. Politician and engineer, merchant, author, justice of the peace and mayor of Saskatoon. Gelatine and glue manufacturer and Liberal Unionist politician. Diplomat; founder and director of the Conflicts Forum; a figure in MI6.

Liberal Party politician, Chairman of the Federal Union. Politician, reformer, Secretary of State. Policymaker, author, known for his work with the Adam Smith Institute in developing the poll tax.

James Dundas, Lord Arniston.

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