GM Diet – The Fastest Indian Vegetarian Diet to Lose Weight In 7 Days

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The Best 30-Day Vegetarian Diet Plan
Just to make sure that you are healthy enough to practice this diet, consult your doctor before you begin. Certainly excessive consumption of protein meats provokes aggresive behaviour. The first vegan society in the United States was founded in by Catherine Nimmo and Rubin Abramowitz in California, who distributed Watson's newsletter. Alternatively, you can have parboiled vegetables and garnish them black pepper, oregano or chili flakes and some lemon juice. During a visit to London in , Mahatma Gandhi —who had joined the Vegetarian Society's executive committee when he lived in London from to —gave a speech to the Society arguing that it ought to promote a meat-free diet as a matter of morality, not health.

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Alcohol causes water retention in the body and thus, it will drastically reduce the efficiency of the entire plan. Stop having alcohol at least a week prior to the targeted day so that your body is completely free of alcohol. While on the plan, have as much water as possible. Additionally, you can have Black tea or coffee and green tea without any added sugar.

GM Diet involves good amounts of fruits and vegetables. Hence, make sure that your refrigerator is stocked well for the upcoming days. It is advisable to have a variety of vegetables and fruits so that you get a holistic diet. GM Diet does not put a restriction on the consumption of fruits and vegetables. You can have as such as you want throughout the day.

Hence, buy a good quantity for yourself. We will share with you below the list of vegetables and fruits you should go for. GM Diet Plan subjects your body to something that you are not used to. If you are healthy and simply need to lose weight then this is a perfect way out for you. However, if you have medical conditions like diabetes, hyper or hypo tension, heart conditions, you are pregnant or a lactating mother, then it is better to consult your doctor before starting with the GM diet.

Consult with your doctor what vegetables and fruits you can have, whether you can have your medicines along with such a plan etc. GM is a cleansing process for your body. You restrict certain ingredient and have certain ingredients in excess. To make sure that your body copes up with this well, try to exercise for around 30 to 45 minutes each day. This will loosen up your muscles and prevent any kind of fatigue. Start this routine a week prior so that your body is not cramped in the targeted week.

Here is your 7 Day plan that will help you to lose about 2 to 7 kg in a week. Let us tell you that it requires a lot of determination to successfully complete this diet plan.

You might get food cravings, your sweet tooth might go wild, you might miss your favorite aerated drinks etc. Prepare your mind well in advance for what you are about to start. Keep reminding yourself that in just 7 days you will achieve what you want. If you pull thorough first two days then you will definitely complete the 7 days without breaking any sweat.

The day one of your diet plan focuses on preparing your system for the upcoming days. Fruits are rich in water, vitamins, and other nutrients that your body needs. This will also kick start your process of detoxification. On Day 1, you will have only fruits and nothing else. Right from your breakfast to your dinner, the only thing on your plate would be fruits, fruits and just fruits.

You can have as much as you want. There is no cap on the upper limit. Eat 5 times or 20 times a day, but you will consume only fruits. Do not add anything to the fruits like sugars, syrups etc. Watermelons, melons, lime, apples, strawberries, pomegranates and oranges. These are the fruits you should largely have on the Day 1.

Melons and watermelons will help you to stay full for long so have more of these. Fruits not to have: Grapes, bananas, litchi and mangoes. These fruits are high on glycemic index and probably this is the reason that they are restricted. Bananas will become a part of your routine ahead. At least on Day 1 say no to Bananas. Fruits will be a part of your GM Diet for the first 3 days. Hence, make sure that you have a variety of fruits in good quantities to get maximum benefits.

Since some fruits are seasonal and cannot be found easily, here is the list of alternate fruits that you can choose from for your GM diet. This is just one of the suggestive diet plans for the day 1. You do not have to be restricted to this. Just ensure that you stick to the All Fruits diet. Fruits will provide with minimal to no carbohydrates. Thus, you are bound to feel light by the end of your first day itself.

Also, ensure that you have plenty water. The breakfast should be richest meal of the day. So start your day with a plateful of fruits like melon, papaya and apple coupled with up to 1 to 2 glasses of water. These fruits being rich in fiber and pectin, keep you full for longer. Also, being sweet, they would combat the unnecessary cravings too.

Try to have more of watery fruits on the lunch. Have your lunch between 12 to 2 pm. You can have 1 to 2 bowls of apples or watermelons. You can also have kiwi as it is very nutritious and also keeps you full for long. Kiwi smoothie is rather popular among people who want to lose weight. Have about 2 glasses of water. You can have oranges, kiwi, pear, guava, melons or any other fruit of your choice for dinner.

Avoid more of melons in the night as they take more time to get digested. Have up to 2 glasses of water along with the fruits. Besides the three main meals, incorporate fruits and only fruits for you morning and evening snacks. Whenever you get hunger pangs, have a fruit and 1 to 2 glasses of water.

While your first day is all fruits day, the second day is solely dedicated to vegetables. This day will subject your body to a complete detoxification process. Your body by now will already feel light and more agile due to an all fruit diet on Day 1. Vegetables are rich in water content, minerals and most importantly fibers that are essential to clean your gut.

Again, there is no restriction on the amount of vegetables that you can intake. It is as per your satiety. All you have to ensure is that you do not have anything else other than vegetables. Cucumber, cabbage, broccoli, onions, tomatoes, spinach, cauliflower etc.

Potatoes too are included, but only once a day. You can have all the watery vegetables. Vegetables not to have: Try to avoid peas and corn or any other starchy vegetable. Vegetables will be a part of your throughout the GM Diet from Day 2 onwards. Hence, make sure that you have a variety of vegetables in good quantities to get maximum benefits. These are the vegetables that you can choose from for your GM diet.

The rule is to have as many vegetables as you can both in terms of quantity and variety. If you are fond of salads then prepare the salad of your choice. You should have either raw or boiled vegetables. You can sprinkle a spice of your choice like black pepper or oregano to improve the taste. You can also squeeze some amount of lemon to add a bit of palatability.

Since your body was off carbs on Day 1, you need to have a source of energy to begin your Day 2. So have a boiled potato for breakfast. You can add a dab of butter or olive oil to it so that this breakfast can give you enough energy for the rest of the day. If available, you can also replace regular potato with a sweet potato.

You must not have potato after this, throughout the day. Have up to 2 glasses of water in the breakfast. The lunch should be light and include vegetables that are rich in water. Have more of salads and raw vegetables. Ingredients like cabbage, cucumber and lettuce have sufficient water and fiber content to keep you full for long.

Have up to 2 glasses of water along with the meal. For your dinner, rely more on green vegetables like spinach, broccoli, lettuce, cabbage etc. Simply boil these vegetables and have them with a little bit of lemon or pepper on them. You can have fresh lettuce or cabbage. Cherry tomatoes will serve as a good mid day snack as their taste tends to subdue the craving as well.

Whenever you feel hungry, have 1 to 2 glasses of water. Keep your body well hydrated throughout the day. The third day focuses on a blend of Day 1 and Day 2.

On the first day, we focused only on fruits to have a non-carb diet. On the second day, we focused on vegetables to take in a fiber rich diet. Now we will mix the two and have an all fruit and vegetable diet for the Day 3 of your 7 Day GM Diet. Yet again, the rule is pretty simple. You have to consume as many vegetables and fruits as you can along with sufficient intake of water. We have already told you which fruits and vegetables you can consume and which of them are restricted.

On the day 3, you will follow the same instructions. From the list of vegetables and fruits you can decide what combination you want to have. You just have to ensure that by the end of the day, you have consumed a good variety of fruits and vegetables. It is always better to have a sufficient breakfast so that your body is ready to for the busy day ahead. You many start your day with apples or melons just like Day 1 or boiled potato with a dab of butter just like Day 2. I really like the new routine, it is very challenging but not too much that it deters me I am already noticing lots of change from within, too.

I really think about what I am eating, which I never did before. By the way, I really enjoy the recipes in your nutrition section. Especially the pork chop marinades. So, I have managed to cut back on a lot of refined sugars. I'm loving this meal planning process - no decision-making for me and it's all food that I already eat. Two days in and I haven't felt hungry or cheated once!

I really like the site and how it works. Many new vegetarians worry about nutrition, specifically about whether they will be able to get enough protein. Vegetarians should plan balanced meals in advance, to aim for a diet that is low in total fat and to include plenty of lean protein sources. The Vegetarian Resource Group names beans, lentils, nuts, seeds, peas, tofu, tempeh and low-fat or nonfat dairy products as some of the best high-protein, meatless options. Before beginning a vegetarian diet or any new eating plan for weight loss, speak with your physician, who can offer personalized suggestions that may help you maintain your plan through time.

Remember that weight loss is a matter of burning more calories than you take in, so regardless of what eating plan you follow, you will need to decrease your daily caloric intake, increase your physical activity or do both to notice results. Video of the Day. Vegetarian Diets for Seniors. Quick Vegetarian Meals for Kids.

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