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Paleo Coconut Cacao Nib Granola
Finally bake for the last minutes. I fall in love with that granola. I wanted to make this because my doc has me on a week elimination diet including dairy and eggs which is my daily breakfast…. Molly, I have made this using a hand chopper for nuts…one of those with a jar and chopper…takes several batches to do…then just mix it all up! Fast to put together, easy Cons: As I tossed the pecans in egg whites and vanilla, it occurred to me that crushed nuts tossed in the same coating would make a grain-free granola that could double as a keto cereal.

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Granola Cereal Bars

My go to granola recipe. I make this as the recipe states Everytime. It turns out perfect. Thanks for the awesome recipe. Maple Nut Granola One of the best healthy granolas I have ever made. I will use this recipe when I make granola. It is very tasty and healthy with all the great healthy ingredients such as seeds and nuts. I, like fellow reviewers, did not include the brown sugar. I found the recipe was sweet enough with the recommended maple syrup in the recipe and did not need the brown sugar.

I did not have coconut chips and only had unsweetened shredded coconut. I added the unsweetened shredded coconut at the very end of the cooking time and ensured it did not burn. This is definitely a keeper. So easy, so delicious! Easy and great tasting!

Made this for the first time. I halved the maple syrup and the brown sugar since I prefer granola less sweet. Can I still get the confectioners for your recipes? I know…it will be back in stock VERY soon. For some of my recipes, you only need granulated.

But for others, you definitely want the confectioners. I made this last night. I can see this will be a huge improvement on bkft. This granola looks amazing. I have been trying to find a new recipe from granola. I think I just scored. I ate it with a little unsweetend coconut milk and added some cinnamon and a dash of vanilla, excellent! I think I may try adding the cinnamon to the mix next time. Just made this after getting my cacao nibs in the mail.

I had it fir breakfast this morning with Greek yogurt. Lol my cacao nibs just arrived in the mail too we may have caused a run on them. Can I use already roasted nuts? I find I am buying lots of specialty ingredients lately and would like to us either items I already have on hand. This recipe has to be one of your best. I used half ground flax and half ground chia; added about a tsp.

It turned out absolutely amazing. This recipe is a prizewinner in my books! A note to those who can only find granular erythritol: On a separate note, the granola is just plain awesome.

Since I went low-carb and tried almond milk for the first time, I have dreamed about having it over a bowl of granola. Like literally, every time I had almond milk, it crossed my mind. Glad i held out for a low-carb version, though — now I can enjoy it with no guilt or worry about my blood sugar, and, it rocks with the almond milk! I have made this recipe twice. On the second go-round, I actually hand-chopped all the nuts so some were very small and others were big and chunky.

It was kind of labor-intensive, but it was worth it. I am wondering how long this keeps because of the eggs and if it needs to be refrigerated when stored. It keeps for at least 5 days on the counter. Swerve Sweetener is NOT paleo — far from it. The closest zero-calorie sweetener to being true paleo is stevia, it is no-artificial, non-processed, and was used by paleo natives in South America.

It is also FAR safer for you! Did you actually read the option for coconut sugar in the recipe??? As someone who has an advanced degree in paleoanthropology, I am well aware that Swerve is not paleo, which is why there is a second option.

But I am also someone who has diabetes, I have to be mindful of my blood sugar levels. Erythritol, which is the main component of Swerve, is naturally occurring and it is safe. As safe as stevia which, by the way, can actually lower blood sugar and cause T1 diabetics issues!

Did you know that erythritol is found in the human fetus in high levels? I love this granola! It has the perfect crunch and flavor. I love eating a ketogenic diet and this granola will be a staple in my house.

I had it with almond milk — yum. You might try mixing in some nut butter and and egg and then baking it. Have made this granola using almonds, pecans and pumpkin seeds plus the other ingredients and it is delicious. Added cinnamon which I hear is supposed to be good for us diabetics. It makes a large amount so I keep the extra in the freezer and take out a one third cup when it is on my breakfast rotation.

I used almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds and hazelnuts. Some of the nuts were raw almonds, walnuts and some roasted sunflower seeds and hazelnuts but it still turned out great. I eat this every morning with vanilla unsweetened Almond Breeze. But I omitted the cacao nibs because they are a little bitter to me…which is not appealing early in the morning. But I sprinkle a few dried cranberries in my cereal bowl.

Defenitly gonna try this. At least not by that name. Can I use broken flaxseed also? I ask because this looks like an excellent addition to my pack for a long backpacking trip coming up. Love your recipes and the help you give us. This is exactly what I was missing with keto until now, something to have for breakfast aside from the usual meat, cheese, avocado etc.

Thank you, great recipe! I just cannot handle coconut. Any suggestions of a substitute or is that ingredient kind of a must for this recipe? This is a great recipe. I use it as a Banting recipe. I started making this shortly after it was originally published; I now make about 1 — 1. I have added to your recipe: I left egg out. I sprinkle it on everything! I liked your Facebook page as well. I cannot wait to make your PB granola.

I eat gluten free, but I usually put oats in my PB granola. This will be a great new option. Looks like you won one of the giftcards. Can you send me your mailing address? Email me at carketch29 at yahoo dot com. Oh I am seriously trying this recipe!! Favorite Bobs Redmill, right now it has to be coconut and almond flour!

Please email me at carketch29 at yahoo dot com. I love their golden flax seed meal! I have Low Carbing Among Friends vol 1. Dog sledding in Yukon! I have so many favorites, but my top two are the oat flour and almond meal. Peanut butter added to anything makes it better and I like that you added protein to the granola…..

I love their almond flour, Hazelnut meal, and coconut flour. Thanks for the recipe! I am in no way gluten intolerant but since January of this year have removed most gluten from my diet because of inspiration from my best friend. She is gluten intolerant and me, being an avid baker, wanted to prove to her that you can still eat wonderful baked treats without getting sick. My 7 month conversion in baking has been challenging and fun!

I am not gluten intolerant but am always watching my weight and am concerned about carb and sugar intake so I love to try your recipes! I recently did the carmel peanut butter bars and they were to die for. I just printed this granola recipe and intend on trying it! Just starting the low-carb, gluten free way of life. I will have to try that for gravy! This recipe looks fabulous! I look forward to seeing your posts on FB because your picstures always look so yummy and I know they wll be lo carb.

If you are ever in Portland, you must have breakfast there. I am a diabetic who had gestational diabetes during my third pregnancy. My two daughters are vegan and one is sensitive to Pnut Butter and the other is allergic to Sundflower Seeds. Now they are a challenge to cook for. Especially since one is prediabetic and the other is hypoglycemic it is a real challenge to keep them full of protein under their dietary constraints.

It gives me a nice boost since I run a lot and eat very little meat. But I had found some low carb happen to be GF recipes. Finally, one day, by chance I found myself in a Whole Foods and standing right in front of the almond flour and coconut flour — and I thought. BUY the almond flour to see if your recipes are as great as you thought you may never get the stupid homemade almond flour!!!!

This granola looks incredible!! I eat their steel cut oats almost every morning! And I love your story about your mother. I love your website. Your recipes are really terrific. We just started a gluten and casein free diet for our children and love new recipes I can make for my kids. I really like the garbanzo bean flour and the sorghum flour.

Great flours for gluten-free baking! They are both so good! I love Bobs Red Mill- flaked coconut, graham flour, tapioca flour, cornmeal, flax meal, the list goes on and on. What a fantastic recipe for a low-carb granola Carolyn — you always amaze me with your creativity! Wow, too many to choose from. I am a husband and honestly do most of the cooking.

I am very health conscious so I also make random baked goods involving protein in some form or another. My husband loves to cook…his only problem is that I do too and I usually take over the kitchen. BRM is great stuff, very healthy if you can find it at your local grocery store. I love peanut butter granola!

I actually love the idea of making a grain free granola with processed nuts! After I eat the enormous batch I made today ;. I adore their gluten-free line. I particularly adore their gf chocolate chip cookie mix for obvious reasons. I ran across your FaceBook site and have tried quite a few of the recipes there and also from this blog. Great info, which generally helps keep me curb my cravings of carbs. What a Blessing your site and their products are.

Now…to find a site that sells willpower to keep me on track! LOL, if you find a place that sells willpower, let me know! I could use some of that at times. I am fascinated that low carb helps battle Fybromyalgia. Do you follow gluten-free as well? Makes me wonder if gluten has anything to do with it…. For myself, I seem to feel better for the most part while sticking strictly to the very low carb per day.

I tend to use Almond and Coconut flours to replace the wheat flour. Paul St Amand has stated that patients with fibromyalgia tend to have increased carbohydrate cravings and low carbohydrate diets may reduce their pain and fatigue.. In the meantime… ;o. Just discovered your blog, awesome! I can imagine that being vegan and going low carb is pretty tough. This recipes would easily be something you can make over, just putting in coconut oil for the butter.

Have all the ingredients, cant wait to make this granola! I would love it if you would follow me too! Looks like you won one of the giftcards! Please email me at carketch29 at yahoo dot com with your mailing address. I use the coconut flour, guar gum, and oat bran cereal. This recipe is right up my alley.

I wonder if it can be dehydrated as well. Do you soak your nuts overnight? This seems like the perfect recipe to make for my boyfriend and I as we are kick starting our diet! I love the site and will definitely be referencing it more for some healthy low-carb recipes! I found your blog today and am so happy. Thank you for this Granola recipe as this is what I put in my morning Fage. I just made a batch of this granola and it is delicious. I only had choc protein powder so I used that.

I have found that this is unbelievably good on ice-cream. I imagine it would make a great cheesecake base too….. I used my own homemade peanut butter, which also has flaxseed oil. I added a healthy splash of cinnamon to mine, plus some leftover dried cranberries recipe also from this site. I like it better than the old granola with grain and sugar!

Yes, so yummy I found myself standing over the pan and shoving it in my face every time I walked through the kitchen! Not something I do very often. Good luck to us all!! Love the almond flour!!! This recipe looks Devine. Hi, I have been a lurker on your site for a few months now after searching for low carb recipe substitutes. I have PCOS and thyroid problems, and am a true sugar addict in every sense of the word.

Obviously this is not a good combo…BUT you are one of the people online that have helped me tremendously with managing my health issues and food.

Right now in my cupboard I currently have the coconut flour, almond flour, xanthan gum, flax seed meal, and wheat gluten. I just bought more coconut flour two days ago and it was sold out in the first 3 stores I went to! I appreciate all the effort you put into what you do! Finally made this today and it is yummy!

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