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This really has taken the stress out of meal time for me, and I hope it does the same for you. We make it easy to eat vegetarian on Monday, enjoy a paleo meal on Tuesday, and round out the week with your favorite gluten-free dish. The most respected health institution in the United States, and perhaps the world, has come out with a world-class diet that is getting double thumbs up by our leading health experts. One size never fits all, so why should your meals? I love Thrive Foods! Their meals are always gluten free and they try to always use meat and produce that is locally sourced.

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Gluten Free Meal Delivery Service

Our Meal Plans Created for people who love food. Chef's Choice Our chef's hand-picked recipes, highlighting peak seasonal produce, top-quality meats and seafood, and unique housemade sauces. Paleo Fuel up with clean, high-protein recipes full of fresh veggies, top quality meats and seafood, and no dairy, gluten, grains, soy, or corn. Gluten-Free Lose the gluten without feeling deprived, with fresh vegetables, top quality meats and seafood, plus our chef's favorite gluten-free alternatives.

Vegetarian Vibrant, creative recipes starring fresh, organic produce , responsibly sourced dairy, and organic eggs. Vegan Creative meatless recipes with seasonal organic produce , plant-based proteins, and our house-made signature sauces. Pescatarian Combine the benefits of a vegetarian diet, rich in seasonal organic produce , with an added dose of wild-caught, sustainably sourced seafood.

Diabetes-Friendly Healthy, delicious meals designed to help manage diabetes. Clean Ingredients Organic produce and antibiotic- and hormone-free meat. Total Flexibility Skip a delivery or cancel your subscription at any time. Chef's Choice Our chef's hand-picked recipes please parents and kids alike, with "Kids Can" recipe steps and in-box activities to get kids in on the fun.

How Meal Plans Work. Can I choose recipes from more than one meal plan each week? We make it easy to eat vegetarian on Monday, enjoy a paleo meal on Tuesday, and round out the week with your favorite gluten-free dish. Sun Basket offers 18 recipes to choose from each week. Classic Menu subscribers have access to all 18 recipes including our 6 family-friendly options.

The staff also spent a lot of time with a timer—and not just the one attached to the oven. MONEY timed how long each meal took to prep, cook, and even clean up minutes of washing dishes and wiping down countertops in total, to be exact.

We also counted the number of utensils, bowls, and cookware each recipe called for. On average, each recipe used about When the meal was complete, a panel of five staff members tasted each dish and rated the completed meal. All of the individual component scores were totaled and the services were graded on a point scale. Launched in , Plated offers the best value for your money. Those first-rate ingredients and gourmet recipes are part of what pushed Plated to the top.

For example, the baby arugula, which tends to spoil quickly, was in great condition and the entire bag was usable. Easily the most customizable meal kit service on the market, Plated offers two-, three- and four-serving recipe options delivered to your door up to four times a week. Plated has over 14 dinner recipes options to choose from each week—far and away the most offered by the companies evaluated by MONEY. It has really smoothed out the pain points of a delivery service, creating an incredibly easy process to reduce time and stress.

All that and an attractive price point. Ordering a Blue Apron box is really simple—you can open an account and set up your order in less than 15 minutes. And the company offers a wide of range of recipe options, with a couple vegetarian and healthy meal choices available each week.

The meals also contained very fresh, high-quality ingredients. Unlike its competitors, the ingredients for Blue Apron meals come jumbled together and must be sorted before storing or using. In the Tex-Mex tostada recipe MONEY tested, the avocado crema sauce came pre-done, as did the green romesco sauce contained in the roast chicken breast recipe we ordered. Billed as a healthier option, these meals have about calories per serving, and are high in protein and fiber without any added sugars or dairy, according to Sun Basket.

Along with meals customized for various diets, Sun Basket also offers more options when it comes to the number of meals sent each week.

You can choose to receive two, three, or four meals per week on the classic menu—whereas previously you had to order a minimum of three recipes per week. Sun Basket makes it difficult to recreate your favorite recipes again.

The avocado crema and romesco sauces really made the meals, but home chefs looking to learn how to create these delicious components are out of luck.

In addition to delivering organic, sustainably sourced ingredients, Green Chef promises its customers restaurant-quality meals. Kcal is able to provide this with such a wide variety of different dishes that I would never be able to create myself. Also, the very wide variety of meals prepared for me every day was really enjoyable, tasty and healthy. Massive thanks to Kcal for keeping me committed to my weight loss journey and for helping me achieve my desired goal of getting fit physically and mentally.

It doesn't feel like I'm on a diet at all. I am full constantly and never hungry. The food is tasty and sooooooooo fresh! A big thanks to the team for helping me get on my way to being healthy and happy. The food so far has been fantastic and the after service is amazing! I never thought healthy could taste good! With over tasty dishes available, Kcal Extra lets you customise your perfect meal plan and hit your weight goals more easily.

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