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September 9, at 9: When they got a little spotted and sweet I individually wrapped them and put them in the freezer. January 28, at 4: Ashlie June 5, at 1: Not sure if I missed this answer or not already but what type of arrowroot powder do you use?

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I like to add chocolate chips for a special treat. I also use apple sauce rather than oil and add in a tablespoon of banana liqueur.

One of the best banana bread recipes I have tried. This recipe is so fantastic! The bread comes out perfect! I made 4 loafs last night for family and friends. I did put a tsp of vanilla in but that is the only thing I added. This morning I also made banana muffins with the same recipe.

Thank you so much!! This is a very simple recipe to follow. It is also a big hit. I have used this one for teaching classes as well. I would recommend this to everyone. Super fast and easy! I double the recipe and add about a cup more bananas, chopped walnuts and a pinch of cinnamon. I turned the temp down a few degrees and shorten the cooking time to 50 and it comes out moist. It makes great muffins and cuts the baking time in half!

They freeze good and hubby takes them on the road with him. I made two modifications, I added 1 tsp of vanilla and 4 tablespoons of sour cream, and oh my word! Sometimes you find a recipe which will become a 'little black dress' of your recipe collection: This is one of those recipes.

So simple you can memorize it after just a few attempts. Here are my variations so far: I have used this recipe time and time again.

My family intentionally leaves 3 bananas behind so that I can make the bread. It seems like the older the bananas the better, otherwise I would just throw them away. Thank you so much for the recipe. I LOVE this recipe I also tweak it and add an extra banana a bit of cinnamon and some vanilla extract.

I sprinkle "finishing sugar" on the top before baking. I bake it about 1 hour 5 minutes. It's such an easy flawless bread just as written too! This recipe was absolutely delicious! The first time I made banana bread I made a mistake by not adding any baking powder and was unsure for this recipe. I added 1 tsp of baking powder and cooked it for 1 hour and it turned out wonderful. God bless the person who put this website up.

It turns out great! Family and friends love this and it doesn't last long around here. My 8 year old niece and I, a legally blind man, just got done making this one and it's in the oven now! Made as posted, but I added an extra banana and will cook for extra time if needed. Next time I'll add cinnamon and vanilla since I forgot to read the reviews before making and that sounds extra delicious!

Also, I'd have made it yesterday had I read the reviews and noticed the apple sauce for oil post.. Thanks for this recipe! Oh, and thanks for all your suggested modifications!

Thank you this was an awesome recipe. I found it about a week ago and have made 4 loaves! My family loves it! Did a quick search for an easy banana bread and found this one. I wonder about food combining? When I first did raw till 4 a few years ago, Freelee and Princess Neet told me I was having dizzy spells and stomach cramping because I was mixing strawberries and bananas. I was eating everything else within the guidelines and had a diary on their facebook group.

They used to stress how important food combining was. My stomach is not used to the amount of food and has been very sore and bloated the last few days…. Have you experienced this? When will it stop?

Do you think I am not protected anymore? İ know 2 weeks is not long enough to wait results but i am really concerned about my weight since i have been yoyo dieting for years and 3 years ago calorie restricting with a dietician,low carb diets for a month this year…and every one around me just comments on the number of bananas i eat a day,the big rice bowl i eat in dinner time and including my family everyone is trying to tell that i will gain weight so soon.

I guess you could say my goal right now is to be vegetarian but with vegan-like aspects. I also play volleyball and have recently gone through my third concussion and neck injury idk if that has really any relevance. My niece has shown much success with Raw Till 4, and I am considering this lifestyle. Ideally, I need to loose 90 pounds. My concern is that this lifestyle is high in Carbs and low in protein. Does eating that much carbs mean carbs converting to sugar, thus weight gain???

How do we get our protein? Are supplements recommended, such as Omega 3 and Calcium? I was skeptical like you but we can get all of our nutrition from the raw foods. Some die hard rawtill4 guys might say im doing this lifestyle wrong but it works for me! I know this way to little, but I just feel so full after eating an apple and a half Galia melon for breakfast.

Would it be better for me to eat my meals in smoothie form? Just hang in there! Could you please explain: I made a stir fry of vegetables, some of them being bell peppers high sugar and even added a half cup of coconut sugar to the sauce…is this a no-no or what?

Sorry for the newbie question, I just started experimenting with this diet. My sister is vegan, so she is fully supportive of me trying this. I just started today, so far, so good. My energy levels were high throughout the day, so that was a nice change of pace.

Can wait to see the end results. It physically makes me sick. Will this get better over time? Should I go talk to my doctor for monitoring? It does take some time to get used to eating the volume of raw unprocessed plant foods needed to reach your caloric needs!

It also never hurts usually to speak to your doctor. Hello, I struggle with depression and anxiety as many people do. Obviously because I want to do my bit for the earth but also because I really want to manage my mental illnesses in the most natural way possible.

I was wondering if there has been much evidence of significant improvements for people who also suffer from mental illness? What should i eat? What happens if i eat fruits after 4? Hi, I have spinal injuries and disabilities which severely restrict the amount of incidental exercise I do each day. I do swim most days but was wondering if I need to eat less calories on raw til 4 for successful weight loss? HI, I am new in this lifestyle, and can barely eat all these calories.

It will take some time to get used to eating the volume of whole foods required to reach your caloric intake goals. One thing that will help make you hungrier is exercise! Get active and you will get hungry. Hello, I have been vegan for a long time and it has been the best decision I ever took. I have put on weight in the past year due to me eating a lot of canned food and having an unstable diet. I want to know if I have to exercise on Raw til 4?

Apples, mandarins, papayas, melons, pears, apricots, figs, berries, grapes, cherries, plums. Heaps of fruit out there you can try, not to mention all the vegetables. I have just started raw till 4 I am now on day 3. Its not a huge transition for me given my mostly plant based lifestyle but there are some conscious changes I have had to make which will require commitment.

I was wondering from anyone that has tried this lifestyle AND maintained it, what are the results I can expect even after 1 week? Do I drink the water and ice together or separately. Hi I was just wondering, on RT4 can u eat raw after your cooked dinner? So I cannot start the lifestyle just yet..

But I hope you have a great day! I just have some questions about the breakdown of the macros: And somewhere between and calories. Does this sound ok? I still cannot get the logic behind the fact that so many calories are neccessary — yes, raw foods are less dense and we need to eat larger amounts of them, but in the end we still have our standard metabolic rate and if our intake exceeds it — we gain weight, right!?

So why striving for so many more kcals than our standard rate actually demands? Eating so many calories will cause weight gain, regardless of what you eat. My BMR what I burn at rest is just under calories. Your age and activity level determine how much you should eat. Freelee is duping everyone by saying you can eat so much without repercussions. She used to have an eating disorder, and now word has it that she exercises at least four hours a day to burn off all the sugar in the fruits she eats.

This lifestyle might make you feel great in the beginning as your body detoxes, but then you will run into deficiencies.. Read what happened with Aston Kutcher when he tried to emulate his diet when playing Jobs in his movie.

While fruit is delicious and healthy in moderate amounts, you also need some healthy fats for brain health flaxseeds, walnuts, avocados, olives and to absorb vitamins A, D, E and K.

You also need leafy greens and beans and legumes for calcium, protein and iron. It will just make you fat and malnourished. Proceed at your own risk. Hi there I would just like to share my expierence with raw til 4. About a year and a half ago I transitioned from a vegetarian diet to raw til 4 vegan.

I went from being 65kg and constantly feeling bloated and tired to 56kg and full of energy. In the beginning I found it very hard eating such large amounts of food but you get used to it quickly. None of my friends could understand how I lost so much weight while still eating the amount of food I do. I even went back to a normal vegan diet for a while to see if I would gain everything back but the weight stayed off.

Also my family members believe that I will be gaining weight from this diet cause of the sugar that is in the fruits and that I should not be eating so much of it. Need answers to relieve my confusion and anxiety. My Raw Till 4 LIfe. Raw Till 4 Diet Plan.

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