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The chocolate chip cookie dough ingredient, supplied by a third party supplier, may potentially contain Listeria monocytogenes. Symptoms include high fever, nausea, stiffness, severe headache, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. Judging will start at 1: See Link for detailed product and lot information. Bout all I can say, for short term feeling better, nutritious liquids for a couple days, won't harm those that have no major health issues. Golden Flake Snack Foods, Inc. This macadamia nut recall includes the following distributors:

Growing Family, Farms, and Community in Oldham County, Kentucky.

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Her background includes work with children and seniors. I have been gardening and landscaping since the late s. Following my back surgery in , I discovered the importance of proper lifting, carrying, and digging techniques for gardening. Recommended habits can be modified. I still garden and do strenuous work, but I listen to my body and take a break, change my position, or stop when needed.

Well, sometimes I go past my limit — but not far — and when I do, I pay more attention to my posture. Staying active is important to maintain endurance, flexibility, and energy. When we age, endurance is often the first thing to go. We feel weak, unable to lift and move plants like we used to, and familiar tasks take longer to complete. Reduce the overall maintenance of deep perennial beds, for example, by making them narrowing and backing them with shrubs.

The loss of flexibility is also one of the first signs of aging. An injury or development of arthritis are among several things that can cause reduced flexibility. This limits our ability to maneuver in the garden: Of course, gardening does help us maintain flexibility. Reduced flexibility needs to be considered when we decide what needs to be changed to make it easier to maneuver in the garden. Additional limiting changes include poor balance and persistent back and joint pain.

Once these changes start, gardening becomes more of a challenge, so modifying your garden as you develop it could help in the long run. What is the size and layout of your garden? Is your garden large with numerous perennial plantings and border gardens, or is it smaller, including just the area surrounding your house with maybe a small vegetable garden?

The style, size, and area of your garden will determine the approach needed when making modifications so that you can enjoy gardening again. Note that annual and perennial plantings need a lot of maintenance because of their constant change and growth rate. Lawns, trees, and shrubs also require maintenance but not as often as flower beds. We should look ahead. Look at what has recently changed in your ability to maintain your garden.

What are your immediate limitations? Decide what you will be able to handle and still enjoy gardening. Will you be able to have someone available to help maybe a family member or young gardening enthusiast to keep your garden as it is? Gardens are a collective of plants that we desired to grow at one point or another.

Some, though attractive, are not your favorite. Select those plants that are your favorites and reconsider how to handle the rest. Changes based on a landscape plan can be made all at once or over a period of years.

If you decide to do the work yourself, start with your most labor-intensive space. Look for plants that need less attention. Reduce the overall maintenance of deep perennial beds by making them narrower then backing them with shrubs. Another solution might be creating a pollinator garden that requires minimum upkeep and can be mown off once a year.

Reduce reaching distance and amount of leaning forward to pull weeds or spread mulch. If you can only access a bed from one side, ensure it is no wider than two feet. Beds accessible from both sides can be four feet in width. To make the work easier, use quality tools and keep them clean and sharp. A rusty shovel is more difficult to dig with because the soil will stick to it more. A sharp hoe will cut through weeds easier than a dull one.

Consider automatic watering and semi-automatic watering systems for gardening to reduce the amount of hand watering. Soaker hoses and single drip emitters are two options. Once you have decided what changes to make to your garden, you can make them yourself with family help or hire a landscaper to install them for you. The design of large gardens will need to provide easy access to all the plants with wide, level walkways on both sides of four-foot-wide beds.

Create shaded areas in the garden using trellises, gazebos, and small trees so you can get out of the sun a while. Benches provide a comfortable place to sit and rest. Walkways should be wide and level enough to accommodate a wheelchair. Turf, smooth recessed stepping stones, or paving stones make a good surface for wheelchair access.

Mulch and loose gravel are often hard to push through and can also become a slipping hazard. Smaller garden areas can be created using a number of large containers grouped together or as single planters.

Container gardening can reducing your gardening stress, and the many different and attractive containers available add interesting focal points to your garden. You can also turn just about anything into a container garden. From teapots to milk jugs, wooden dressers to wine barrels, let your creativity run wild!

Consider installing raised beds that reduce bending over by allowing you to work in a standing or seated position. Standing, you may be able to maintain a three-foot-deep bed, while two feet is manageable if seated. Raised beds can be a very attractive part of a landscape, defining walkways and providing a more formal appearance. Height often varies from six inches to three feet tall. Raised beds can be constructed in many styles using a wide variety of materials, including treated wood, concrete blocks, stone, and more.

Various shapes and curves can be included to help blend the raised garden into your existing landscape, making it both attractive and functional. Unique garden features like vertical gardening with wall planters and trellises allow you to work while standing up.

You can buy a premade trellis or build one yourself. Pots can be stacked or arranged on a riser. Like container gardening, vertical gardening is an opportunity to get creative in the garden. Growing vegetables using vertical trellises reduces bending and picking. Many vegetables grow well when trellised.

Cucumbers, beans, squash , and melons can all climb the traditional store-bought garden trellis. Another simplified gardening method that lifts your garden, making it more accessible, is straw bale gardening. This gardening method can be incredibly productive.

It also cuts out all of the digging and cultivating that can be hard on the body. Straw bale gardening does, however, require several weeks of setup. Every garden and every gardener is unique. Consider your body type and abilities when adapting your garden as you age. Understand that your garden is limited by your physical abilities and personal interests as well as the location of the garden itself. With these tips in mind, make changes that allow you to continue enjoying your gardening hobby without the stress of a high-maintenance landscape.

You may have heard about the cases of whooping cough in Lexington. Although most persons you may meet are vaccinated against the illness, it is important to be aware of whooping cough, its symptoms, and treatment.

Pertussis, commonly known as whooping cough, is a respiratory illness. It is very contagious. This means that if whooping cough has been going through the community, there is still a chance that a fully vaccinated person can catch the illness.

If a person has been vaccinated, however, the infection is usually not as bad for him or her. Whooping cough spreads from person to person through coughing, sneezing, or even being in close proximity to someone with the illness. Many people are infected with whooping cough by siblings, parents, or caregivers who do not even know they have the illness.

Symptoms of the illness usually begin within five to ten days after being exposed but could take up to three weeks to manifest. Symptoms for babies are very different from older children and adults. Babies might not even have a cough or it could be a slight cough. They are also likely to show apnea a long pause in breathing.

This illness is very dangerous for babies. If a school age child is showing symptoms, he or she should stay home from school and visit a healthcare provider.

You should take your child to a healthcare provider even if he or she has been vaccinated. If your child has whooping cough, he or she will need to stay out of school until all antibiotics have been taken. If a person in your home has whooping cough, the healthcare provider may recommend that others in the home also take an antibiotic to prevent the spread of the illness.

Pertussis, also known as whooping cough, is a contagious respiratory illness. Be on the watch for symptoms for you and your family and visit a healthcare provider should you think someone may have the illness. Source material from the Centers for Disease Control. The following Horticulture article printed in the Spring edition of the quarterly Oldham County Extension newsletter.

Spring is almost here. Take advantage of the last few days of winter to plan your garden. After exploring the seed catalogs and deciding what you want to grow, map out your garden on paper. This is a good way to determine how much seed to order for the vegetables you want to produce. Whether you are growing a new garden or one you have been using for several years, planning will help improve the quality of your harvest this year and future years.

A well-planned and properly kept garden should produce to pounds of produce per 1, square feet and may include many different crops. Finally, the closer the vegetable garden is to your back door, the more you will use it. You can see when your crops are at their peaks and can take maximum advantage of their freshness. In addition, keeping up with the planting, weeding, watering, and pest control will be easier.

The Vegetable Gardening Guides are now available. The following Agriculture and Natural Resources article printed in the Spring edition of the quarterly Oldham County Extension newsletter.

Winter is a time when many farmers make business decisions as well as planting decisions — sometimes that means a call to the extension office. Our goal is to give farmers the best chance for success no matter what agriculture enterprise they are engaged in. All agriculture agents have areas of farming expertise we want to share. Plus, we have access to specialists at University of Kentucky and Kentucky State University to help with questions we cannot answer.

It may surprise you that many questions directed to ag agents are not about production practices at all. And often there are other agencies best suited to answer those questions. Below are some of the most common. Try multigrain toast with real peanut butter some blueberries or strawberries and a glass of milk or soy milk. Lunch should be the same idea. Turkey is good especially if its lean. But stay away from white processed bread it turns to sugar in your body and then is stored as fat!!!

Not eating any vegetables, fruits, not enough grains? You can't live off one type of thing. You just need to eat a balanced diet with lots of fruits and veggies and whole grains and seeds and nuts, etc If you want to have a protein shake, go ahead. Have it for lunch or for a midafternoon snack, but try to eat something healthy times a day.

I'd say to 3 good portioned meals and snacks. Your body is probably freaking out because you don't eat until dinner and then you eat a ton. Depends on what you're trying to do, starve yourself?

I'll tell you how to lose weight. First of all, you never "go on a diet". To "go on a diet" means that one day, you will "go off the diet".

When you go off, you will begin to put back on all the weight you took off and generally more. Do you intend to eat turkey sandwiches and protein shakes the rest of your life?????? The word "diet" is not something to go ON. It is a "way of eating". You change your "diet", you change the way you eat.

Before, you ate and gained weight. Now you want to eat and not gain weight. By doing that you will automatically lose weight and it will be something you can live with the rest of your life if you choose. That is a sure fire road to failure! Nobody likes to go hungry. So don't eat like one, OK? Here's what you do In it will be listed virtually everything a human would want to put into their mouth. Atkins Diet Menu Plan Hav ing a. Nutrisystem protein shakes are designed. The Herbalife Diet Vs.

The Atkins Diet eHow. Which Is the Better Diet? This combo of delicious Nutrisystem NutriCrush and probiotic-infused Turbo shake mixes offer protein to leave you. However, Slim Fast shakes are not resealable and contain milk,. Nutritionally complete plans include delicious and filling Shakes, Entrees. All are high in protein and fully fortified with vitamins and.

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