Ray Williams Sets Deadlift Record and Wins 2018 IPF World Championships

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List of people from Georgia (U.S. state)
Officers patrolled the area, including Sumner Road but nobody saw Lynskey or any scene of a problem. September 4, - 4: The picture quality for these transfers ranges from above average, to pretty good, to very good. It makes a gigantic difference in your injuries. I often have people ask me how I am different from other athletes, what sets me apart?

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After completing this twelve week cycle, we work on our one rep max. Our workouts focus on being explosive in our lifts. Explosive means moving the bar fast and powering the weight off your chest. We do this by alternating a heavy and a speed week. Many lifters incorporate such workouts, but often the speed of the lift is left out. In Physics, force equals mass times acceleration. If you can accelerate the weight off your chest, you will be able to create more power, thus lift more weight.

There are many places in the bench press where speed gives a huge advantage. The bench press has many aspects and not just the chest muscles are needed.

Because all these little parts of the bench press are important to create speed, I incorporate exercises such as pull downs, pull ins, weighted pull ups, bicep curls, and tricep extensions, just to name a few. Many of these accessory exercises are overlooked in powerlifting when they can actually give you an edge in your lifts. I have often been told I workout more like a bodybuilder and less like a powerlifter. Having a balanced physique is important to me.

I think this has also led to my improvements in the bench while staying at the same weight. We work not just the core powerlifting exercises, but many of the accessories. By having a muscular build your body will burn more calories throughout the day.

The process of breaking down muscles during a workout and then repairing them afterwards, burns calories. This process has also let me maintain a steady weight. The supplement industry has changed drastically from when I began powerlifting in Gymwork and interviews are not included and the women vary between contest shape and off-season.

This is a 'compilation tape' featuring posing footage taken from original releases which we had deleted from stock at the time. Negrita and Mona were top national stars at the time and Phyllis was a popular regional competitor.

All three women are in top contest shape for these sessions- Mona poses in four outfits and Phyllis and Negrita pose in seven each. Some footage of Negrita taken 'on location' with a camcorder. Again, the original footage also appears now on our re-released ' Archive DVDs ', so be careful of duplication. Gymwork and interviews are not included. The six women featured here were all top national stars in the mid-late 80's and they are all in contest shape.

Jill poses in four outfits during her session. Velma's four outfits were taped in Gymwork and interviews not included. We met Crystal, Tania and Chris at the Junior Nationals, where we did all of this work with them. All three were top national women at the time but left the scene soon after.

Crystal, from Virginia, was in very tight shape here and poses in three outfits. Tania was from South Carolina and also poses in three outfits, with the mid-Westerner Chris hitting the shots in four. No gymwork, but all three women are interviewed. When we did this work with Virginia and Illona in it was noteworthy to mention that each were 'mature' women in the sport, despite both being only 35!

Obviously times have changed as there are tons of women competing at age 35, 45 and older competing now, it is common, particulary at the Masters Nationals. Norm and Jerry Cohen did the camcorder session with Virginia, and she was in top shape, posing in four different outfits and an interview.

We taped her with our pro equipment at the contest, when she was in terrific, lean shape. Then, a few months later, when she was up 10 pounds, we did some camcorder footage of her in her former back yard in NJ. No gymwork, but interview included. All of the camcorder footage is good quality, but note- the video copy we had to make our DVD master had a few 'glitches', where the picture 'rolls', but the problem does not last long. This event was held during the 's, but this was the last year of this show- since then, the national show for Teens, College women and Masters is The Nationals.

The Junior Nationals has always been a great show to find new national level talent, but the version was particularly noteworthy as it introduced Lenda Murray to the national scene. The entire prejudging and finals are included, and the video quality is great. We just received a copy of this video and it is now available for the first time in DVD format. If you accidentally order one of those three, you will automatically receive this WPW Note that Clare's footage here is also on WPW 68, but with two other women, so some may want that title also.

OK, what we have here is both sessions with Clare in great shape at the time of the and Ms. Olympia including some repwork in the gym, posing in many outfits and an interview. Note that the picture quality is not that good for the session, but the stuff is fine. Clare and Janice were paired here as most who followed the sport in the mid-late 80's thought the two looked much alike facially and physique-wise, and so did we- two of the best and prettiest women on the scene then.

Running time almost 3 hours. Some camcorder was used 'on location', but we used our good equipment otherwise, for great quality. Mishay was from California, and competed during the same era, though she was doing national shows at the time. This footage of Mishay was originally released on WPW in , and though we used our first video equipment here, the picture quality is fine. Mishay was quite popular at the time as she had a well defined physique including for the lower body, which was not common back then combined with exotic looks.

Mishay works out in the gym, poses in a bikini and several dresses and is interviewed. Sadly, Mishay passed away several years ago.

The footage of Anja and Lupita was taken at the time of the Pro Worlds in Canada, when both were in very top contest shape. Lupita, from Mexico, made a huge splash at this show, but that was pretty much it for her, she faded from the scene soon after. Leny's footage runs about 20 minutes and she poses in several outfits, in off-season shape, but very lean.

The future superstar, who took over the Ms. Olympia crown from Cory Everson, posed in two swimsuits and two dresses, and was interviewed- no further intro needed!

For Carol, the footage here was originally released on WPW - she posed in four different outfits in very top contest shape, and was interviewed. All of the footage so far here was taken with our pro equipment, and added to that was a brief camcorder session with the top New Yorker, Adrienne Foster, which was originally on WPW So, if you want the variety of three different women on one tape, WPW would be the good choice.

Both women were top national stars when this work was done in , though Liz had the higher contest placements. Both women pose in many outfits and are interviewed, and there is gymwork for Liz. The video quality is very good, though we also included some Super 8 film transfer of Liz from , which is fair quality, with a small amount of transfer distortion.

Overall though, a high quality video of two very attractive physique models. If you are a nostalgia buff, this is a great contest tape from 20 years ago, featuring many of the top women of the time: In addition, Lenda Murray and Bev Francis both guest pose!

The picture quality is perfect and this four hour DVD- on two discs- features the entire prejudging and evening finals. We will be releasing all of our contest videos from the 80's and 90's in time, but this one for sure is one of the best. DVD runs 4 hours. We need a video copy of this title to make a DVD master. If anyone has one, please notify us.

Meanwhile, all of the footage on this 'Rhonda Compilation' was taken from the following three previous videos with her, and they are available in original form: Both women were among the most 'outrageously muscled' women of that time- Chris famous for her unreal legs and Renee for her unreal upper body.

The footage of Chris features live gymwork, posing in bikini and dress and an interview. Renee works out in the gym, poses in four outfits and is interviewed. Picture quality is very good. This video runs a full two hours and features all of the footage of Debbie taken from her original video, WPW , then new footage of Kim King taken in , both in ripped contest shape and off-season. Please note that all of Kim's footage here is also on her 'compilation' video, WPW , and that would be a better choice if you just want Kim.

Each woman poses in bikini and dresses and are interviewed, and for Kim, there is excellent gymwork where she shows off her strength, particularly for her lower body. Debbie was from down South, and Kim from Pittsburgh, and each won national contests soon after this and competed as IFBB pros for a few years before retiring from the sport in the early 90's.

Lori competed on the national scene in the late 80's-early 90's, and we got her in very top contest shape, then also nice looking off-season shape during and We did not do gymwork, but instead had a full day of shooting 'on location' using a camcorder decent quality , but the rest of the off-season posing and contest shape posing, where she was really ripped, the picture quality is very good. She combined having an incredible physique and good looks with superior strength better than just about any woman in the sport ever.

Here, we concentrated on repwork in the gym since she was dieting, then wore her out by posing her in no fewer than nine different swimsuits and dresses, and an interview is also included. Her physique was one of the best in the sport at the time, featuring very good lower body poses but truly superior upper body shots, all topped off by blonde beauty. As far as her strength level, we took care of that in a video later in , when she had an unreal tandem lifting session with Shelley Beattie, when both were in off-season shape- that is on WPW All three women were taped in very top contest shape at the US Championships.

Betsy was the most well known of the three, and she poses in a bikini and several other dress outfits. There is some gym footage and an interview. Erin, who later competed as Erin Wieda, was from New Jersey and one of the few 6' women in the sport- she poses in five outfits and is interviewed. Jan was totally ripped and poses in a bikini and three dresses. This was our first session with Karla our second one is on WPW , and she was in top contest shape.

She does repwork in the gym, poses in four different outfits and is interviewed. Her footage runs about an hour, and to fill out this release, we had taken a few posing scenes of Jackie, Margo and Dorothy from WPW , which had been out of stock at that time.

All three of these women were in contest shape also and pose in several outfits each. Claudia was in top contest shape for the and sessions, and was in lush off-season shape for her other taping, and one we did with her in that footage was originally on WPW , and that title, which features other women also, will be on DVD soon.

Strangely, we never taped her in the gym, but she poses in many outfits and is interviewed she is also featured on Ray Martin-2 , as a blonde. Regarding the Myers footage here- this is not on her WPW , and we actually cant understand why we ever deleted this title from stock. Susan was in contest shape and poses in bikini, two dresses and is interviewed- this was the last work we did with her.

The three women were taped during Mary was in strong off season shape and Denise and Monica were in contest shape. Denise was just in a contest in California, and some of this footage is on her WPW Denise poses in many outfits and is interviewed, Mary lifts heavy in the gym, poses in many outfits and is interviewed and the video quality is very good.

The Monica footage was taken with a camcorder at the time of her contest in Europe, so there is posing only with her. We taped the action onstage at the Junior Nationals with our pro equipment, and that is on WPW We had another videographer tape the 'backstage' action with a camcorder.

Note that the picture quality is only average, and the content has an 'amateur' feel to it, as the camera had to sometimes swing quickly to tape a different competitor pumping up.

But, for those fans who have no idea what goes on backstage, this is interesting to watch. We finally got a video copy of this contest and it is now available in DVD format for the first time. The strength event was patterned after the Extravaganza contests, and features 6 women competing against each other for 6 different lifts- chin ups, dips, leg press, bench press, curls and leg extensions.

The women perform reps with a percentage of their bodyweight. The NPC bodybuilding event was a regional quality show. Virginia Brady, who has been competing in bodybuilding events since the early '80s, and still competes going into as Carmen Brady, was also in the strength show together with her friend, Vicki Sims. The bodybuilding event also featured a couple of famous women- a lesser known Denise Rutkowski, before she became famous a year later, and Shirley Eson, who was the tallest woman bodybuilder ever, at 6'3".

In addition, Lisa Lorio guest posed. We taped all four women at the time of the US Championships, and all were in excellent contest shape. This was the first time we met Skye, and of the four, she had the longest career, even turning pro. She has done figure shows as recently as about MaryEllen and Kim were top-five caliber at national shows for a few years, then retired, but we cant remember seeing Denise after this show.

Four great looking women in top shape, very representative of how the best women looked 20 years ago. As always, the U. Championships the 'USA' is the second best amateur contest of the year, and this was a particularly good one, featuring many women who were already top 'name' competitors and those who would become so soon after. The entire prejudging is shown, with the top 15 in each of the 3 classes posing and all comparisons.

The finals include the evening routines, posedowns and awards. Skye Ryland did her prejudging routine, but did not appear in the finals. Debbie McKnight guest posed. The tape quality is excellent. WPW released a few backstage videos over the years, but most were taken with a camcorder. Here, though, our regular pro-quality equipment was used and the picture quality is very good. An outdoors bodybuilding party is taped first, then we have 'backstage footage' at the two contests showing the women pumping up and hitting some shots.

The finals only are featured here for these two contests. As a nice bonus, an off-season Bev Francis guest posed! In addition, there was a nice field for the Collegiate and Masters events as well. Footage here was taken in when all women were in contest shape- no gymwork or interviews, but there is 'live' footage so you can hear the woman interact during her posing scenes.

Melissa poses in two outfits and Chris, one. Nina was a top regional competitor in California in the late 's, and flew out to New Jersey in to compete in the Extravaganza Bodybuilding contest. She was in fabulous shape throughout, but her upper body was particularly noteworthy, featuring some of the best bicep peaks ever. She had great potential to do well in national contests, but as far as we remember, she did not compete again after this. Leisa was from Australia and was a guest at the Extravaganza- too bad she didn't jump into the bodybuilding event as she was in very good shape- at 5'7" pounds.

She hits the shots in swimsuits and dresses showing off terrific calves, thighs, biceps, triceps, chest and an incredible back- wonder whatever happened to her? We had sessions with Tazzie and Cathey prior to this, but the footage here was all-new material taken in , when we had two tapings with each- both were in contest shape and off-season.

Both women pose in several outfits for all four sessions and have update interviews, but no gymwork. Ditto for Tazzie- she was in ripped shape contest-time, and huge at pounds off-season. Fast forward two years and we had two more sessions with her- another one in off-season and one in very top contest shape at the time of the US Championships. She does very heavy gymwork in the gym, poses in many swimsuits for all three tapings and is interviewed twice.

At her heavier weight, she was one of the biggest women weight per height we ever did work with. If you are primarily interested in Cathey, this video would be the best value as it has all of her footage. This is 'compilation' footage for five women, taken from their original video releases as follows: Note that all of those original releases are still in catalogue, and check the descriptions of each for more info on these five women. For Lori, only her contest shape footage is included- to get all of her scenes, including off-season, that is only on WPW She combined the best features of a bodybuilder and figure competitor- not bulked up, but very lean and defined muscularity on a traditionally attractive figure.

Her arms, chest and back were totally chiseled when in contest shape, but a special nod to her great calves, regardless of her bodyweight. Sadly, after competing in a couple more shows, she was gone from the competitive scene. However, a few of the dresses and the interview are not included on WPW , so if you want all of Jeannie's scenes, WPW is the way to go.

After the gymwork, Vicki 5'2" and Virginia 5'6" pounds pose in swimsuits and dresses, both showing off beautiful, lush development. Following those two are Erin Maldonado 6' , Jodie Osborne 5'7" and Kim Robinson 5'7" , all of whom pose in various outfits during these sessions. If not, this is a great DVD as it features the two sessions with Lenda contest shape and off-season as well as 45 minutes of Tracy in top contest shape at the time of her big win in the Junior Nationals.

Tracy shows off her very impressive physique, topped off by facial beauty, in two swimsuits and two dresses, and is interviewed. Her stage routine is also included. For Lenda, there is gymwork when off-season, then posing in several outfits off-season, then in top contest shape for this multiple Ms.

The entire prejudging is shown, which includes all the comparisons and 15 routines from each of the three classes, followed by the evening finals, posedowns and awards. We had two sessions with her around this time, one at her contest weight of about pounds she is 5'3" then shortly after that when she was maybe 10 pounds up in weight. Sharon grew up in Delaware and was living in Maryland when we did this shooting and the fact that she moved to New Jersey soon after, and varied her appearance over the years, made her our favorite WPW physique model ever.

Here, she does repwork in the gym, is interviewed and poses in many different bikini, leotard and dress items, including a 'camcorder' session with her by the Chesapeake Bay. We had two sessions with each, when they were in top contest shape, then tandem when off-season. Both were known for their complete physiques though their upper bodies, particularly their biceps, were among the best of their time.

Both women pose in bikinis and dresses in contest shape, then when they were off-season, we took our camcorder into the NJ Meadowlands for some more fun posing, then an interview. Hannie appeared on the Dutch scene in the mid's and was quite a fan-favorite as she was one of the first women to feature alot of size. Hannie was off season about 5'5" pounds, 17" arms for the session, which was done by camcorder in Europe. She came to the states in at a leaner and more defined condition, when we were able to do gymwork also.

Other scenes include Hannie posing in bikinis and many dress items for both years, and an interview. Her level of size, shape and definition is still 'state of the art' for such a young competitor and as far as we can remember, only Bethany Howlett was in Athena's league at that age.

The brown haired beauty from Brooklyn, NY, possessed a complete physique- from her well shaped 16" arms to her great calves, and had fabulous camera-presence. She poses in many bikinis and dresses, works out in the gym and is interviewed. Later footage of Athena appears on WPW Sharon was off-season both times- the first time at pounds 5'3" and about 15 pounds lighter the second time. At that time many women had chiseled upper bodies, but there were very few who had this kind of muscle shape and definition in the thighs.

We had three video sessions with her in — one was the day after the show when she was in fabulous shape, then some at the Junior Nationals and finally we had a tandem camcorder session with Sharon Marvel, at a river setting when both were off-season — all are included on this DVD. Every year or so during the 's another 'state of the art' physique arrived on the scene In the summer, the Cohen Brothers did video work with her in top contest shape ripped at 5'4" pounds!

They used a camcorder so the picture is not as good as when we used our regular WPW video for the off-season work a few months later, but you clearly would want all footage included here. In addition, she was a 'southern belle' who was very particular about her grooming, so it all adds up to one of the best physique models of all time.

We did have one more session with her, which was on WPW with Eve Ripoli and some with Janice Ragain , but for some odd reason we deleted this video from catalogue- we will remaster it for DVD release in the future.

Marissa Brown had been competing successfully in local northwestern US contests and in she started hitting the national contests. You think Bethany Howlett was good as a 20 year old?

She was known for her awesome biceps, triceps, back, chest, abs and calve shots…her thighs were very muscular and hard, and it was all topped off by remarkable facial beauty and glamorous hair. Marissa had some high placings in the top shows, though never won so she never had a pro career, and faded from the scene nearly as quickly as she entered it.

Lisa Lorio grew up in Louisiana and competed in the Texas area before entering the national scene in , when we had our first video session with her. This was followed by sessions in and and she was in top contest shape for all three shootings, and all three are included here.

Every body part was dialed in and more than any other model she really dwelled on her makeup and hair, making for one of the most beautiful women bodybuilders of all time. Jo an was another of a long line of 'comets', who for a couple of years had a 'state of the art' physique, then disappeared from the competitive scene during her prime. We had two session with her in December when she was in top contest shape- the first hour features good quality camcorder work with her in the gym, the day after her contest, and the rest was done two weeks later with our regular professional equipment, and she remained ripped.

She hits the shots in a bikini, one-piece and six dress items, and is interviewed. One stage routine is also included. Joan was as good as there was then, and looking at the photos now including remarkable lower body size and cuts Great physique and great looks for this Long Island, New Yorker!!

This work with Diana was done in when Diana was again in lean contest shape. She poses in 'regular' posing scenes in bikini and dresses. Then, in sort of an early 'Ray Martin' type scenario, Diana participates in a skit called 'Little Town Flirt' where she interacts with two photographers in a plot revolving around a railroad diamond this portion taken by camcorder where she poses in several more dresses- fun tape featuring one of the best and most talented women in the sport's history.

WPW runs 75 minutes. At either look, she was one of the best 5 or so women of her time, with dense, defined muscularity all over. She poses in many outfits, but we are betting you will like best the footage of her showing off her huge calves in the miniskirts with high heels. She poses in many swimsuits and dresses and an interview is also included.

Most, but not all, of the footage here is also on WPW , featuring more of Sharon. The best value is to simply get WPW , but for fans or collectors who want all the footage of her, we have made WPW available as well. It seems odd now, but it appears that we had hour sessions with each of them- posing in one swimsuit and dresses, but with no interview. Tonya Knight is by far the most famous of the six, as she had a short career as an IFBB pro, but the others competed for a few years, then dropped out.

DVD only runs 2 hours. Championships the USA has been the second best amateur contest of the year since We located a video copy of the prejudging and can now offer this as a two DVD set, featuring many of the top women of the era.

The entire prejudging and finals are included, with line-ups, comparisons and prejudging and finals' routines- and the picture quality is excellent. Running time is 4 hours on 2 DVDs. This was our first 'backstage pumpup' video and it shows nearly all the women in the show, whether they were in the finals or not. A camcorder was used, but the quality is very good as we did a lot of close ups as well as full length. Most of the women listed for WPWB are shown as well as many who were not in the finals, and they are seen pumping up and hitting shots, and many are identified.

At the time, the AAA was the top amateur arm-wrestling contest of the year we think the Petaluma contests were for pros. This was the only arm-wrestling show we taped, but we do admit to doing a very nice job here as we used our pro video equipment as the upfront camera and patched in close-up views with a roaming camcorder. All quarter finals, semi-finals and finals are included, as well as awards. A total of over 20 women competed, and the action was intense!

For long time fans of the sport, Cory Everson does not need much of an introduction, as she is one of the two most distinguished women in the history of the sport, the other being Lenda Murray WPW We had photo sessions with her every year from through and it is all here on this 2 hour release. Cory hits the shots in many outfits and we have one interview with her. This was released as a 'Tara Compilation' video, as it took the best footage from her two earlier released videos.

Tara placed high in a few national contests, and was a photographer-favorite based on her high quality physique and wholesome good looks she was a kindergarten teacher!! Footage includes posing in many outfits during our , and sessions, and an interview. In addition to being a most attractive physique model, she was also very strong, competing in the , and Extravaganza Strength contests. Some of that was a result of her bodybuilding career and success in the Extravaganza Strength Contests, but she gained even more fame as the Gladiator 'ZAP' as well as for a few roles in feature movies.

We met her as a very young amateur in the early 80's, then she started to really put some size on a few years later. This title features the best of our tapings with her from through where she was usually in big off season condition, but was in great contest shape for the last of three sessions in There is gymwork, posing in many outfits, interview and her bodybuilding routine and her strength lifting in the strength show, now on DVD for the first time.

She was a famous stunt skater during the 70's and turned to bodybuilding in the early 80's. We met her in when she was watching that year's Nationals and we have about 5 minutes of Super 8 film transfer from then before moving into the , and video work.

For these sessions her weight varied between and pounds at 5'2" , though most of the footage was at the off-season weight. She competed only twice and we do have contest shape material here also, along with two different gym sessions some reps, some heavy, including four one-arm chins!

Women bodybuilders have come and gone, but there will never be another Doughdee Marie. Most of the prejudging is included, all of the finals and guest posings by Lenda Murray and Gillian Serrette-Hodge! We took over 7 hours of video at this show, and edited that down to 4 hours for this 2-DVD set. Seventeen top name women competed against each other for the following lifts: As always, gym owner Bob Bonham and Ken Kassel invited top notch national women, this time including: S imply put, Kay was the best, and most popular, woman bodybuilder of the early-mid '80s.

We did not get our real video equipment til late , so the footage we shot nearly every year from is Super 8 film transfer. Kay and Cory Everson was the first two women we did real video work with at the Olympia , so that and the footage was real video.

In addition, we have some camcorder of Kay from , shot by one of her fans. Kay was 'before her time' in many ways, but one was her ability to pose for the camera without being prompted, so you will enjoy her posing in many, many bikinis, one-pieces and dress items here.

Kay is interviewed and we also have two 'tribute collages' for her, one in video,the other a photo collage, which were done after her untimely death in a car crash in All prejuding and finals are included, and Sharon Marvel looked great for her guest posing. Running time is an hour. Kris and Shelley were both top regional competitors in the northwest in the late 's, and we were fortunate to have both out east in to tape the two tandem in the gym.

Kris 5'7" pounds and Shelley 5'7" then pose in several outfits and are interviewed. If you want the two women on one tape, then this WPW would be best. That footage runs about an hour- posing in various outfits with a short interview. The new material here was taken on two occasions- in very top contest shape at the time of the Nationals, then in May when she was in very strong off-season shape pounds.

She was still very lean at that weight, posing in more outfits, including some tandem posing with her gymwork-spotter, Mary Messite. An additional interview is also included. Here, the two women train tandem in the gym, displaying the type of training they used to prepare for armwrestling events. The women are interviewed and for Laura we have some nice posing scenes in bikini and dress outfits, where she hits the shots bodybuilding style, showing off a lean fitness style physique with extreme facial beauty.

To vary the action, the two do a 'skit' where they explain their training and test each other in matches. Tami was from Arizona and a top competitor during the late 80's, and Claudia, from France, was one of Europe's rising stars. Both were in very near contest shape for these tapings. We cant remember who the videographer was may have been Tony Duffy , but a camcorder was used, so the picture quality is not as sharp as for other videos of the time, but the camera work was good and both women pose in several outfits: Tami in four swimsuits and three dresses, and Claudia poses in a one-piece in the gym and outside, then in a dress posing tandem with another woman.

No gymwork or interviews. Running time is minutes. It is hard to believe it has been 20 years since this event, but two of the women in the show are still going strong today- Tazzie Colomb and Kathryn Connors! More than 40 women competed and all are shown as the tape includes all of the prejudging and finals.

In addition, Sharon Marvel was in extraordinary shape as the guest poser. A nice historical contest of one of the top amateur shows each year. A month later, knowin she would be a spectator at the Championships, we did additional work with her after doing work with those in the show , including a nice session with our camcorder at the Rappahannock River in Fredricksburg, Virginia.

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Barclay , 32, of South Main Street, Batavia, is charged with petit larceny and third-degree criminal possession of a weapon -- defaced for concealment. He was arrested at 7 p. He was due in court on Aug. Stevenson , 26, of Ellicott Street, Batavia, is charged with open burn.

City fire responded to Ellicott St. Stevenson was issued an appearance ticket for Aug. Ewing , 29, of Mill Street, Akron, is charged with: Ewing was arrested at 3: She is due back in court on Sept. Flinchum was located at an acquaintance's residence on West Main Street in Batavia during an unrelated incident. During the investigation, the bench warrant was discovered. Flinchum is due in court at a later date.

Thomas , 30, of Norton Street, Rochester, was arrested at 9: The tickets were for aggravated unlicensed operation, 3rd, and inadequate or no stop lamps. Thomas was arraigned in City Court and released on her own recognizance. She is to return to court on Sept. After being processed at BPD, Finnin was issued another appearance ticket and is due back in court on Aug. Grossman , 35, of State Street, Batavia, was arrested Aug. After arraignment, he was released on his own recognizance and is due back in court on Sept.

Yefremenko , 30, of Broadway Road, Darien, was arrested on Aug. He was arraigned, held on bail, and was due in City Court this morning. Price , 25, of Ross Street, Batavia, was arrested at 9: It is alleged Price failed to comply with a court-ordered program.

Price was due in court Thursday Aug. Buchinger , 19, of Judge Road, Alabama, is charged with unlawful possession of marijuana. The defendant was allegedly found to be in possession at marijuana. She is due in City Court Sept. Dustin Wayne Bogue , 36, no permanent address, is charged with: Bogue was arrested at 3: He was arraigned and jailed without bail and will appear in City Court at a later date.

Howell , 32, of Monclair Avenue, Batavia, is charged with: The charges stem from an incident 6: Sindon , 37, of West Genesee Street, Clyde, is charged with: Sindon was stopped at 5: It was alleged that he was driving a vehicle while intoxicated with two children under age 15 as passengers. He was jailed without bail and was due in City Court on Aug.

McCoy , 51, of Central Avenue, Batavia, is charged with: Police were called to an address there at McCoy had fled the scene but showed back up there awhile later.

After attempting to elude police again, he was eventually apprehended and arrested. He was arraigned in City Court and jailed without bail. He is due in court again on Aug. Doctor , 40, of Oak Street, Batavia, is charged with: He was allegedly found to be in possession of a crack pipe, chore boy, plunger with drug residue and marijuana.

He was due in City Court on Aug. Frens , 47, of Griffin Road, Basom, is charged with second-degree criminal use of drug paraphernalia and seventh-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance. Frens was arrested on the charges following a traffic stop at He was a passenger in the vehicle that was stopped and allegedly was found to be in possession of a crack pipe, chore boy, and plunger with drug residue. He was arrested at 3: The case was handled by Genesee County Sheriff's Sgt.

John Baiocco, assisted by Deputy James Stack. Alexandria Claire Pisarek , 25, of Maple Avenue, Oakfield, is charged with seventh-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance. She was arrested at 5: She was allegedly found to be in possession of 20 small bags of heroin.

She is due in City Court to answer the charge on Oct. Rumble , 31, of Hutchins Place, Batavia, is accused of first-degree criminal contempt, third-degree robbery, and fourth-degree grand larceny. Rumble was arrested then arraigned in City Court on Aug. He was arrested on a warrant for the charges. During the course of the crime, Rumble allegedly pushed and struck the victim, all in violation of the court order. He was arrested at 8: Duckworth , 39, of Monclair Avenue, Batavia, is charged with first-degree criminal contempt and fouth-degree criminal mischief.

Duckworth was arrested at 6: Aiken , 20, of Ellicott Avenue, Batavia, is charged with second-degree criminal contempt. He is accused of being at the protected party's residence during an incident. He was released on his own recognizance and was due in City Court on Aug. Hensley , 41, of Highland Park, Batavia, is charged with: She was arrested at She was issued appearance tickets and is due in City Court on Aug.

Clattenburg , 58, of Washington Avenue, Batavia, is charged with: Clattenburg was arrested at 7: He was issued appearance tickets and is due in City Court on Aug.

Scheuerlein , 25, Leyland Lane, Aurora, Ill. DWI -- first offense; refusal to take a breath test; and failure to stop at stop sign. He was arrested at 1: He was issued tickets and released. He is due in court on Aug. Tillery , 46, of Farwell Drive, Batavia, is charged with second-degree harassment -- physical contact. He was arrested at 1 a. He was issued an appearance ticket and was due in City Court on Aug.

Gladney , 29, of North Spruce Street, Batavia, is charged with petit larceny. He was arrested at 4: Nelson , 22, of Thomas Avenue, Batavia, is charged with petit larceny.

He was arrested and issued an appearance ticket and is due in Batavia City Court on Aug. He was arrested following the investigation into an allegation that he damaged a door to a residence on Liberty Street in the city at 4:

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